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»I suppose to be a good dad I have to try at least to be a good kid.« - Andy Clark

Andy Clark: I Love Joyce Morris

Andy Clark "I Love Joyce Morris", Greywood, 2019

Andy Clark: Welcome to the Party Andy Clark: But For You

On his debut album "I Love Joyce Morris", English singer-songwriter Andy Clark uses the moving experiences and insights he has gained since the birth of his two children.

The album title refers to the name of the local apple farmer Joyce Morris, an allusion to the old proverb being the apple of someone's eye, that is: near and dear and indispensable.

In the touching and intimate "But For You", Andy Clark navigates his audience through his earthly existence until it brings him to the point of present happiness.

Andy Clark survives the ups and downs with a proper dose of characteristic British humor. So he invites us to the Party of Life, honestly meant, but also a thrust at the nonsense and madness of the present age.

You can photograph your dinner and stick the pictures on your page.
Your success depends on how many friends you can engage.
It’s the modern age. Welcome to the party!

Andy Clark packs his message in catchy seventies folk-pop, which has already made him the opening act for Bob Geldof and to the Glastonbury Festival.

P.S.: Andy Clark's new single "The Card" is a touching Christmas song about loss and hope based on a true story!

At last the world is sleeping and all is right on this holy night.
Outside the ground is frozen and children look to the skies with widened eyes...
The radio plays softly; the sound of a distant choir fills the house.
The fire is down to the embers now and all I can think to do is put on my coat and go out.
On the frozen street diamonds shatter under my feet. I’m incomplete without you.
Trying to understand how you could let go of the life that we planned.
Holding in my hands the card that you gave me last year.

Photo Credits: (1ff) Andy Clark (by Robin Bleech).

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