FolkWorld #61 11/2016

CD & DVD Reviews

"Phil Cunningham’s Christmas Songbook"
Vertical Records, 2016

FolkWorld Xmas

Scottish Folk musician Phil Cunningham (accordion, whistle, piano) has invited a bunch of excellent musicians and friends to record 17 songs and tunes to celebrate Christmas, singers Karen Matheson, Eddi Reader (ukulele) and Kris Drever (guitar, mandolin), John McCusker (fiddle, viola, whistle), Ian Carr (guitar) and Kevin McGuire (double bass). It has been 10 years that they are doing 5 nights a year in venues across Scotland, now we can enjoy their end of year office party all over the world.
Eddi sings a bluesy version of New York singer Mindy Smith’s “Santa will find you” and Karen follows with a Gaelic version of “Silent night” both featuring the Songbook Brass Ensemble, 2 cornets, euphonium, tuba and horn. “Little drummer boy” (K. Davis/H. Simeone/H. Onorati) has been covered by many singers, the Songbook version offers some fine fiddling and guitar playing, Eddi’s beautiful singing and James MacKintosh on percussion. Karen mesmerizes the traditional “It came upon a midnight clear”, accompanied by ukulele, mandolin, accordion, guitar, fiddle and double bass, the set “Tam the gun/Wee Michael’s March/Ack Stirling’s March” (Cunningham/McCusker/Cunningham) is a perfect showcase for the brilliant musicians and “Lovely Molly Mae” is a romantic air by Cunningham featuring guitar, accordion and fiddle. Then the guys play the traditional set “God rest ye merry, gentlemen/The Reel Beatrice”, Eddi kicking off driven by the band’s intoxicating pace, Karen joins in before Kris takes the lead and the party is on.
Phil Cunningham’s Christmas Songbook is one of the best albums celebrating the holy season ever, breath-taking musicianship and hauntingly beautiful voices guaranty a wonderful Christmas Eve.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Matt Patershuk "I was so fond of you"
Black Hen Music, 2016

Artist Video

Canadian singer/songwriter Matt Patershuk (vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar) has released his sophomore album, backed by producer Steve Dawson (guitars, Weissenborn, Pedal Steel), multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin (fiddle, mandolin, tenor banjo, button accordion, e-guitar), Mike Bub (bass), Gary Craig (drums, percussion) and the voice of Ana Egge he recorded 11 original songs in Nashville TN.
Matt starts off with my favourite song, “Back against the wall” is a great Blues featuring excellent fiddle and guitar playing, followed by a beautiful duet with Ana accompanied by the melancholic sound of the pedal steel on the Country waltz “Prettiest ones”. “Smoke a little cigarette” is a laid-back Country Swing getting pretty intense when the guys play an instrumental interlude. The sad title song is dedicated to his sister Clare who was killed by a drunk driver in 2013 and “Closer” is a mesmerizing Blues ballad. The final “Tennessee walker” is a rhythmic Bluegrass about Clare and her horse Calvin.
Matt Pattershuk has delivered a fine album full of beautiful Nashville sound. Check him out!
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Debbie Bond "Enjoy the Ride"
Blues Root Productions, 2016

Alabama based Debbie Bond (vocals, guitar) has released her fourth album with 6 original songs and 5 traditional Alabama covers. The line-up includes co-writer Rick Asherson (keyboards, keyboard bass, harmonica), Dave Crenshaw (drums, percussion), the background vocals of Rachel and Carla Edwards and guest appearances of Will McFarlane on guitar, Brad Guin on horns and Spooner Oldham on Hammond C3.
McFarlane plays the lead guitar on the opening title track, Debbie sings the Blues with her powerful alto voice, Crenshaw creates the funky Blues-rock rhythm and Rachel, Carla and Rick on keys add a touch of Soul. Debbie has performed with the late Eddie Kirkland, now she honours him by covering “Rainbow”, a hauntingly beautiful song with a brilliant vocal performance by the three ladies. Another lovely cover is Ann Peebles’ “Love vibration”, a mesmerizing love song featuring Oldham on Hammond C3. The sizzling horns and the soulful singing add some Soul to the Funk pace of “Find a way”. Willie King, another passed away Alabama Blues musician who had worked with Debbie, wrote “I am the Blues”, harmonica, guitar and the vocals create a dramatic Blues sound, driven by the fine drumming. “Wishbone” is another brilliant original Blues featuring virtuoso harmonica playing, Debbie’s cheeky vocals and the Soul sisters’ great background vocals.
Debbie Bond is co-founder of the Alabama Blues Project and thus deep emerged in the local music scene, but she also tours worldwide, check her schedule, a Blues lady not to be missed.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Dennis Jones "Both Sides of the Track"
Blue Rock Records, 2016

Los Angeles based Blues guitarist Dennis Jones (vocals, guitar) has released his fifth album, backed by his rhythm duo Dale Black on bass and Raymond Johnson on drums and a few guest appearances he recorded 13 original songs.
Like Debbie Bond he invites us to “Enjoy the ride”, same title, different song but similar style, a funky Soul Rock featuring Jimmy Z Zavala on saxophone, my favourite track. “Better than him” is a laid back Blues showcasing Dennis’ great singing – coached by Michael Turner – while “Nobody’s slave” reminds of Jimi Hendrix, brilliant guitar playing to heavy Rock pace by Michael Turner on drums and Samuel Correa on bass. Teddy Zigzag joins on Hammond B3 for the soulful Blues-rock ballad “Mr. Right”, Dennis runs wild on his guitar driven by the intoxicating pace of the guys. “Number two” is an up-beat Rock’n’Roll and “Skin and bone” an intoxicating Blues-rock. Dennis recorded the final track “Lonely joint” solo on acoustic guitar, proving again his vocal skills.
Dennis Jones plays the Blues-rock old style, heavy drums/bass pace flavoured by virtuoso guitar licks and riffs and a touch of black Soul, check him out!
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Little Boys Blue "Bad Love"
Jaxon Records, 2014


