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Afenginn "Opus" (CD, Westpark Music, 2016). Danish roots group Afenginn[40] celebrated the release of their new album "Opus" with a concert in a packed Royal Theatre Playhouse in Copenhagen. There were 19 people on stage and performed more then 60 minutes of music from the album. See some pictures from the concert @ - there will be some videos as well, but that's not ready yet! Get your copy of "Opus" as double LP, double CD or digital download @ BandCamp!

An Danzza "Whispers of the Forest" (CD, Own label, 2016). Spanish fantasy/medieval/celtic/folk group An Danzza was formed in Madrid in 2004 by Andrés Campuzano and has released fifth albums since. The latest album "Whispers of the Forest" penetrates into a dark forest, full of myths, otherworldy sounds and evocations of ancient gods. Check out the single "Hekate" of "Whispers of the Forest" @ YouTube!

Anna & Elizabeth "Sun to Sun" (CD, Free Dirt, 2012/2016). Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle have made a name for themselves, bringing bright new light to Appalachian old-time story and song. Their self-titled second album was released in March 2015.[56] Their music has been recently featured on NPR Music’s “Tiny Desk Concert” series: “They came to NPR and brought many of us to tears with some of the most yearning harmonies I've heard at the Tiny Desk. If you've never thought your tastes would lean to mountain music, take a deep breath and soak it all in.” (Bob Boilen) Originally released in 2012 and out of print until this remastered 2016 reissue, "Sun to Sun" - the duo's stunning debut - includes 13 ballads, lullabies and dance tunes from the Southern tradition.

Badi Assad "Badi Assad" (Download, 2016). Singer/guitarist Badi Assad is successfully forging an exhilarating genre of music that quite literally defies categorization. She transcends traditional styles of her native Brazilian music with a mixture of pop, jazz and world/ethnic sounds from around the world: »As Brazil is a melting pot itself, my journey has been a natural progression.« Download a small collection of some of her favourite original, cover and instrumental songs, including from her latest release "Hatched", @ NoiseTrade!

Sophie Bancroft with Louis Durra "Songs" (CD, LisaLeo Records, 2015). Opening with a radical reinterpretation of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" and closing with Robert Burns' "John Anderson, My Jo", British jazz vocalist Sophie Bancroft's "Songs" album (featuring US pianist Louis Durra) is covering her entire songwriting career.

BandAdriatica "Terra" (Video, 2016). This new video clip @ YouTube, featuring the second single extracted from BandAdriatica's[50] latest release “Babilonia”, “Terra”, has been shot on the occasion of their 10th anniversary celebration concert. The band returns to Albania on board of the sailing boats of the “Il mare che unisce” regatta to retrace the routes that triggered the beginning of its research on the origins of Adriatic music.

Baroesjko "Aom" (EP, Own label, 2016). The Dutch folk band formerly known as Quramitry has changed its name into Baroesjko (coming from Quramitry's album "Circus Baroesjko"). They play folk and world music, sing in the local dialect of Sittard (situated in the southernmost province of Limburg) and combine music with all kinds of art-types (painting, dancing, photographs,...) Watch Baroesjko's "Starling's Flight" @ YouTube!

The Brewer's Daughter "Make Believe" (CD, Own label, 2016). The Brewer's Daughter Rhiannon Crutchley lives on a narrowboat in Northampton, named 'Make Believe'. Besides performing fiddle with festival band Tarantism throughout Britan, Rhiannon plays traditional and original songs and instrumental tunes; a mouth-watering brew of folk music.

Joanna Brouk "Hearing Music" (Double CD, Hummingbird Productions, 2016). Joanna Brouk is considered one of the founders of New Age Music and a pioneer of early electronic music at the nexus between ambient, new age and classical minimalism. She has not recorded for 30 years and this is her first collection of music taken from rare cassette releases and her archive of previously unreleased recordings, 1970-1987. The music covers piano and synth, flute solos and ambient horns, wordless vocalizing and orca whales.

