FolkWorld #61 11/2016

CD & DVD Reviews

  English Reviews

Brian Berryman & Cornelius Bode "Almost Home" Canada
Bragr "Danmarkar'n" Denmark
Fru Skagerrak "Fru Skagerrak" Denmark / Norway / Sweden
Elanor "A Clear Look" Belgium
Nua "Flow" Canada
Roberto Tombesi "In 'Sta Via" Italy
The Barber Sisters "Lover's Leap" England
Vic Gammon & Friends "Early Scottish Ragtime" England
Erynn Marshall "Greasy Creek" USA
Marin / Marin "Tiden" Sweden
MP3 "Guldvingen" Sweden
New Road "Stone Walls & Street Lights" Ireland
North Atlantic Drift "Tuttle's" Canada
Samantha Robichaud "Simplicity" Canada
Summers & Silvola "Widdershins" Scotland / Finland
Bottle Bank Band "Bottle Bank Band" England
Red Hot Chilli Pipers "Octane" Scotland
Christine Melanson "Constellations" Canada
Bazar Blå "Twenty" Sweden
Cheyenne Brown & Tory Dugan "Road Soda" USA
Novar "Emerald" Belgium
Dowally "Dowally" Scotland
Duo Rivaud Lacouchie "Ordich!" France
Eileen Ivers "Beyond the Bog Road" USA
The Fretless "Bird's Nest" Canada
Nathan Gourley & Joey Abarta "Copley Street" USA
Katie McNally Trio "The Boston States" USA
La Machine "Super Gain" France
Maxence Camelin "Quand la Craba Crabidarà" France
The Shee "Continuum" Scotland
Xabi Aburruzaga "KeltiK" Spain
Garizim "See the Birds are Coming" Sweden
Jenny Gustafsson & Hans Kennemark "Månsing" Sweden
The Western Flyers "Wild Blue Yonder" USA
Whalebone "Mirabilia" England
Goodland Trio "Skogen i Staden" Sweden
Gubbaduon "Quintonius" Sweden
Arum "Arum" Ireland
Benoît Schryer-Lefebvre "Kaleidoscope" Canada
Shane Cook & Jake Charron "Head to Head" Canada
Michael Cleveland "Fiddler's Dream" USA
Dougie MacDougall & Friends "At the End of a Perfect Day" Scotland
Adam Sutherland & Hamish Napier "Nae Plans Volume 2" Scotland
Hamish Napier "The River" Scotland
Teyr "Far from the tree" England
Arja Kastinen "Emanel" Finland
Aoife Scott "Carry the Day" Ireland
Tuulikki Bartosik "Storied Sounds" Estonia
Eva Deivert "Låtar från Bakgårn" Sweden
Bodenes - Hamon & invites "Daou don dans" France
Deolinda "Outras Historias" Portugal
Rachel Newton "Here's my heart come take it" Scotland
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer "Paper of pins" England
Allan Taylor with Göttinger Symphonie Orchester "There was a time" England / Germany
Afenginn "Opus" Denmark
Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard "Julerosen" Denmark
Ana Alcaide "Leyanda" Spain
Tobermore "Kisses" Netherlands
O'Hooley & Tidow "Shadows" England
We Banjo 3 "String Theory" Ireland
Show of Hands "Long way home" England
Eric Bogle with John Munro "Voices" Scotland / Australia
Rachel Hair Trio "trì" Scotland
Mick, Louise & Michelle Mulcahy "The Reel Note" Ireland
Cillian Vallely "The Raven's Rock" Ireland
Marcus Hernon "Kindle the Fire - Coigil an Tine" Ireland
Ciarán Somers "Now" Ireland
Micheál Ó hAlmhain "Tuile agus Trá - The Flowing Tide" Ireland
Doolin "Doolin" France
Adam Agee & Jon Sousa "Suantraí" USA
"Visionaries: Songs and music from the pens of Connolly, Pearse, Ceannt, ..." Ireland
Peadar Ó Riada "ONÓIR" Ireland
The Macalla Orchestra "The Macalla Suite" Ireland
Don Stiffe & Pat Coyne "Classic Irish Ballads - 2016 Centenary Souvenir" Ireland
Faustus "Death and Other Animals" England
Mary MacNamara & Sorcha Costello "The Lady's Cup of Tea" Ireland
Amala "resonance" Belgium / Ireland
Project West "Project West" Ireland
Birlinn Jiarg "Seamount" Britain
Kate Rusby "Life in a Paper Boat" England
dBize "Storm Party" Ireland
The Celtic Fiddle Festival "Storm In a Teapot" Ireland / Scotland / Brittany
