FolkWorld Issue 37 11/2008; Photo Report

Songs from the Woods
Folkwoods Festival, 8-10 August 2008

Folkwoods Festival ground 2000

Folkwoods 2008: Modena City Ramblers, Faun, Irfan, Ballroom Quartet, Internationaal Folkcomplot, Drea Nasager, Groef, Dommelvolk, Denvis, JW Roy and Friends, Tarujen Saari, Max Pashm, Bright Blue Gorilla, L.Chaim, Perestroika Sound System, Balkan Beatz, Janos en Gilles, Helga Buitelaar, Lenny Kuhr, Surpluz, Triple-X, Sakura, Tref, Snaarmaarwaar, Lirio, Comas, Leine, Travak, La Jolie Folie, Gonnagles, Junkmans Choir, Baka Beyond, The Pine Box Boys, Riccardo Tesi,  Fling, Dites 34, Ad van Meurs & The Folksurvival Club, ...

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What do you get if you put some veteran pop and festival experts together to organise a completely new festival? A good festival, just like the old days. The Folkwoods Festival takes place in a wonderful setting in the middle of the woods near the Dutch town of Eindhoven for almost a decade.

Ballroomquartet, Folkwoods 2008 Ballroomquartet, Folkwoods 2008

Gorgeous electro-acoustic jazz-folk music

Ballroomquartet @ FolkWorld: FW #36

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Fling, Folkwoods 2008

A traditional Irish dance type, a group of accomplished Dutch musicians

Fling @ FolkWorld: FW #21, #33

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Leine, Folkwoods 2008

Jazzy singer-songwriter with a twist, winner of Grote Prijs van Nederland

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Max Pashm, Folkwoods 2008

KlezmerBalkanGreekGypsyPunk with Electro-Beats

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Irfan, Folkwoods 2008

Esoteric folk music from Bulgaria

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Photo Credits: (1) Folkwoods festival site (by Christian Moll); (2)-(3) Ballroomquartet, (4) Fling, (5) Leine, (6) Max Pashm, (7) Irfan (by Folkwoods).

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