FolkWorld #60 07/2016

CD & DVD Rezensionen

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Herzgespann "Wann geh'n wir nach Haus"Germany
Tarabband "Ashofak Baden" Sweden / Iraq
Beoga "Before We Change Our Mind" Ireland
Gráinne Brady & Tina Jordan Rees "High Spirits" Ireland / England
In Layman Terms "Tangled" USA
Yo Yo Mundi "Evidenti tracce di felicità" Italy
"Sänger, Schreiber und Studenten - das Rostocker Liederbuch aus dem 15. Jhd." Germany
HüSCH! "bann dr Morche grauit" Germany
HüSCH! "Jetzt, Heut und Hier" Germany
Rhythm Future Quartet "Travels" USA
Karibuni "Waka Waka" Germany
Tom Mank & Sera Smolen "Swimming in the Dark" USA
V. Poulsen's Kapel "Old School" Denmark
Antiquariat "Vida de Carrusel" Germany
Virre "Teine" Estonia
Sammant "Sammant" Germany
Wirbeley "Barrierefreie Volksmusik" Germany
Besquidians "Folkover" Poland
Frank Yamma "Uncle" Australia
Frank Yamma "Countryman" Australia
White Sun "White Sun" USA
Andrea Zonn "Rise" USA
Alpin Project "Eigernordklang" Switzerland
Kreiz Breizh Akademi "5ed Round" France
Zauberhafte Welt der Tiere "Affenalarm" Germany
Aguas "Sounds of Armenia" Armenia / Germany
Black Patti "No Milk No Sugar" Germany
Broes "Route du Soleil" Belgium
Budzillus "Besser wirds nicht" Germany
Cologne World Jazz Ensemble "Lullabies and other stories" Germany
Dave Peabody "Right Now Blues" England
Ganef "Straßenköter" Germany
Garric "Cercaires d'Oc" France
Giora Feidman & Rastrelli Cello Quartett "Klezmer Bridges" Argentina / Germany
A Presença das Formigas "Pe de Vento" Portugal
Afro Celt Sound System "The Source" Ireland / England / Guinea / Senegal
Kapela Maliszów "Mazurki Niepojęte" Poland
Mec Yek "Super Diver City" Belgium
Lorcán Mac Mathúna "The Arrows that Murder Sleep" Ireland
James McArthur & the Head Gardeners "Strange Readings from the Weather S..." England
Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien "The High Road to Kilkenny" France
Kolar, Sulzer, Havlicek "Mach dir nix draus!" Austria
Simon Hudson Band "Earthman" Australia
The Lazy Boys "Get a life" Germany
Dodo Hug & Efisio Contini "Sorriso clandestino" Switzerland
Donnerbalkan "Es geht auch anders" Germany
Kaurna Cronin "Southern Loss" Australia
Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin "No. 5" Switzerland
Zwoastoa "Woidrand" Germany
Lazy Afternoon "Whatever!" Sweden
Die Tagelöhner "Kornschwein" Germany
Ferhat Tunç "Kobani" Turkey
Ohrange "Wie ein Mobile" Germany
Shiregreen "Neue Pfade" Germany
Volkwin "Mit anderen Augen" Germany
De scho wieda "Genau mei Weda" Germany
Elijah "Eat ripe fruit" Switzerland
Wûtas "Rau" Austria
Impius Mundi "Decem" Germany
Vroudenspil "Fauler Zauber" Germany
Johnnie Selfish & The Worried Men "Calle Salvaje" Italy
Highlanders "Cruce de caminos" Spain
Notker Homburger "Stubete" Germany
Der Nino aus Wien "Immer noch besser als Spinat" Austria
Der Nino aus Wien "Home Recordings" Austria
Brendan Monaghan "Today is a good day" Ireland
Wibbelstetz "...ansonsten in Bestform" Germany
Cuppatea "Grenzenlos" Germany
Falk "Smogsehnsucht" Germany
Letzte Bestellung "Prost Reinheitsgebot!" Germany
Metusa "Dreckfresser" Germany
Echo Bloom "Red" USA
Aniada a Noar & Altrioh "In Compagnia" Austria / Italy
Tonefish "The Traveler" Germany
Tonefish "The Celtic Experience" Germany
Mnozil Brass "Yes, yes, yes!" Austria
Gallo Pinto "Se acabo la diversión" Austria
"Stimmen Bayerns – Der Irrsinn" Germany
Sandy Wolfrum "Fairness" Germany
Buford Pope "The Poem and the Rose" Sweden
Patchfolk "Handmade" Germany

