FolkWorld #70 11/2019
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Ben Sands

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Ben Sands & Manne Wagenbreth

»Very happy to announce the release of the remixed, much-loved 2008 CD collaboration, with old music buddy, Manne Wagenbreth. The album is now available for order online, delivery from 28 October, 2019 - Brexit or no Brexit!!«

Back on the road, now, in Germany: nearly five weeks of travel, with concerts here, there and everywhere - from Ueckermünde to Landau to Eifel to Berlin and Brandenburg.

September ended very sadly, with the death of my one-time touring partner and long-time great friend, Rosemary Woods. Rosemary had an exceptional singing voice, added to a charisma that brought her many friends and fans world wide. Sadly missed.

The Brexit debacle continues to bring unbelievable chaos and uncertainty for people from all walks of life, including Musicians who tour in Europe!

Hopefully the future becomes a bit more clear in the next weeks!

Look forward to meeting many of you along the way, in the next few weeks - but also very happy to hear from you, wherever you may be.

Very best wishes, Ben
(Ben Sands October News)

Photo Credits: (1ff) Ben Sands (unknown/website).

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