Christoph Bruhn "Chandelier" (CD, Grass-Tops-Recordings, 2016). In between Robbie Basho reissues and rarities,[60] the Grass-Tops-Recordings label from Minneapolis, MN drops one or another fine guitar album every now and then. This time it's the second solo release by Minnesota-based instrumental guitar composer and picker Christoph Bruhn.[54] Check out the Chandelier promo video, "Steel Beam Graveyard", "Old Kentucky"!

The Bucking Mules "The Bucking Mules" (CD, Own label, 2014). Like the creature that inspired their name, The Bucking Mules buck, snort, and throw down some of the finest old-time tunes & songs coming out of the American South today. Joseph Decosimo (fiddle, banjo, vocals), Luke Richardson (banjo, harmonica), Karen Celia Heil (guitar, vocals) and Joseph “Joe Bass” DeJarnette (bass) prove that this music isn’t something to be found in a museum, but is a living, breathing thing, alive and kicking like an ornery mule.

Article: T:-)M's Night Shift

Café D'Alma "Café D'Alma" (CD, DiscMedi, 2016). Nicholas Ratcliffe, known for composing soundtracks for movies, commercials and plays, got the idea to create a new musical language in which Portuguese fado and traditional song blend together. He found the right person to work with in singer Nádia Sousa. Café D'Alma then is an acoustic fusion group crossing the borders between trad and fado, and hinting now and again at cabaret, flamenco and classical music.

Cafe Loti "Cafe Loti" (CD, Own label, 2015). Three Italian gentlemen playing Mediterranean world music with a range of old Mediterranean instruments, from bouzouki and guitar via saz and oud to tamburello and other trad percussion instruments. Bridging Italian and old Persian music traditions, the album features trance instrumentals with an Arabic feel, as well as songs sung with powerful baritone voices. Watch Cafe Loti (Pejman Tadayon, Nando Citarella, Stefano Saletti) @ YouTube!

Mary Chapin Carpenter "The Things That We Are Made Of" (CD, Lambient Light Records, 2016). Get new music from five-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Mary Chapin Carpenter, including songs from her new record "The Things That We Are Made Of", highly praised by Rolling Stone magazine: “...indeed the entire new album finds the songwriter at her most thoughtful and also at times sweetly whimsical, perfectly capturing the buoyant spirit of her early successes and also serving as a reminder that she remains one of the most grounded, sentient songwriters of her generation.” Go inside "The Things That We Are Made Of" @ YouTube, download a 4 track sampler @ NoiseTrade!

Susan Cattaneo "NoiseTrade Sampler" (Download, 2016). This well-respected Boston artist combines vivid storytelling with a modern songwriter’s spin. Respectful of tradition but not bound by it, Susan Cattaneo blends rock, folk, and blues with a healthy dose of country; call it New England Americana with a twang. Check out the official video for the song "Lorelei" from Susan Cattaneo's "Haunted Heart" record @ YouTube! Download a collection of the best songs from Susan's albums "Brave and Wild", "Heaven to Heartache" and "Haunted Heart" @ NoiseTrade!

Valeria Caucino "At the break of dawn" (CD, Own label, 2015). Valeria Caucino is an Italian singer-songwriter and harpist, inspired by The Chieftains, Clannad, Enya and Loreena McKennitt, as well as Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell - and Depeche Mode. Her debut solo album "At the break of dawn" exudes the passion for Ireland and its music, presenting a sophisticated mix of Celtic, Anglo and American folk music and its new age offsprings. Watch the video clip of the single "Over the Pain" @ YouTube, or check out samples of all the songs @!

David Corley "Lights Out" (EP, Continental Records Services, 2016). At the Take Root Festival in Groningen, David Corley hits the stage floor struck by a heart attack.[58] After intensive treatment, David is now "in better shape than ever before" and finished the tracks of a 7 song EP to coincide with a new tour that will take him again to Holland, Ireland and the UK. Listen to the first two tracks of the "Lights Out" EP: "Pullin' Off The Wool" and "Blind Man" @ BandCamp! A portion of the proceeds goes to the University Medical Center, Groningen.

Cowboy Junkies "Live at the Belly Up" (CD/Download, 2016). For more than 25 years, the Cowboy Junkies[48] have remained true to their unique artistic vision and their intense and introspective musical signature. This live album from their performance on June 16, 2014 at the world renowned Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA evokes the psychedelic, blues and rock inspired forays that the band is known for. Download the Cowboy Junkies' "Live at the Belly Up" @ NoiseTrade! For more concerts from the Belly Up check out!