Kurz & bündig:

Alma, Eli Barsi, Bearheart Kokopelli, Deb Callahan, Jeff Chaz, Che Sudaka, Corvus Corax, Chris Daniels, Sophie Dunér, Federspiel, Mulo Francel, Aline Frazão, FuchsTeufelsWild, Gitarre & Cello, Die Grenzgänger, Grossmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar, The Henry Girls, Bê Ignacio, Ignis Fatuu, Jeremy Kittel, Meschiya Lake & Little Big Horns, Bianca De Leon, Lewis & Leigh, Liedfett, Matthias Loibner, De Lusejungen, Mikuskovics Baum, More Maids, Nobody Knows, Oansno, Ontrei, Jeremy Pinnell, Shari Puorto, Ramsch & Rosen, The Rapparees, Simon & Jan, Robert 'Robi' Svärd, Svenson, Marika Takeuchi, Laura Tate, Trio Klok, Clarence 'The Blues Man' Turner, Tweed Funk, Uma, Ted Vaughn, Vedan Kolod, Maïa Vidal, Sören Vogelsang, Walkin' Cane Mark, Whiskey Myers, Chris Yakopcic

Various Artists: "Alligator Records 45th Anniversary Collection" "Blues for Big Walter", "Bob Dylan Uncovered Vol. 2", "Cause A Scene", "Folk World and Jazzy Tunes from Nordic Notes, CPL-Music and BESTE! UNTERHALTUNG", "Miroque Viking", "Das Beste aus 20 Jahren Miroque", "Wiener Festwochen"