The Little Boys Blue are founding members JD Taylor (vocals, harmonica) and Steve Patterson (lead and slide guitar) together with Alex Taylor (rhythm and lead guitar), Dave Mallard (bass), Mark Brooks (drums) and Dave Thomas and in addition Justin Dudley (B3, keyboards), a band from Jackson TN. After signing to Jaxon Records they recorded their third album with 9 original songs by JD and Alex Taylor and 2 cover versions.
The title track is a shuffling Blues lead by JD’s throaty vocals, harmonica and guitar. The guys accelerate the pace for the intoxicating up-beat Rockabilly “She put me down” before the horns of Ralph Thomas and Chuck McGill on sax and David Kyles on trumpet join for the Memphis style “Treat me like you used to do” featuring the backing vocals of Mallard, Lindsay Patterson, Kimberlie Helton and Josh Smith. “Death letter Blues” is the signature song of Son House, brilliant guitar sounds are driven by a funky rhythm and JD sings the Delta Blues. The harmonica kicks off “Go back home”, a slow Blues featuring again the powerful horns, fine guitar playing and the sinuous keyboards sound. They finish the album with a stunning version of the Muddy Waters song “Can’t be satisfied”.
The Little Boys Blue have released a brilliant Blues album, their songs are well crafted and due to their musical talent they don’t have to shy covering legendary Blues masters like Son House or Muddy Waters.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Barbara Blue "Memphis Blue: Sweet, Strong & Tight"
BIG Blue Records, 2014

Born in Pittsburgh PA Barbara Blue moved to Memphis TN in the late 90ies where she is regularly performing on famous Beale Street ever since. Together with the Royal Rhythm Section featuring keyboards, bass, drums and rhythm guitar, the Royal Horns, sax, trumpet, baritone sax and trombone and a couple of guest musicians on harmonica, guitar, accordion, piano, trumpet and washboard she recorded 13 original songs and cover versions.
Barbara starts off with Jay Mc Shann’s “Hands off”, a brilliant Memphis Blues from 1955, featuring Bobby Rush on harmonica and a 4 piece horn section including Lannie McMillan on sax, Mark Franklin on trumpet, Joe Spake on baritone sax and Jason Yasinsky on trombone. “Rudy’s Blues”, co-written with Lester Snell (Wurlitzer), C. Schuster and L. Goodson, is an intoxicating up-beat song showcasing Dedrick Davis’ virtuoso trumpet playing and Sonny Barbato on accordion and Cody Dickinson on washboard create the Zydeco feel to Nancy Apple’s “VooDoo woman”. Barbara sings a stunning Gospel on Phillip Wayne Cox’ “Me & Jesus”, accompanied by Barbato on piano. Steve Graham on trumpet joins on the jazzy title track written by Barbara and Ronnie Earl mesmerizes on guitar together with Barbara’s breathtaking vocals on “13.800 mile Blues” (B. Blue/R. Earl).
In addition to the mentioned musicians there are Rev. Charles Hodges on B3, Leroy Hodges and David Smith on bass, Steve Potts on drums and Michael Tols on rhythm guitar. The album is a perfect sample of the Memphis Blues scene, check it out!
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Amanda Rheaume "Keep a fire"
Own label, 2013

Ottawa based Métis singer (descendants of America’s first people and the early French, English or Scottish settlers) Amanda Rheaume (vocals, acoustic guitar) and John MacDonald (acoustic guitar) have written 10 songs for her third album. They recorded them together with Fred Guignon on e-guitar, PK Giunta and Stuart Watkins on bass, Ross Murray on drums and a few brilliant guest musicians.
She starts off with the haunting Pop-Rock ballad “Strongest heart”, Watkins lays the bass line for the three guitars and Amanda’s mesmerizing vocals driven by the moderate drum pace. “Not this time” is an intoxicating Folk-rock featuring Peter Cliche’s brilliant fiddle playing, Michael Ball on mandolin, Giunta on bass, meaty guitar riffs and powerful vocals. “Write you a letter” starts as a melancholic guitar ballad before the band joins in showcasing beautiful guitar licks and heavy riffs by Fraser Holmes. The title track is about life of the Native women with their miner husbands in the early 20th century, a hauntingly beautiful song sung with much passion and offering some of Amanda’s musical roots. “AGB Bannatyne” is a rhythmic song with Holmes on mandolin and the final “Home on the road” an up-beat Country Rock’n’Roll.
Amanda Rheaume won a 2014 Canadian Folk Music Award for Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year and has recorded a brand new album in 2016, check her out she’s amazing.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Brad Absher & Swamp Royale "Lucky Dog"
Montrose Records, 2014

Houston TX based Brad Absher (guitars, vocals) recorded his fifth album together with Swamp Royal, Larry Fulcher on bass, Barry Seelen on Hammond organ and piano, Mike Patton on drums, Andy Saad on tenor sax, Anthony Terry on baritone sax and the backing vocals of Nicoya Prolar, 7 original songs, 4 covers and a traditional Gospel song.
Brad plays a Gibson 335 and sings “I need a drink”, bass, keys, drums and the two saxophones accompany him on his lazy Blues tune. Kyle Turner on tenor sax, wah-wah guitar and Prolar’s backing vocals are the main ingredients for “Same love”, a Soul song by Bill Withers and Leon Russell’s “Rather be blind” is a rocking Blues featuring Samantha Banks on percussion. Brian Thomas plays the pedal steel on Brad’s Country Blues ballad “Not tonight”, Fender Stratocaster, piano and Prolar’s choir singing add to the melancholic ambience. The voices of Ashber and Patton are supported by Ed Starkey’s bass vocals on the traditional “Jesus on the mainline”, virtuoso bass lines and Hammond organ are driven by Patton’s drum pace. Another highlight is the funky Soul groove of “Trouble” (L. Fulcher/T. Braunagel) featuring a nice guitar solo on Brad’s Gibson.
Brad Absher has delivered a great mix of Blues, Soul, Rock, Country and Gospel, brought forward by excellent musicians and showcasing some stunning singers.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Eight O’Five Jive "Too Many Men"
Red Rudy Too Tunes, 2014

Eight O’Five Jive is a Nashville TN based 5-piece dance combo featuring singer Lee Shropshire, Andy Scheinmann on guitar, Patrick Mosser on sax, Bill Bois on bass and Duane Spencer on drums. They released their debut album with 2 original songs by Shropshire and 10 cover versions from the late 40ies and 50ies.
Big Maybelle sang 1954 Sid Wyche’s “I’ve got a feelin’”, the guys add a touch of Ska and Shropshire’s inspiring vocals as well as the stunning sax make the song a perfect kick off. Shropshire’s “Misery loves company” is a laid-back bluesy Jive, the band sings the old style backing vocals, Mosser plays a fine solo part and the band grooves along. 1944, Peggy Lee mesmerized with “You was right baby” (Peggy Lee/Dave Barbour), 70 years later Eight O’Five Jive play a jazzy version. Other early classics are Big Jay McNeely’s up-beat Jive “Insect ball” or Ernest Lawlers’ brilliant R&B song “Kissing in the dark”, first performed by Memphis Minnie. Scheinmann’s stunning guitar work and Mosser’s brilliant sax accompany Shropshire’s sexy vocals on the tongue-in-cheek title track by Joss Stone.
Eight O’Five Jive certainly make you move with their intoxicating rhythms, state of the art musical arrangements and performance and Shropshire’s brilliant vocals.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Gus Spenos "If you were gold baby"
Own label, 2014