Aidan Coffey "The Corner House Set" Ireland
McCalmans "lost tracks" Scotland
Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy "A Celtic Family Christmas" Canada
Emily Sanders, Chris Parkinson, Pete Morton "The Magical Christmas Tree" England
Emily Smith "Songs for Christmas" scotland
Cara Dillon "Upon A Winter's Night" Ireland
Pete Seeger "Pete Seeger in England" USA
"Phil Cunningham’s Christmas Songbook" Scotland
Matt Patershuk "I was so fond of you" Canada
Debbie Bond "Enjoy the Ride" USA
Dennis Jones "Both Sides of the Track" USA
Little Boys Blue "Bad Love" USA
Barbara Blue "Memphis Blue: Sweet, Strong & Tight" USA
Amanda Rheaume "Keep a fire" Canada
Brad Absher & Swamp Royale "Lucky Dog" USA
Eight O’Five Jive "Too Many Men" USA
Gus Spenos "If you were gold baby" USA
The Carnivaleros "Dreams are strange" USA
Jenny & Tyler "10’000 Miles Live" USA
Paula Ryan "Let me fly" Ireland
The Robert Bobby Duo "Folk Art" USA
Heidi Talbot "Here we go 1, 2, 3" Ireland
Mighty Sam McClain "Time and Change" USA
Shane Howard "Deeper South" Australia
Goats Don’t Shave "Turf Man Blues" Ireland
Allan yn y Fan "NEWiD" England
The Coal Porters "No. 6" England
Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen "Between the Rain" Canada
JJ Thames "Raw Sugar" USA
Lauren Adams "Somewhere else" USA
The Dead South "Illusion & Doubt" Canada
Rupert Wates "Colorado Mornings" USA
Trail West "Rescattermastered" Scotland
The Belle Hollows "Miller’s Creek" USA
David “Honeyboy” Edwards "I’m gonna tell you somethin’ that I know" USA
The High Bar Gang "Someday the heart will trouble the mind" Canada
The Bills "Trail of Tales" Canada
Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers "Heal My Soul" USA
Hickory Signals "Noise of the Waters" England
Chatham County Line "Autumn" USA
Mandolin Orange "Blindfaller" USA
Jack Tempchin "One more song" USA
Tuuletar "tules maas vedes taivaal" Finland
New Celeste "A Perfect Sky" Scotland
Robbie Basho "Live at Network Coffeehouse - 1979" USA
Aldous Harding "Aldous Harding" New Zealand
L.A. Salami "Dancing with Bad Grammar" England
Skalar "Miracle Cure" Germany
The Paul Deslauriers Band "Relentless" Canada
Seas of Mirth "Hark! The Headland Approacheth" England
Joshua Burnell "Into the Green" England
Nancy Kerr "Instar" England
Chase Walker Band "Not Quite Legal" USA
Al Rose "Spin Spin Dizzy" USA
Jenai Huff "Color Wheel" USA
Shono "Hunters" Russia
The Fair Rain "Behind the Glass" England
Tony McLoughlin + Marion Klein "Where is Jack" Northern Ireland
Annie Keating "Trick Star" USA
King of the Tramps "Cumplir con el Diablo" USA
Robert Rex Waller, Jr. "Fancy Free" USA
John Pinamonti "The Usual" USA
The Grahams "Glory Bound" USA
Kent Nielsen "Shotgun Seat DJ" Denmark
Ian Hunter & the Rant Band "Fingers Crossed" England
Seth Lakeman "Ballads of the Broken Few" England
Iron Bridge Band "Against the Grain" USA
Rachael Sage "Choreographic (Acoustic)" USA
Ivor Game "A New Start" England
Ravi Shankar "In Hollywood 1971" India
Loamlands "Sweet High Rise" USA
Colin Newman "A-Z, Provisionally entitled the Singing Fish, Not To" England
Jon Boden "Painted Lady" USA
Hoots & Hellmouth "In the Trees" USA
Adrian + Meredith "More than a Little" USA
ESP Ohio "Starting Point of the Royal Cyclopean" USA
J. Hardin "The Piasa Bird" USA
Ben Glover "The Emigrant" Ireland
Daniel Green "Down & Up Again" USA
Cassie and Maggie MacDonald "The Willow Collection" Canada
Chickn "Chickn" Greece
Orkesta Mendoza "Vamos a Guarachar!" USA
Tribe Royal "Colours of the Sun" Canada

