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Letters to the Editors

Kelley McRae

"A Little Time"

Kelley McRae @ FROG

  Kelley McRae: A Little Time

Dear Friends, I hope this message finds you well!

I’m writing with a personal request. We are releasing a new album in the spring of 2020 and will be shooting a music video for our song ‘A Little Time’ this November. ‘A Little Time’ is the song on the album that is closest to my heart. I wrote it in the wake of my Mom’s death and in anticipation of the hope and joy that came with the birth of our daughter, Lila.

The music video for this song will include images that honor the ones we’ve lost. I WOULD LOVE TO INCLUDE AN IMAGE FROM YOU. I would like the images to be a close up of your hands holding something that links you to the one you’ve lost.

You can hold a photo, but it can also be an everyday item. Maybe it’s something simple, like a ring or a piece of clothing. Maybe it’s something that looks ordinary, but holds extraordinary meaning to you. I know that this is a very personal request. It's not always easy to spend time with our loss. For those who want to contribute an image, I will do my best to honor this gift.

I am very excited to share our new songs with you and continue to walk through the light and dark, the joy and grief of life together. Thank you for walking with us all these years!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Love, Kelley (

  Dai-ssecting: City of New Orleans

Thanks for spotlighting CONO today. Nice discourse on towns/trains and a fun Kankakee story.

Steve Goodman

"City of New Orleans"

Robb Johnson

Robb Johnson @ FROG

As you know, the book explores myriad aspects of CONO. From the eastern hemisphere, you might be interested in a couple of pertinent quotes from Darcie Sanders, both (ironically, given their power) in footnotes, on pages 313 and 675. Here are the quotes:

Also interesting that you cited “Eighteen Yellow Roses” because Goodman covered it in a Vin Scelsa radio show in the mid-1970s that was part of Steve's posthumous CD compilation “The Easter Tapes.”

All best always, Clay Eals (

I just got this note from the estimable Clay Eals, the Seattle based author of a magisterial biography of Steve Goodman. He is a man who has forgotten more than I've ever learned on the great man. Nice to know he liked my piece. TTFN, Dai.

  Robb Johnson: Eurotopia Kickstarter Cancellation

Hi everybody, we are experiencing something of a financial setback with regard to manufacturing the new album.

There was a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that had exceeded its target of £1200. Then I started to hear about Kickstarter's anti-union activities. There were allegations that union organisers were sacked, and when I asked the company, their reply made it clear that did not want their workers to organise in unions. So I felt I had to cancel the campaign.

Happily, some of the people who pledged money on Kickstarter have continued to support the project by agreeing to pay me directly.

All very best regards, Robb Johnson

Iona Fyfe

Iona Fyfe @ FROG

  Iona Fyfe: Scots Language Awards

Fair tricket tae hae won the award o Young Scots Speaker o the Year at the verra first Scots Language Awards.

Muckle thanks tae Hands Up for Trad fir organisin sic a braw evenin fir us aa tae celebrate the leid.

Weel deen tae abdy, an fowk representin the North East!

Iona Fyfe


  Hearth PR Favorites 2019

Hi friends,

Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson @ FROG

So I got to see Richard Thompson for the first time this week, and it blew my mind. I know it's perhaps not a big deal in these circles, but it was magical, and to add to that, it was at the local art center in my hometown of Edmonds, WA. My head is still reeling, adding to all the head-reeling at the close of what has been an incredible year for music. I just wanted to reach out and ask you to consider a few albums to revisit.

Here are my personal favorites:

Here's to looking back on a great musical 2019! Thanks for all you do for artists. It matters. #beautywillsavetheworld

Carl-Eric Tangen (Hearth PR)

  Thank You ...

Dan Possumato "The Last Pint"

Dan Possumato

Hello Tom. Many thanks for your lovely review of The Last Pint for FolkWorld, very much appreciated! I noted that the album cover was also included on the review page, and thanks for that as well. I'm so glad you like the waltz I wrote for my wife Ellen, which Seamus McGuire said he must learn. Lastly, the fact that you live near Braunschweig and I live in Brunswick, the English translation of the city, is indeed a curious coincidence! Best regards, Dan Possumato (

Gerry O'Connor "Last Night's Joy"

Hi. Just got to reading the fine and informed review of the album Last Night's Joy. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to listen and give the insightful review you did; thanks also for mentioning the tune book The Rose in the Gap. Gratefully yours, Gerry O'Connor (

Páraic Mac Donnchadha "Not Before Time..."

Thanx very much for that. Very nicely summarised in a very compact format. Well done and thank you again! Páraic Mac Donnchadha (

Treasa Ní Mhiolláin "Lán Mara"

Many thanks, I hope you are keeping well. Thank you for supporting Cló Iar-Chonnacht artists with the Folk and World Magazine review. With kind regards, Bridget Bhreathnach (Cló Iar-Chonnacht)

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