Gus Spenos is an Indiana based singer and tenor sax player, backed up by Wycliffe Gordon (trombone), Freddie Hendricks (trumpet), Jason Marshall (baritone sax), Anthony E. Nelson Jr and Bruce Williams on alto sax, Brad Williams (guitar), Daniel Foose (upright bass), Cecil Brooks III (drums), Komoyaka King (congas), Brandon McCune (piano, organ) and guest piano player Collin DeJoseph.
DeJoseph co-wrote and plays the piano on the title track, mighty horn blows and a catchy rhythm accompany Gus’ laid-back vocals. Daniel Flores, a drummer and recording producer from Chile, composed the intoxicating Latino driven “Tequila”, a perfect showcase for the brilliant horn players driven by the stunning pace of congas and drums. Lee Allen’s “Walkin’ with Mr. Lee” features a driving up-right bass, organ and powerful horns and guest singer Charanee Wade sings an awesome duet with Gus on “Rock with it, baby” (Jimmy Preston/Bernetta Evans). The guys are brilliant musicians and finish up with fast paced rocking “Gin, Gin, Gin (Todd Rhodes) and Jesse Powell’s instrumental Jive “Hot box”.
Gus Spenos presents 12 great cover versions and his stunning original, peppered with the dominant sound of the horns and featuring driving beats, keyboards and guitar.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

The Carnivaleros "Dreams are strange"
Own label, 2015

The core of Tucson AZ based band The Carnivaleros are Gary MacKender (vocals, accordion, banjo, keyboards, drums, percussion), Karl Hoffmann (bass, lap steel, vocals) and Joe Fanning (mandolin, guitars), but on their fifth album they are joined by Chris Giambelluca (banjo), vocalists Heather Hardy (also violin) and Rebecca Carlson as well as Greg MacKender (vibraphone) and Sly Slipetsky (tuba).
The guys start off with the rhythmic Bluegrass “Hesitation bridge” featuring Cajun accordion, banjo, mandolin and bass. Heather and Rebecca join Gary’s vocals on the intoxicating title song, another awesome Bluegrass this time with guitar, banjo, accordion and bass. Gary, Karl and Joe rock on “Gonna jump in a hole” and “Mamie Eisenhower” is a brilliant Blues with a jumpy pace, samples and the two female voices embracing Gary’s raw singing. But in addition to their great songs, The Carnivaleros also perform some brilliant instrumental tracks. “Donna’s song” is a hauntingly beautiful tune brought forward on violin, piano, guitar, drums, bass and vibraphone and “High speed yard sale” is driven by tuba, bass and drums, guitar, accordion and keyboards are busy selling their great sound.
There are some nice sounds coming from the city midst in the Arizonan desert, check them out!
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Jenny & Tyler "10’000 Miles Live"
Own label, 2015

Artist Video

Jenny (vocals, electric mandolin, glockenspiel) and Tyler Somers (vocals, acoustic guitar) are a married Indie Pop duo from Delaware. They moved to Nashville TN, where they produced a live album with 16 original songs, accompanied by Avi Amon (keyboards), Noa Jordan (e-guitar, banjo, keyboards, vocals), Andrew Picha (drums, percussion) and Hitoshi Yamaguchi (bass, cello, vocals).
The lyrics of “Song for you” gave the album its name, Jenny and Tyler sing a beautiful duet on this powerful hymn. Tyler kicks off the rocking “Of this I’m sure”, driven by an intoxicating pace the two inspire the audience. “One eyed cat” is a jumpy song about Jenny’s former cat, who had to exile to her parents as Tyler is allergic to cat hair. They also sing a couple of religious songs like “Psalm 46”, Jenny sings wonderful only accompanied by acoustic guitar and Tyler’s backing vocals. The final “To the sea” is a romantic ballad with Tyler’s lead vocals.
Jenny and Tyler have both beautiful voices and their songs are well performed, a beautiful collection of Indie Pop songs.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Paula Ryan "Let me fly"
Own label, 2015

Artist Video

Singer/songwriter Paula Ryan from County Tipperary has composed, arranged and performed 11 songs for her latest album, in addition she covers a song by British songwriter John Faulkner. Paula plays a variety of instruments including marimba, bazouki, guitar, bodhràn, saxophone, tin whistle, djembe and darabuka.
Paula sings a verse by Rob Davies, adds the sound of the marimba, mixes it with rhymes captured in 2010 with children from Tanzania, gently picks the guitar and blows the whistle, “A thousand smiling faces”, a brilliant start. The title track is a rhythmic guitar driven song dedicated to aviator Amy Johnson and Nelson Mandela was the “Lion in a cage”, a hauntingly beautiful homage by Faulkner showcasing Paula’s breath-taking singing accompanied again by marimba. “Havin the craic” (Rírá gleo agus craic) is a rhythmic Irish Gaelic song featuring, bazouki, bodhràn and tin whistle while “The funny one” is a gentle love song accompanied by guitar and bazouki. Two bonus tracks are added, the rhythmic Irish “Song for Conor” being within the best tracks of the CD.
Paula Ryan’s music cannot be fixed in a specific genre, you always hear the Irish roots, but she includes all kinds of influences from other cultures. You rarely find a solo production as diversified and innovative.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