Short & Sweet:

Afro Celt Sound System, Elias Alexander, Courtney Marie Andrews, Jocelyn & Chris Arndt, Ayrad, Michel Balatti, Bija, Theodore Bikel, Joe Bonamassa, Anne Briggs, Luke Brindley, Tom Brosseau, Brother Brother, Katy Carr, The Celtic Social Club, Cherish the Ladies, The Chris Paterno Band, Clann MhicRuairi, Valentin Clastrier & Steven Kamperman, Don Conoscenti, Scott Cook, Cowboy Junkies, Brian Cullman, Curse Of Lono, Dave Muskett Acoustic Blues Band, Melanie Dekker, Robert Doyle, Džambo Aguševi Orchestra, Tawny Ellis, Jason Elmore, Elouise, Faith i Branko, Jerad Finck, FolkBeat, Folkfusion Band, Dori Freeman, Tanya Gallagher, Garmarna, Great Lake Swimmers, Terri Hendrix, The Henry Girls, Michael Howard, Ange Hardy, Ialma, Damir Imamovic, Luke Jackson, Sarah Jarosz, Jitka Šuranská Trio, Ivan John, Karuna, Los Kingdom, Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms, Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur, LAU, The Luck, Claire Lynch, Carrington MacDuffie, Mad Meg, Marco Polo, Rob McHale, Keegan McInroe, Tony McManus, Jimi McRae, Mean Mary, Mei Han & Red Chamber, Chris Murphy, Nefesh Mountain, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Antoni O'Breskey, Aoife O'Donovan, Old Man Kelly, Caitríona O'Leary, Osama Abdulrasol Quintet, Paper Moon Shiners, Pentangle, David Philips, John Prine & Holly Williams, Pulsar Trio, John Redmond, Kat Riggins, Red Tail Ring, Archie Roach, Titi Robin, Roger Roger, David Rovics, Inti Rowland, Georgia Ruth, Sanacore, Saoirse, Julian Sas, J. Alan Schneider, Sue Sergel, Session Americana, Richard Shindell, Mindy Smith, Spirit Family Reunion, Arturo Stalteri, John Cee Stannard, John Statz, Taj Mahal, Talisk, Sean Taylor, The Truffle Valley Boys, Wallen and Phelps, Michael Ward, Warszawa Wschodnia, Sean Watkins, Laura Whittenberger & Peyson Moss, Wicklow Atwater, The Wildfires, Wildwood Kin, Zanzibar, 3hattrio

Various Artists: "Celebrating World Music", "Christmas on the Lam and Other Songs From the Season", "CRSingles", "Discover Sufi Music", "Folk Songs from Israel", "Stony Plain 40 Years"