  English Reviews

Paul McKenna Band "Paths That Wind" Scotland
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar "The Silent Majority" England
Duach "Duach" Ireland
Divanhana "Zukva" Bosnia
Fran O'Rourke & John Feeley "JoyceSong - Irish Songs of James Joyce" Ireland
Joanne McIver & Christophe Sauniere "Musique de Ecosse" Scotland / France
Elof & Wamberg "Byen Sover" Denmark
Os Dabaixo "Ao vivo en Lorient" Spain
Hoela Barbedette "Ceresier- Harpe solo" France
Okra Playground "Turmio" Finland
Ben Sands "Troubadour" Ireland
John McCusker "Hello, Goodbye" Scotland
Päre "Hausjärvi Beat" Finland
Buttons & Bows "The Return of Spring" Ireland
A Presenca das Formigas "Pe de vento" Portugal
Ginevra di Marco "Stelle" Italy
Ray Hearne "Umpteen" England
The Old Fashioned "Strawberry Leaves" England
The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc "Deliverance" Sweden / Norway / Scotland
Tantz "Voytec (The Bear)" England
Piaceri Proletari "Piaceri Proletari" Italy
Kiko Veneno "Doble Vivo" Spain
La Banda Morisca "Algarabya" Spain
Ethnos Atramo "Sinagoga del Agua" Spain
Kepa Junkera & Sorginak "Maletak" Spain
Bellowhead "Live: The Farewell Tour" England
Jon Boden "Painted Lady" England
Nuala Kennedy "Behave the Bravest" Ireland
FullSet "Notes Between the Lines" Ireland
Niamh Parsons & Graham Dunne "Kind Providence" Ireland
Various Artists "Live at Foxrock Folk Club: The Parish Hall Tapes 1970-72" Ireland
Elaine Hogan & Sheila Garry "The Shores of Lough Breda" Ireland
Mithril Duo "Bottom of the Punch Bowl" USA
Open the Door for Three "The Penny Wager" Ireland
Pilgrims' Way "Red Diesel" England
Seán Ó Riada "Mise Éire" Ireland
Síle Denvir "Caithréim: Music and Song from the Plays of Patrick Pearse" Ireland
Goitse "Inspired by Chance" Ireland
Cúig "New Landscapes" Ireland
Claire Hastings "Between River and Railway" Scotland
Josie Nugent "Modal Citizen" Ireland
Réalta "Clear Skies" Ireland
Na Leanaí Sands "Kindred Roots" Ireland
Iain MacFarlane "Gallop to Callop" Scotland
Marco Fabbri "Crossroads" Italy
Michel Balatti "The Northern Breeze" Italy
Old Salt "Up River Overseas" USA / Belgium / Sweden / Scotland
Ale Carr & Esko Järvelä "Holmgång" Denmark / Finland
Dzouga! "Enfachinaires" France
Various Artists "Ireland - Crossroads of Art and Design, 1690-1840" Ireland
Secret North "Live" Scotland / Ireland / Denmark
Leveret "In the Round" England
Patrick Molard "Ceòl Mòr / Light & Shade" France
TiTom "Ken Ha Ken" France
Mick McAuley "Highs & Bellows" Ireland
John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon "Stone cold sober" England
Waydown Wailers "Empty Promises" USA
Dave Insley "Just the way that I am" USA
Jimmy Ruggiere "A heartache couldn’t happen to a nicer guy" USA
Jon Spear Band "Live music is better" USA
Jason Vivone & The Billy Bats "The Avenue" USA
Mark Cameron "Playing Rough" USA
The Mighty Mojo Prophets "Record Store" USA
Smoky Greenwell’s New Orleans Blues Jam "Live at the old U.S. Mint" USA
Breezy Rodio "So close to it" USA
Delta Moon "Low down" USA
Lara & The Bluz Dawgz "Howlin’" USA
Notable Exceptions "New Day" USA
Wendy DeWitt with Kirk Harwood "Getaway" USA
Sugaray Rayford "Southside" USA
Andy & Judy "Follow your dream" USA
The Henry Gray / Bob Corritore Sessions "Blues won’t let me take my rest" USA
Corté "Seasoned Soul" USA
David Michael Miller "Same Soul" USA
Kern Pratt "Broken Chains" USA
Mike Laureanno "Road Signs" USA
Mississippi Fever "300 Miles to Memphis" USA
Brad Vickers & his Vestapolitans "That’s what they say" USA
Rebecca Lappa "Tattered Rose" Canada
The Jimmys "Hot Dish" USA
The Whileaways "Saltwater Kisses" Ireland
Jim Stubblefield "Encantado" USA
Carbe and Durand "A bridge between" USA
Keith Stone "The Prodigal Returns" USA
Old Man Luedecke "Domestic Eccentric" Canada
The Riffriders "Hit the Road" USA
JJ Appleton & Jason Ricci "Dirty Memory" USA
Kevin Sekhani "Day ain’t done" USA
Pinetop Perkins & Jimmy Rogers "Genuine Blues Legends" USA
Jay Gordon and Blues Venom "Woodchoppers Ball" USA
The JC Smith Band "Love Mechanic" USA
Sun Soul Orchestra "What matters most" USA
Georgie Bonds "Hit it hard" USA
Guy Buttery "Guy Buttery" South Africa
Jeb Barry "Milltown" USA
The Knickerbocker All-Stars "Go back home to the Blues" USA
Randy McAllister and the Scrappiest Band in the Motherland "Gristle to Gold" USA
Benny Turner "When she’s gone" USA
Joyann Parker & Sweat Tea "On the rocks" USA
Brad Wilson "Blues Thunder" USA
Brad Wilson "Power Blues Guitar live" USA
Charm City Junction "Charm City Junction" USA
Paul Cowley "Rural" England
Andy Santana and the Westcoast Playboys "Watch your step!" USA
Jeff Jensen "The River City Sessions Live" USA
Johnny Rawls "Tiger in a Cage" USA
Tommy Z "Blizzard of Blues" USA