The Robert Bobby Duo "Folk Art"
Own label, 2015

The Philadelphia PA based couple and duo Robert Bobby (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Mrs. Bobby (bass) recorded their latest album with 7 original songs by Robert and 4 cover versions together with guest musicians Peter Kinsley and Oliver Craven on lead guitar, Ray Eicher on dobro and pedal steel, Angelo M on electric guitar, Mark Rast on banjo and Jeff Coleman on bass.
They start off with Robert’s old-time song “Constantly tweaking”, simple arrangement – banjo driven, guitar, bass – brought forward perfectly, and banjo, Coleman on bass and Craven on lead guitar accompany Robert on the Country ballad “Ted Williams”. Canadian songwriter Allan Frasier wrote the rhythmic two-step “Dance hall girl” and Paul Kamanski from San Diego the intoxicating Rock’n’Roll “Blue Chevrolet” featuring Angelo on e-guitar. On Robert’s beautiful ballad “Fine as wine” he’s backed by Kinsley’s backing vocals and lead guitar and the melancholic “Whatever I fell for you” finishes with the lamenting sound of dobro and pedal steel.
The Robert Bobby Duo has released a great collection of songs and styles, check their samples at!
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Heidi Talbot "Here we go 1, 2, 3"
Navigator Records, 2016

Artist Video

Born and raised in Co. Kildare singer/songwriter Heidi Talbot (vocals, ukulele) settled in Scotland to live with her husband John McCusker (violin, cittern, whistles, harmonium), who produced her fifth solo album with 8 original songs and 2 cover versions. The two were backed by Innes White (guitar, mandolin), James Lindsay (double bass), James MacKintosh (drums, percussion), Megan Henderson (piano, harmonium), Toby Shippey (trumpet), Andy Seward (banjo), Donald Shaw (harmonium, Wurlitzer, accordion), Michael McGoldrick (uilleann pipes, whistles), Toby Shaer (whistle), Su-a Lee (cello), Sorren MacLean (backing vocals, e-guitar), Louis Abbot (vocals, e-guitar) and Adam Holmes (vocals).
The title song is a beautiful ballad starting off silently with harmonium and ukulele, before the band joins in and McCusker adds his fiddle. Adam Holmes wrote “Time to rest” and joins Heidi for a wonderful duet, McGoldrick treats the pipes and Shaw plays accordion and Louis Abbot co-wrote the melancholic “The year that I was born” and joins Heidi’s crystal clear voice. “The wedding day” is a rhythmic song showcasing McCusker’s fiddle playing and Natalie Merchant’s deeply moving hymn to her “Motherland” features awesome playing together of trumpet and violin. Another highlight is “The willow tree”, intoxicating pace, hauntingly beautiful whistle playing, trumpet and Heidi’s breath-taking singing.
Heidi Talbot is one of Ireland’s most famous and gifted contemporary singers and has released a hauntingly beautiful collection of songs.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Mighty Sam McClain "Time and Change"
Mighty Music, 2014

Louisiana Soul and Blues singer Mighty Sam McClain passed away in June 2015 before the official release of his album, produced together with Pat Herlehy (guitars, bass, tenor and alto sax, keyboards, strings), he left us behind his last recordings including 10 original songs and a cover version. Michael Rossi (bass), Rick Page (drums), Joe Deleault (keyboards, B3), Barry Seelen (B3), Scott Shetler (tenor and baritone sax), Russell Jewell (trombone, trumpet) and Matt Rivero (trumpet) complete the line-up.
8 songs are co-written with Herlehy, they start off with “Let’s talk”, a mid-tempo Soul song with powerful brass arrangement, fine guitar lines and Sam’s beautiful bass. “Sweet love” is a soulful love ballad showcasing Sam’s great singing and the title track another chilled out Soul song. McClain wrote the melancholic Soul ballad “Here I come again” brought forward in a shuffling Blues rhythm and together with Herlehy he composed the funky “Praise”. McClain dedicated the CD to his mentor and friend Melvin Underwood, who passed away a few months before him, and finishes the album with Little Melvin’s beautiful Blues lament “You worry me”.
Mighty Sam McClain was a Grammy nominated Blues and Soul singer being busy more than a half century and he never lost his power, check this awesome album out!
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Shane Howard "Deeper South"
Own label, 2014

Artist Video

Australian singer/songwriter Shane Howard (vocals, guitar, mouth-harp, bodhràn) has teamed up with John Hudson (guitar, dobro, mandolin) and Ewen Baker (fiddle, mandolin) to record his 13th solo album. Ruben Shannon accompanied them on acoustic bass and guest appearances by Rosie Luby and Peter Grayling on cello, Andy Richardson on flute and Tommy Carty on bouzouki complete the line-up.
Shane sings the bluesy title track accompanied by the driving pace of two guitars, bouzouki, bass and mandolin, a brilliant kick-off. “You’re the love” written by Shane Howard and Russ Kunkel, who also made the string arrangements, is a melancholic Country ballad featuring Luby on cello, dobro, guitar and fiddle and Howard, Hudson and Baker composed the intoxicating Irish set “Gecko/Joseph Patrick’s/merri jig” performed by Howard, Hudson, Baker, Shannon and Carty. “Little Joey was a pirate” is an up-beat song, reminding of Bob Dylan’s early songs and “Hymn to love” another beautiful ballad presenting Grayling on cello and Richardson on flute. In addition to 11 original tracks, the guys cover “Depth of my ego” by the late Scottish songwriter Matt McGinn combined with “O’Neill’s march”.
Shane Howard has delivered a stunning album recorded by some excellent musicians, the beautiful crafted songs are dragged by the guy’s awesome talent.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Goats Don’t Shave "Turf Man Blues"
Cooking Vinyl, 2016

Artist Video

Goats Don’t Shave is a five-piece Irish Folk-rock Band from Co. Donegal, founded by singer/songwriter Pat Gallagher (vocals, banjo, guitar). They released their 6th album with 11 original songs.
Gallagher wrote “The volunteer” to mark the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising, a hauntingly beautiful ballad showcasing Pat’s soulful singing. The title track is an intoxicating Blues featuring mouth harp, brilliant Bluegrass strings, organ and Pat’s powerful Blues singing and “Drinking my money” is a waltz recorded live in the Bayview Bar in Dungloe. “God takes Visa” is a Folk song with a strong message, “Seasons go by” a romantic hymn featuring accordion, strings and banjo and “Killer” a melancholic Country waltz.
Pat Gallagher has a beautiful voice and his songs are a mix of Irish Folk, Country and Blues. There are some brilliant highlights and a few mainstream ballads, you’ll find samples at their website.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Allan yn y Fan "NEWiD"
Steam Pie Records, 2016