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Wolfgang Rieck "Der Singende Mann" Germany
Nobody Knows "Urbane Camouflage" Germany
Jormsons Kapell "Trollska" Germany
Billy Bragg & Joe Henry "Shine A Light" England / USA
Brian Berryman & Cornelius Bode "Almost Home" Canada
Runa "Live" USA
New Road "Stone Walls & Street Lights" Ireland
In Extremo "Quid Pro Quo" Germany
Peter Kerlin "Some Shining Light" Germany
Iontach "A New Journey" Germany / Ireland
Erledanz "singerich" Germany
Danceperados of Ireland "Life, love and lore of the Irish travellers" Ireland
Danceperados of Ireland "Spirit of Irish Christmas" Ireland
Mike Sponza feat. Dana Gillespie & Ian Siegal "Ergo Sum" Italy
Bube Dame König "Winterländlein" Germany
The Rooster Crows "Weed, Whites & Wine" Germany
Jennifer Licko "The Lights of Christmas" USA
Amsterdam Klezmer Band "Oy Oy Oy" Netherlands
Orchestre International du Vetex "Fifavela" Belgium
Stellmäcke und Trotzband "Vérite et Poésie" Germany
Tocadéo "Live" Canada
The Brothers Nazaroff "The Happy Prince" USA
Joseph Myers "Against the Sea" Germany
Sophia Magallanes "Old Clichés" Mexico / USA
Tiffany Huggins Grant "Jonquil Child" USA
RIM "Rim" Norway
Nikitov "Mameloshn" Netherlands
Katerina Tsiridou "Aman Katarina" Greece
Sigmund Groven "Collection Vol. 2 - Tradition" Norway
Steinar Aadnekvam "Freedom Trio" Norway
Cécile Corbel "Renaissance - Songbook Vol. 3" France
Diana Rasina "Romanian Tales" Romania
Rivière Noire "Rivière Noire" France
Club des Belugas "Nine" Germany
Irfan "The Eternal Return" Bulgaria
Vibratanghissimo "Live - Voyage á Buenos Aires" Germany
Das Rumi-Projekt "Das Flüstern des Geliebten" Germany
Aallotar "In Transit" Finland
Falk "Smogsehnsucht" Germany
Bandakadabra "Entomology" Italy
Joseph Parsons Band "The Field, The Forest" USA
Les Maries "Goldene Flaute" Germany
Anne Niepold "Monochromatic" Belgium
Bazar & Bémols "Le fruit du Bazar" France
Billy the Kid and the Regulators "I can't Change" USA
D'Mar and Gill "Take it like that" USA
Jason Rosenblatt "Wiseman's Rag" Canada
Pauline Paris "Carrousel" France
Quadro Nuevo & Münchner Symphoniker "Musik for Christmas Nights" Germany
Orchestra Coco "XMas Favourites" Italy
Denécheau Jâse Musette "Amour Java" France
Plantec "Kontakt" France
Satuo "Satuo" Austria
Tori Tango "For One Touch" Slovenia
The Reverend Shawn Amos "Loves You" USA
Unterbiberger Hofmusik "Bavaturka Vol. II" Germany
Hekla Stålstrenga "Hjertebank" Norway
George Leitenberger "Autovia" Switzerland
Nessi Tausendschön "Knietief im Paradies" Germany
Telmo Pires "Ser Fado" Portugal
Nadine Maria Schmidt und Frühmorgens am Meer "Ich bin der Regen" Germany
London Klezmer Quartet "Calling" England
Okra Playground "Turmio" Finland
Strom und Wasser "Reykjavík" Germany / Iceland
Semer Ensemble "Rescued Treasure" USA / Germany
Franziska Günther "Franziska Günther" Germany
Herbert Pixner Projekt "Summer" Austria
Otava Yo "Christmas" Russia
Joscho Stephan Trio meets Matthias Strucken "Gypsy Vibes" Germany
Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub "Crazy live" Austria
Landmusigg "Haam zu dir" Germany
Duo Haertel Wascher "Tanz" Austria
Hermann Fritz "Hermann Fritz" Austria
Sedaa "New ways" Iran / Mongolia
Horch "Die Hallesche Störung" Germany
M. Soul "Don’t take your guns to town" Canada
Janna "Proud & Humble" Germany
Janna "Midwinter" Germany
Riddle & The Stars "New Coastline" Australia / USA
Wiener Frauen Schrammeln "Saitensprünge 1" Austria
Giora Feidman "Dances of the soul - Music by Manny Katz" Argentina
Helmut Achtner "Zwischen Roller und Rollator" Germany
Helmut Achtner "Erntedank" Germany
Outside Duo "Live" France
Cynthia Hart "I Remember" USA
New Celeste "A Perfect Sky" Scotland
Norbert Schneider "Neuaufnahme" Austria
Nunuk "Tearin’ down walls" Germany
Rivers of England "Astrophysics saved my life" England
Stefan Straubinger mit Spui’manovas "Tanzboden Grooves 2016" Germany
Ana Alcaide "Leyenda" Spain
Corin Curschellas "La Nova" Switzerland
Fei Scho "aussegrasn" Germany
Hisztory "Der kleinen Leute Lied" Germany
Stoppok "Operation 17" Germany
Shiregreen "Trails" Germany
Wolfsheart "Into the white desert sky" Austria
Corde Oblique "I maestri del colore" Italy
NullZwo "Strom" Germany
Various Artists "LAUT Yodeln – Fern – nah – weit" Various
Johan Meijer und Europeana "Hautnah" Netherlands
Faun "Midgard" Germany
Laura Rafetseder "Swimmers in the Arctic Sea" Austria
Robb Johnson "My Best Regards" England
Funny van Dannen "Come on - Live im Lido" Germany
MayaMo & Miguel "Home for Christmas – The Concert" Spain / Germany
Vivid Curls "Eine Welt" Germany
Lawrence Blatt "Longitudes & Latitudes" USA
Latin Quarter "The Imagination of Thieves" England