Martin Barre "Back to Steel" England
Robbie Basho "Bouquet" USA
Robbie Basho "Live at Folkstudio 1982" USA
Tir na nOg "Live at the Half Moon" Ireland
Various Artists "Music of Morocco - From the Library of Congress" Morocco
Marlon Williams "Marlon Williams" New Zealand
Seheno "Hazo Kely" Madagascar
M Toro Chamou (ek Bann Kreol) "Punk Islands" France
Sociedade Recreativa "Sociedade Recreativa" Brazil
Jeremy Loops "Trading Change" South Africa
John Moreland "High on Tulsa Heat" USA
Yael Meyer "Warrior Heart" USA
Wim Claeys "Een Schuune Bende" Belgium
Floatstone "Skipping Over Damaged Area" Belgium
Big Little Lions "A Little Frayed, A Little Torn" Canada
Benjamin Dakota Rogers "Strong Man’s Address to the Circus Crowd" USA
Courtney Yasmineh "Red Letter Day" USA
Geronimo "Introvert" Belgium
Lion D "Heretical Soul" England
Poor Nameless Boy "Bravery" Canada
Afro Celt Sound System "The Source" Ireland / England / Guinea / Senegal
Kelly Richey "Shakedown Soul" USA
Honor Finnegan "Roses and Victory" USA
Ashia Bison Rouge "Oder" USA
Sten Fisher "The Mystery Tree" Germany
Scott Bricklin "Lost ‘til Dawn" USA
Caroline Aiken "Broken Wings Heal" USA
Dubioza Kolektiv "Happy Machine" Bosnia Herzegovina
Lontalius "I’ll Forget 17" New Zealand
Shred Kelly "Sing to the Night" Canada
Kate Campbell "The K.O.A. Tapes (Vol. 1)" USA
David Francey "Empty Train" Canada
Bill Price "I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky" USA
Moulettes "Preternatural" England
Fiji Condo Chief "Condo Island" Germany
Barry Kinane "The Hills Above the Valley" Ireland
Janiva Magness "Love Wins Agains" USA
The Deep Hollow "The Deep Hollow" USA
Yes We Mystic "Forgiven" Canada
Cobblestones "Live on Tour Vol. II" Germany
Dactah Chando "Ansestrel" Spain
Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft "Safe Planet" Serbia
Meg Braun "Restless Moon" USA
Shanti Powa "Peaceful Warriors" Italy
Spicewood Seven "Still Mad" USA
Blind Lemon Pledge "Pledge Drive" USA
Eagulls "Ullages" England
The Felice Brothers "Life in the Dark" USA
Russell Morgan "Begin Simple" England
Beth Orton "Kidsticks" England
Rory McLeod and the Familiar Strangers "The Glee and the Spark" England
Ian Melrose "Swirling Sands" Scotland
Kris Drever "If Wishes were Horses" Scotland
Kornelius Flowers "Vintage Hedonist" Germany
Paulson "Between Worlds" Germany
Hans Sølo "Head in the Air" Germany
Eddi Reader "The Best of Eddi Reader" Scotland
Hussy Hicks "Lucky Joe’s Wine and other Tales from Dog River" Australia
David Stewart Ingleton "Mary Bell On Cipralex" Australia
Inga Liljeström + Michael Lira "We Have Tigers" Australia
Tim Houlihan "Another Orion" USA
Tony Reidy "Round Tower Blues" Ireland
Ken Dunn & Gypsy Starfish "The Great Unknown" Canada
Tri Yann "La Belle Enchantée" France
Reed Fromer "Looking for Freedom – A Celebration of the Music of Jon Fromer" USA
Ben Bedford "The Pilot and the Flying Machine" USA
Dave Gunning "Lift" Canada
Nii Okai Tagoe "West to West" Ghana
Harper and the Midwest Kind "Show Your Love" Australia
Annette Wasilik "Songs from the Talking House" USA
Reverend Freakchild "Illogical Optimism" USA
Oysterband "This House Will Stand" England
Echo Bloom "Red" USA
Kyle Fosburgh "Two Night" USA
Marten Lärka "Alouette" Sweden
Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst "I Feel Like I’ve Got Snakes in my Head" USA
Phil Smith "Year of the Dog" USA
Yelli Yelli "Terre de mon Poème" France
Byrne and Kelly "Echoes" Ireland
Sofia Jannok "Orda – This is my Land" Sweden
Stone Cupid "The Cardinal" USA
Billy Shaddox "I Melt, I Howl" USA
Inouwee "Rawhide" Denmark
M. Soul "This Time the Girl’s in Trouble" Canada
Annuluk "B*A*M" Germany
Na Lengo "Ingoma" Germany / Kenya
Daniel Martin Moore "Golden Age" USA
The Sumner Brothers "The Hell in your Mind" Canada
Clarence Bucaro "Pendulum" USA
The Mystix "Live – Rhythm and Roots" USA
KhaRa "Мерячение - Meryachenie" Russia
Rekk "SixtyTwo" Germany
Sugarfoot "Different Stars" Norway
Stephen Harrison "Cherry Fair" Scotland
Ricky Ferranti "This Flame" Italy
Matty Wall "Blue Skies" Australia
Rupert Wates "Colorado Mornings – True Love Songs" England
Richard Paul Thomas "Solado" USA
Parfum Brutal "Into Earth" Germany
Gypsy Soul "True" USA
My Girl the River "This Ain’t No Fairytale" USA
Matt Bauer "Dream’s End" USA
Esquela "Canis Majoris" USA
June Star "Pull Awake" USA
San Antonio Kid "San Antonio Kid" Germany
Early Autumn Break "Farewell to the Juvenile Heart Volume 2" Germany
Love on Drugs "I Think I’m Alone Now" Sweden
The Mojo Slide "Twist Your Bones" England
Riddle & the Stars "New Coastline" Australia / USA
Allison Dietz "Pretty Lies" USA
John Blek & the Rats "Borders" Ireland
Femi Kuti "No Place for My Dream" Nigeria
Various Artists "Songs from the Black Meadow" England