Artist Video

Welsh Folk band Allan Yn Y Fan are Kate Strudwick (vocals, whistles, flutes, recorders), Catrin O’Neill (lead vocals, bodhràn), Linda Simmonds (vocals, mandolin, mandola, bodhràn), Chris Jones (accordion, flute, whistle, vocals), Alan Cooper (fiddle) and Geoff Cripps (guitar, bass, bouzouki, vocals).
Catrin mesmerizes the traditional ballad “Marwnad yr Ehedydd” about the last native Welsh person to hold the title Prince of Wales, Owain Glynwr, with her hauntingly beautiful voice, followed by Kate’s lively “Tune for a new bought accordion”. “Cân Merthyr” is a traditional song about the danger of marrying a virago, brought forward brilliantly a Capella by the band. Chris and Alan wrote “O’Connell’s extension/Cooper’s bow”, an intoxicating dance set, when they visited Co. Roscommon in 1996, accordion and fiddle going wild. Catrin’s a Capella performance on the sad ballad about a dying man “Dafydd y Garreg Wen” is awe inspiring and the following slip jigs are gorgeous. Another highlight is “Gorthrwm y Gweithiwr”, a rhythmic protest song about the oppression of iron workers in the 19th century.
Newid is the Welsh word for change – a stunning new lead vocalist, who gave birth during the recordings, an excellent new fiddler, who delivered the home studio and Kate moved house – quite a lot of changes and in English the title means new ID, both match perfectly for their breath-taking new CD.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

The Coal Porters "No. 6"
Prima Records, 2016

Artist Video

The Coal Porters are a London based 5-piece ensemble founded by Sid Griffin (mandolin, autoharp, claw hammer banjo, vocals) featuring Paul Fitzgerald (banjo, dobro, vocals), Neil Robert Herd (guitars, dobro), Kerenza Peacock (fiddle, ukulele, vocals) and Andrew Stafford (doghouse bass). Their new album presents 9 new original songs and a cover version of Peter Perrett’s “Another girl – another planet”.
Sid Griffin wrote 4 songs and they start off with his fast-paced Bluegrass “The day the last Ramone died”, great backing vocals and virtuoso strings, and Eikel Venegas plays a virtuoso trumpet solo on his epic folk ballad “The blind bartender”. Paul plays dobro on Neil’s intoxicating Folk-rock “Save me from the storm” and Kerenza’s up-beat instrumental track “Chopping the garlic” is a perfect showcase for the fiddle. Sid’s claw hammer banjo sets the pace for his “Train No. 10-0-5”, Tali Trow adds the bowed bass and the band joins in, Neil’s guitar solo and Kerenza’s fiddling are awesome, a brilliant arrangement.
The new album of The Coal Porters is a wonderful collection of different styles of Americana music, Griffin was born in Kentucky and has it in his blood.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen "Between the Rain"
Own label, 2016

Artist Video

Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Frechette (vocals, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, upright bass, drums, percussion) and Californian violinist and singer/songwriter Laurel Thomsen teamed up as a duo in 2013, this year they recorded their third album with 12 original songs and tunes.
Dan sings his “Two in the morning”, an up-beat song featuring brilliant strings to the guitar and bass driven pace. Laurel wrote and sings “Carry our bones”, a hauntingly beautiful Blues mesmerized by Laurel’s wonderful singing and fiddling, my favourite song. Alison Steele’s claw hammer banjo and Dan’s guitar set the pace for “The rain don’t need these flowers/Back down the aisle” (Frechette/Thomsen), harmonica and strings join in and accompany Dan’s lead vocals backed by Laurel. “Twisted gypsy” is a lovely tune written by Laurel and her singing on the melancholic ballad “When the walls fall down” (Thomsen/Frechette) is awesome. They finish with Dan’s jumpy Blues “Offa my plate” featuring great fiddle and harmonica playing.
Dan and Laurel have fine voices, write beautiful songs and tunes and are excellent musicians, check them out!
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

JJ Thames "Raw Sugar"
Dechamp Records, 2016

Life and fate took JJ Thames from Detroit to Mississippi, New York City and back to Mississippi where she recorded her new album with 13 original songs, 12 written together with guitarist Eddie Cotton Jr. The line-up features Anthony Daniels on bass, John “Lanky” Blackmon on drums, Darryl Sanford on keyboards, strings and flute, Kimble Funchess on trumpet, Jessie Primer III on saxophones and Robert Lamkin on trombone.
Thames starts off with her self-crafted Gospel “Oh Lord” brought forward by three voices featuring Ben Hunter on mandolin and Joe Seamons on guitar. ”Hattie Pearl” reminds me of Nutbush City Limits and “I’m leavin’” is an up-beat Blues showcasing powerful horn arrangements by Harrison Callaway. Soul and Blues are melting together on “Bad man” and Thames’ powerful voice puts the cherry on the cake whilst she mesmerizes the beautiful jazzy ballad “Hold me” with her soulful singing. The title song is a shuffling Blues-Soul featuring awesome vocals and the band going wild.
JJ Thames is a brilliant singer and her songs range from Gospel to Soul, Blues, Funk and Rock, someone to look out for.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Lauren Adams "Somewhere else"
Own label, 2016

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Lauren Adams (acoustic guitar, vocals) released her forth CD co-produced with Nick Kirgo (e-guitar, bass, organ, vocals) and recorded together with Mark “Pocket” Goldberg on bass, Debra Dobkin on drums and percussion and a bunch of guest musicians.
David Fraser plays piano on “It takes what it takes”, a beautiful song showcasing Lauren’s soulful singing. The title song presents Hank Van Sickle on upright bass and Luke Halpin on mandolin and violin, Adams adds her finger-picking and voice, an amazing acoustic Americana, and “Heavy, heavy heart” is a melancholic ballad accompanied by David Sutton on bass and Nick Kirgo on e-guitar. Lauren also wrote Country songs, “The shoe fits” features Grady Kinnion on pedal steel, Tony Heimer on piano, McCoy Kirgo on drums and Nick Kirgo on e-guitar and bass and “Oh Marie” is a waltz brought forward by Adams, Kirgo, Goldberg, Dobkin and Fraser on accordion. My favourite song is John Anderson’s “Seminole wind”, Lynn Coulter, McCoy Kirgo and Goldberg create the intoxicating Rock rhythm, Nick’s e-guitar and backing vocals are awesome and Lauren rocks with her powerful voice.
Lauren Adams has released a wonderful collection of songs, presenting her beautiful voice apt to sing different styles and the talented musicians put her into the limelight.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