Kurz & bündig:

Çiğdem Aslan, Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore, Austin Basham, Gonzalo Bergara, Berlinski Beat, Beyond the Fields, Black Oak, Bodh'aktan, Isaiah B Brunt, Grady Champion, Charlie Wheeler Band, Il Civetto, Corvus Corax, The Crooked Brothers, Crooked Eye Tommy, Mary Jo Curry, Lee Delray, Drive-By Truckers, Dropkick Murphys, Tommy Emmanuel, Federspiel, Fiona Joy, Satoko Fujii & Joe Fonda, Ray Fuller, Anthony Geraci, Goitse, Die Greenhorns, Smoky Greenwell, Großmütterchen Hatz & Klok, Hard Swimmin' Fish, The Hitman Blues Band, Holly Hyatt & Jon Burden, Ferenc Husta, Indian Air, Jaerv, Lew Jetton & 61 South, Mikko Joensuu, Kalo, Duffy Kane, Guy King, Mick Kolassa, Kottarashky and The Rain Dogs, Krayenzeit, The KutiMangoes, Stiff la Wolf, Levee Town, Lewis & Leigh, Martina Linn, Little Charlie, Little Mike, John Long, The Lucky Losers, Markey Blue, Mani Matter, The McKee Brothers, Okkervil River, Los Paperboys, Bill Philippe, Pippo Pollina, Radical Face, James 'Buddy' Rogers, Schnaps im Silbersee, Gina Sicilia, Simon & Jan, Skiltron, Solid Ground, Eric Sommer, Starless, Stick in the Wheel, JJ Thames, Saad Thamir, Vaneese Thomas, Tinariwen, Tir Nan Og, Eddie Turner, Wanice, Weiherer, AG Weinberger, Wooden Legs

Various Artists: "The Tango Club Night Vol. 4", "Und so blybt no sys Lied"

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