Short & Sweet:

Afenginn, An Danzza, Anna & Elizabeth, Badi Assad, Sophie Bancroft, BandAdriatica, Baroesjko, The Brewer's Daughter, Joanna Brouk, Christoph Bruhn, The Bucking Mules, Café D'Alma, Cafe Loti, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Susan Cattaneo, Valeria Caucino, Cowboy Junkies, David Corley, Nate Currin, Daemonia Nymphe, Decker - MalempréS, The Demon Barbers, Deva Premal & Miten, Peter Doran, Ana Egge, Tawny Ellis, Andy Ferrell, Folque, Dori Freemann, Robbie Fulks, Josh Geffin, The Gloaming, Goodbye Blue, John Gorka, The Great Dictators, Guo Gan - Emré Gültekin, Gyuto Monks of Tibet, Paul Handyside, John Wort Hannam, Hazmat Modine, Coty Hogue, Dana Immanuel, Ivor S.K., Robb Johnson, Kaia Kater, Jess Klein, Tomáš Kočko, Kris Kristofferson, Langhorne Slim, Cyndi Lauper, Lenka Lichtenberg, Maati Baani, Magicfolk, Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Megson, Rod Melancon, Moxie, Judy Nazemetz, Notify, The Odd Gifts, Aidan O'Rourke, David Philips, Noam Pikelny, Les Poules à Colin, John Prine, Rebecca Pronsky, Red Feather Woman, Tina Refsnes, Chris Renzema, River Drivers, Monica Rizzio, Carrie Rodriguez, David Rovics, Simon Scardanelli, Byther Smith, Soulmate, Special Consensus, Squirrel Butter, Jarda Svoboda, Sean Taylor, Three Cane Whale, Rachel Troublefield, Trovadotres, Jake Thomas Turnbull, Veretski Pass, Vigüela, Michael Ward, Abigail Washburn, We Banjo 3, West My Friend, Wild Ponies, The Young Folk, Yo-Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble, Zulya and the Children of the Underground, 9Bach

Various Artists: "Africa – Finding Graceland", "Best of Yiddish Songs and Klezmer Music", "Discover Music from Brazil", "Discover Music from the Balkans", "Most Beautiful Songs of the World", "The Polished Steel Sessions", "Reclaimed", "Scotia Nova", "Sguaban A Tìr An Eòrna - Traditions Of Tiree"

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