The Dead South "Illusion & Doubt"
Devil Duck Records, 2016

Artist Video

The Dead South is a 4-piece Bluegrass band from Saskatchewan, the prairie in the centre of Canada, Nate Hilts (lead vocals, guitar), Scott Pringle (mandolin, vocals), Colton Crawford (banjo) and Danny Kenyon (cello). Their third album is their first on Devil Duck Records, Hamburg.
They kick off with “Boots”, a fast-paced Bluegrass showcasing their brilliant musicianship, mandolin, banjo, guitar and cello harmonize as a unique body creating the intoxicating rhythm. Hawaiian sounds driven by banjo and guitar accompany the lament on “The Good Lord” and “Delirium” is a stunning psychedelic instrumental tune. My Favourite song is “The massacre of El Kuroke”, a dramatic Blues brilliantly performed and equally sung. “Hard day” is kind of old time Gospel in Bluegrass costume and the final “Gunslinger’s glory” is an epic Bluegrass hymn featuring awesome rhythm changes from driving banjo pace to shuffling ¾ meter.
The new album of The Dead South is one of the best Bluegrass albums I heard lately, 12 original tracks well-crafted and perfectly arranged.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Rupert Wates "Colorado Mornings"
BiteMusic Ltd, 2016

Singer/songwriter Rupert Wates (vocals, acoustic guitar) moved from London to the United States in 2006 and settled in New York City and Colorado. His new album presents 11 new original songs recorded with Bartosz Hadala (piano, keyboards), Trifon Dimitrov (bass) and Chris Howard (percussion) in Toronto.
Wates has a beautiful tenor and sings true love songs, the subtitle of the CD, starting off with the romantic part 1 of the title track accompanied by guitar, piano and bass. Stacey Lorin sings the second voice on “The green and goodly valley”, a beautiful chamber music style song, and the second part of “Colorado mornings” is an up-beat song with fine piano and bass lines. A touch of jazz mesmerizes the ballad “If ever my love” and the rhythmic “You saved me”.
Rupert Wates has collected some beautiful songs, he’s a fine singer and the music is brought forward perfectly, sometimes it sounds a little mainstream.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Trail West "Rescattermastered"
Tyree Records, 2016

Artist Video

Trail West is a 4-piece folk band from the Hebrides, Alain Campbell (guitar, whistles, vocals), Andrew Findlater (drums, percussion, vocals), Ian Smith (piano accordion, midi bass, vocals) and Seonaidh MacIntyre (whistles, great Highland Bagpipes, trombone, guitar, vocals).
They kick off with a “Rescattermastered” original tune from their first album, Alec Dalglish joins on e-guitar, accordion, guitar and drums create the up-beat pace and the whistles runs wild. The following “MacPherson’s rant” is a traditional rhythmic folk song and the “Sing-along Gàidhlig waltzes” were recorded during Seonaidh’s birthday with a bunch of guest singers. An intoxicating bodhràn beat chases the traditional sea shanty “South Australia”, choir singing accompanied by whistle, accordion, guitar, Ross Wilson on bass and Ewen Henderson on fiddle. Other highlights are a jumpy set of “Highland Schottische” or Malcolm Jones’ “Close to home”, on which they are joined by Jones on e-guitar and bass, Ross Wilson on keyboards and Wee Ewen Henderson on the Great Highland Bagpipes. My favourite track is the Gaelic ballad “Maraiche nan cuantan” (Angus MacPhail/Flora MacPhail), performed hauntingly beautiful by South Uist singer Kathleen MacInnes.
Trail West is a young Scottish band who will make their way, they are brilliant musicians and fine singers and their traditional Folk is authentic but shows their personal hand writing.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

The Belle Hollows "Miller’s Creek"
Elm Hill Records, 2016

Artist Video

Rachel Johnson (vocals), Jeremy Johnson (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Robert Phaneuf (vocals, mandolin), The Belle Hollows, have recorded their debut album with local musicians in Nashville TN: Josh Culley (accordion, bodhràn, whistle), Chris Joslin (dobro, banjo), Josh Roy (bass), Maria di Meglio (cello), Jordana Greenberg (violin), Rebecca Reed-Lynn (banjo), John McTigue (drums), Juan Solorzano (e-guitar), co-producer JD Tiner on percussion as well as Irish fiddle champion David Duffy.
Guitar and mandolin kick off a catchy tune, a male voice starts to sing, claw hammer banjo, fiddle, bass and backing vocals join in, “Tightrope wires”. Rachel sings the lead vocals on “A different kind of rain”, dobro and mandolin create the melancholic ambience of the mid-tempo Newgrass song. My favourite song is “Jonah”, a hauntingly beautiful dramatic folk song featuring a breath-taking arrangement with the band Harpeth Rising, Maria, Jordana and Rebecca. “Rebel on the run” is an up-beat murder ballad between Bluegrass and Irish folk, performed on bodhràn, mandolin, whistle, guitar and Duffy’s stunning fiddle playing. The title track is a lovely Americana ballad embellished by a tender strings arrangement and the final “San Remo”, written by the British songwriter Stephen Macartney, is a banjo driven song with great mandolin playing and Robert’s lead vocals.
The Belle Hollows present a wonderful debut with 9 original songs by Jeremy and 2 covers, the arrangements are perfect, vocal performances are brilliant and accompanied by fine musicians.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

David “Honeyboy” Edwards "I’m gonna tell you somethin’ that I know"
Pro Sho Bidness, 2016

David “Honeyboy” Edwards was the last of the great Mississippi Delta bluesman, 2011 he passed away at the age of 96 and left behind a CD/DVD recorded Live at the G Spot Los Angeles CA September 4, 2010 and produced and directed by his friend Jeff Dale, who accompanied him on guitar.
Michael Frank joins them on harmonica for the Howlin’ Wolf song “Ride with me tonight”, Honeyboy Edwards sings and treats the guitar in his own distinct way, no overspeeding but authentic Blues driven by the shuffling pace. His playing is awesome though you can feel the weight of age making his hands a little stiff, his riffs are sophisticated but not boastful, ”Little boy blue” (Robert Lockwood Jr) another track performed by the trio. Dale’s The South Woodlawners, Darryl Lieberstein (bass), Geoff Mohan (harmonica) and Clark Pardee (drums), join for the remaining 7 tracks. They inspire the audience with a laid-back version of Muddy Waters’ “Country boy” or a passionate rendition of Robert Petway’s “Catfish Blues”. But Edwards also plays two original songs, “Apron strings”, an up-beat track with awesome guitar riffs, and the shuffling “Sweet home Chicago”.
Honeyboy Edwards has played with most of the famous Delta bluesman and at the end of the DVD he tells the stories of his life shared with so many brilliant musicians, now he joined them for the ultimate session.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

