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John Jones

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FW#8, #41, #46, #53

The Very Old & New

Shrewsbury Folk Festival

28 - 31 August 2015

»Summertime in England«

Artist Video www.shrewsbury

10th Shrewsbury Folk Festival, 28 - 31 August 2015.

»Shrewsbury is full of higgledy-piggledy streets with names you want to say out loud. A river that scoops up the town in a loop. A mix of the very old and the very new. The quirky and the one-off.«

The Shrewsbury Folk Festival is an annual festival of folk and world music and traditional dance held in the town of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, England.

It takes place over four days on and around the late Summer bank holiday weekend (usually the last weekend in August). The first Shrewsbury festival was held in 2006, but it was a direct successor to the Bridgnorth Folk Festival, which was first held in 1997. The 2006 Shrewsbury event was staged at The Quarry, but in 2007 a move was made to the larger West Midlands Showground, where all subsequent festivals have been held.

The festival's patrons are John Jones of Oysterband and Steve Knightley of Show of Hands. Both Oysterband and Show of Hands have performed at the festival on more than one occasion.

The Young 'Uns

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FW#57, #57

Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson

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FW#36, #52


Artist Video Blowzabella @ FolkWorld:
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Nancy Kerr

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Lucy Ward

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Kate Rusby

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Richard Thompson

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#49, #50, #55, #57, #57

Photo Credits: (1) Shrewsbury Folk Festival (3) The Young 'Uns, (5) Blowzabella, (6) Nancy Kerr, (7) Lucy Ward, (9) Richard Thompson (unknown/website); (2) John Jones, (4) Jarlath Henderson & Ross Ainslie, (8) Kate Rusby (by Walkin' Tom).

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