The High Bar Gang "Someday the heart will trouble the mind"
True North Records, 2016

The High Bar Gang is a 7-piece Bluegrass ensemble from Vancouver. Dave Barber (banjo, guitar, vocals), Kirby Barber (guitar, vocals), Rob Becker (bass), Barney Rentall (guitar, vocals), Wendy Bird (vocals), Colin Nairne (mandolin, guitar) and Shari Ulrich (fiddle, mandolin, vocals) covered 13 Bluegrass songs, old ones and new ones. Shari sings Dolly Parton’s “Silver dagger”, driven by the intoxicating pace of bass, guitars, banjo, mandolin and fiddle, a perfect opener. The three ladies inspire with their hauntingly beautiful singing together on Lester Flatt’s “Don’t this road look rough and rocky”, a melancholic two-step, and Dave sings the lead vocals on Roy Acuff’s waltz “Branded wherever I go”. “Twenty twenty vision” (Joe Allison/Milton E. Estes) is another Country waltz with Kirby’s beautiful lead vocals and sawing fiddle and Peter Rowan’s “Jailer jailer” is a perfect showcase for the band to go wild and Barney’s brilliant lead vocals, my favourite song. Another highlight is “One I love is gone”, a melancholic shuffling Blues with Wendy’s mesmerizing lead vocals. According to the title of the album The High Bar Gang takes us down on a dark road… songs of lonesome, heartache, and mournfulness of regret (Colin), but their musical talent and their great singing makes those feelings taste sweet.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

The Bills "Trail of Tales"
Borealis Records, 2016

Artist Video

The Bills are a 5-piece acoustic Folk band from the West coast of Canada featuring Marc Atkinson (mandolin, guitar, percussion, vocals), Adrian Dolan (fiddle, accordion, piano, vocals), Chris Frye (guitar, vocals), Richard Moody (violin, viola, mandolin, vocals) and Scott White (upright bass, vocals). They released their latest album with 14 original songs and tunes.
Frye sings the lead vocals on the rhythmic title song (Frye/Atkinson) accompanied by great choir singing, guitar, bass, mandolin, two fiddles and drums. White’s beautiful instrumental tune “Wonder” is brought forward by bass, mandolin, guitar and 2 violins while Atkinson’s bluesy “Pebble beach” features violin, viola, 2 guitars, bass and drums. My favourite song is “Hittin’ the do” (Atkinson/White/Frye), an up-beat country dance driven by 2 guitars, 2 fiddles, bass and drums. Dolan wrote “West Bay crossing”, starting with a melancholic tune and accelerating to a mid-tempo folk tune and Moody’s “Lullaby for elephants” is a sad song about the vanishing grey giants. They present Frye’s “When the last leaf falls” a capella lead by the author, a perfect showcase for their beautiful singing voices.
Though the guys are playing together for more than 20 years they have only released 5 albums to date, their new album is a great collection of songs and tunes.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers "Heal My Soul"
Pioneer Productions, 2016

NYC based singer Lex Grey has released her sixth album, 9 original songs and a cover version recorded together with producer Vic Mix (guitar, vocals), John Holland (drums, percussion, vocals), Kaia Updike (violin, organ, Wurlitzer, vocals), Adam Price (bass, mandolin, vocals), multi-instrumentalist Brian Dewan (Dewanatron, synthesizers, organ, zither, accordion, autoharp, Theremin, vocals) and a few incoming guests in their home studio.
Guitar, Dewan’s Dewanatron, Updike on Hammond organ, Holland on drums and guests, bass player Leo Binetti and saxophonist Walter Tates Jr., create the funky pace for Grey’s powerful singing on “Factory”. Then they lower the pace for “Hobo soup”, a shuffling Blues kicked off by a train horn and featuring guitar, mandolin, bass, violin, accordion, drums and a clucking hen. Lex recorded “Blues all around” only to show the band how to play it, Grey on guitar lamenting with hoarse voice, Updike on organ and Holland on percussion, it ended up on the CD. Anthony Michael plays the virtuoso clarinet on “Junkman”, a tongue-in cheek song about collectors, driven by bass and Matt Messenger on drums. “Black stallion” is a Blues-rock ballad with guitar, bass, Messenger on drums, Greg “Hornhog” Holt on fiddle and Peter Mattei on piano. Another highlight is the title song by co-compositor Victor Deyglio, Hammond, bass and drums lay the carpet for Tates’ saxophone and Grey’s breath-taking vocals, 7 and a half minutes of poor emotion.
Lex Grey proves that in the melting pot of NYC you can find authentic Blues, brought forward by brilliant musicians and an extraordinary singer, one of the best Blues albums of the year.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Hickory Signals "Noise of the Waters"
Own label, 2016

Artist Video

Hickory Signals are mainly Laura Ward (vocals, flute, shruti box) and Adam Ronchetti (guitar, percussion), for the recordings of their sophomore EP they have invited Tom Pryor (violin, strings), Scott Smith (banjo, lap steel) and Debs Stacey for the backing vocals.
The title song is a James Joyce poem set to music, flute and guitar play a gentle melody, then Laura sings with her hauntingly beautiful voice the lyrical text to the sound of shruti box, guitar and percussion. “Here I am” is an up-beat Folk song driven by banjo and guitar featuring a mesmerizing duet with Debs and “Bows and arrows” a shuffling lament, highlighting Laura’s brilliant vocals and the breath-taking sound of flute, guitar and violin. Just some gentle guitar sounds introduce the pace for “Take the window”, Laura’s rhythmic singing is awesome and leads to the powerful finale. The traditional ballad “Unquiet grave” includes some heavenly strings and finally Laura kicks “Irish ways” a Capella off, the guitar creates the rhythmic pace, violin joins in and Laura gets louder, a stunning version.
The Brighton based duo has released a wonderful EP, as it’s only little more than 20 minutes I kept replaying.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Chatham County Line "Autumn"
Yep Roc Records, 2016

Artist Video

Dave Wilson (vocals, guitar, harmonica), John Teer (mandolin, fiddle, vocals), Chandler Holt (banjo, vocals) and Greg Readling (bass, pedal steel, piano, organ, vocals) are the Chatham County Line. While Chatham County is on the Atlantic coast of Georgia, the North Carolina based band recorded their new album with 11 original tracks in Kernersville NC.
Wilson wrote most of the songs, he has a beautiful tenor and starts off with the wonderful mid-tempo Bluegrass hymn “You are my light”. On “Siren song” Wilson picks up the story of Ulysses and transforms it in our days, driving Country rhythm accompanies his singing about female seduction, and “Jackie boy” is a sad Country ballad about a lost dog highlighting Wilson’s soulful lament and the melancholic sound of the pedal steel. Holt wrote the instrumental Bluegrass “Bull City Strut”, the guys really go wild on this intoxicating up-beat tune, and “If I had my way”, initially an instrumental Bluegrass tune too Holt suddenly came up with lyrics and sings them himself. Readling wrote the final song, “Show me the door”, supported by Ben Nugent on drums the guys play the Blues.
Autumn is a beautiful collection of Americana music, well-crafted songs, fine acoustic arrangements and a lot of musical talent in addition to Wilson’s great singing.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Mandolin Orange "Blindfaller"
Yep Roc Records, 2016

Andrew Marlin (vocals, mandolin, guitar, banjo) is the songwriter of the Chapel Hill NC based duo Mandolin Orange and Emily Frantz (vocals, violin, guitar) his congenial partner. Together with bassist Clint Mullican, drummer Kyle Keegan, Allyn Love on pedal steel and multi-instrumentalist Josh Oliver they recorded 10 original tracks for their new album.
Emily kicks off with her beautiful voice on “Hey stranger” accompanied by the moderate Bluegrass pace with banjo, mandolin and guitar, Andrew sings the melancholic ballad “Wildfire” mesmerized by pedal steel, mandolin and Emily’s vocals and “Cold lover’s waltz” starts with Emily’s soulful singing and violin playing driven by drum beat, bass and guitar, pedal steel joins in and Andrew adds the second voice. “My blinded heart” is a mid-tempo two-step and “Hard travelin’” an up-beat Country-Rock, both with Andrew’s lead vocals. Another highlight is “Gospel shoes”, Andrew leads and Emily joins him for a great duet while the guys play some awesome Bluegrass.
Marlin wrote some brilliant songs and together with Frantz they inspire with excellent vocal performances accompanied by great music. Check them out!
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Jack Tempchin "One more song"
Blue Elan Records, 2016

San Diego’s singer/songwriter Jack Tempchin (vocals, guitar, harmonica) recorded his new album together with producer and multi-instrumentalist Joel Piper and a bunch of great guest musicians, 12 original songs from solo performances to an entire band line-up.
They start off as a duo on “Slow dancing”, guitars and pedal steel accompany Jack’s beautiful lead vocals on this laid-back memory of youth. Then Jack accelerates the pace for his solo performance on “Singing in the streets”, a rhythmic paean of praise for busking. Waddy Wachtel rhythm guitar, Scott Crago drums, Rick Rosas bass and Joel on lead and baritone guitar create the romantic background for “Old river” (J. Tempchin/Bobby Whitlock), written during Whitlock’s wedding in Oxford MS. Phil Jones grabbed the drum sticks for “Around midnight”, Terry Medeiros and Jack on guitar, Rosas on bass and Rob Meurer on keyboards play an awesome jazzy slow Blues. Jessy Greene plays the Dahlia 5-string violin on the melancholic ballad “Tumbleweed” and Joel replaces an entire band on the title song, a slow waltz accompanied by bass, drums, guitar, pedal steel, piano and backing vocals.
Some of the songs have been recorded for the first time, others have been covered by the likes of Johnny Rivers or Clive Davis, but Tempchin is also renown as songwriter for the Eagles, Emmylou Harris, Kate Wolf and many more.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

Tuuletar "tules maas vedes taivaal"
Nordic Notes, 2016

Artist Video

Tuuletar is the goddess of the winds in Finnish mythology, four singers from Helsinki, Sini Koskelainen, Johanna Kyykoski, Piia Säilynoja and Venta Ilona Blom (also beatboxing) chose this name for their all vocal Folk Hop project. They named their debut album with 8 original tracks on fire and earth, in water and air.
Sini composed “Alku” - the beginning -, a hauntingly beautiful vocal harmony with 4 mesmerizing voices, dramatic and alluring. “Khoma” – frost (Tuutelar/Piia) starts with beatboxing, panting and soulful singing, then Venta accelerates the pace and they start hopping, angelic choir singing interrupts the beat before Venta regains control, a brilliant arrangement by the four extraordinary women. Hand-clapping and rhythmic singing dominates “Loimu” – flame – (Sini/Piia) and “Tuu Kerää” – kick – (Venta/Piia) is a spectacular up-beat arrangement featuring beatboxing, handclapping and computer beats. Johanna and Piia transformed the traditional lyrics of “Valkia” – dawn – and Johanna put it to music, starting as a melancholic ballad it develops into a powerful hymn.
The four women are brilliant singers, in addition to their singing they cope with vocal artistic, traditional throat singing or kulning (an archaic calling for sheep).
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

New Celeste "A Perfect Sky"
Park Records, 2016

German CD Review

The Scottish pop folk band New Celeste was founded as early as 1975. Today the five-piece is Iain Fergus (vocals, acoustic guitars), Steve Reid (lead guitars), Gavin Marwick (violin), Jerry Soffe (bass) and Max Saidi (drums ). For the recordings of their current album, they invited some former members, Rod Dorothy on the violin, Willie Logan and Graeme Duffin (guitars, vocals), and the percussionists Iain Copeland and Bob Prowse.
Rachel Button’s angelic voice caresses Iain's lead vocals in the beautifully romantic opener "Such A Lovely Day", Rod Dorothy guests on the violin and the guitars, bass and drums produce the light- footed pace. Graeme Duffin plays the flamenco guitar on the rhythmic "Seven Seas" and sings the harmony vocals and a blaze of four guitars accompanies the bluesy "She's Got No Heart". The seven songs are from the pen of Fergus, Steve Reid has composed two instrumental pieces and Gavin Marwick one. Bob Prowse recorded Reid’s "The Sunshower" and Marwick's "Jig Celeste" live in the studio, two acoustic guitars, bass and violin playing a rhythmic folky and a thrilling dance tune. With the silent ballad "Sorry" accompanied by two acoustic guitars and electronically manipulated singing, Reid and Fergus say goodbye.
A Perfect Sky is a collection of songs that are easy on the ear plus some beautiful instrumental pieces, somewhere between pop and folk.
© Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

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