Nate Currin "Midnight Train" (Video, 2016); "The Madman and the Poet" (CD, Archaic Cannon Records, 2016). Nate Currin[54] describes "The Madman and the Poet" as “a concept album, a two-sided feature that shows the dichotomy between the beautiful things in life and the dark and introspective times that leave us shrouded in questions. The first half of the album, The Madman, is a darker and more gritty collection of songs, both stylistically and thematically, with more of a bluesy rock ‘n’ roll feel, while the second half, The Poet, is a lighter and oftentimes happier song collection that is more acoustic musically.” Watch the "Midnight Train" video from "The Madman and the Poet" @!

Daemonia Nymphe "Macbeth" (CD, Own label, 2016). This is the original soundtrack from the theatre production 'Macbeth', music arranged, composed and performed by Daemonia Nymphe (Spyros Giasafakis & Evi Stergiou), commissioned by the National Theatre of Northern Greece. Since 2004, Daemonia Nymphe perform and compose music with reproductions of ancient Greek instruments.[36] A first preview of the album has already been released @ Vimeo! Get "Macbeth" @ BandCamp!

Decker - MalempréS "Chansons pour Oreilles Averties" (CD, Home Records, 2016). Using a not so innocent poetry though without vulgarity, Rémi Decker (vocals, guitar, banjo, whistle, bagpipes),[46] Tania Malempré (vocals, lyrics and Marc Malempré (vocals, fiddle, bagpipes)[51] present you the tales of forbidden fruits, an open door to prohibited places: gallantry, flirtation, infidelity, homosexual drama, infanticide, ... in short, the backstage of a theatre where Cupid, Aphrodite and Venus have a field day!

The Demon Barbers "The Demon Barbers XL Live Promo 2016" (Video, 2016). The Demon Barbers have lots of festivals and shows lined up through the year. Inspired by The Nutcracker and following the success of the Folk & Hip Hop dance extravaganza, "The Lock In",[50] The Demon Barbers & Breaking Tradition dance company are researching and developing ideas for a new children’s show, The Sleepover. Whilst looking forward, have a look at The Demon Barbers XL new promotional live video @ YouTube!

Peter Doran "Moon" (Video, 2016); Peter Doran & Brian Murphy "Blackberry Wine" (Video, 2016). Check out the new video "Moon", a song from Peter Doran's fourth album "Outlines",[54] @ YouTube! On a cold morning Peter Doran stood at the bottom of a grand staircase at Middleton Park House in Westmeath and sang this song. This is part of a series of videos from fellow Mullingar native Mark Bennett. For the past couple of years, with great bursts of creativity quickly followed by long periods of distraction or working on other things, Peter Doran has co-written songs with fellow Mullingar native Brian Murphy. Watch "Blackberry Wine", inspired by a book about the life of Billie Holiday, @!

Ana Egge & The Sentimentals "Say That Now" (CD, Grace Records/Sentimental Music, 2016). There’s a Danish word that can’t quite be translated to English: hygge, meaning a sense of warmth, coziness, camaraderie, a welcoming environment. It’s the word that fits "Say That Now". Americana songwriter Ana Egge grew up in North Dakota with an American/Danish mother and recorded her new album in Copenhagen with Danish folk rock band The Sentimentals (whereas Egge’s last album brought on American roots trio The Stray Birds to compliment her songs).[57] Watch "Take Off My Dress" @ YouTube!

Tawny Ellis "Ghosts of the Low Country - The Muscle Shoals Sessions" (EP, Music Building Records, 2015). Georgia born and Los Angeles based Tawny Ellis' four-track EP "Ghosts of the Low Country" had been inspired by the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The EP contains 2 original songs and 2 covers, including a dark take on Patsy Cline’s classic “Walkin’ after Midnight,” an homage to an artist Ellis is often compared to. Check out the 2015 live performance of Tawny's classic song "Evolve or Die" originally released in 2008 @ YouTube!

Andy Ferrell "At Home and In Nashville" (CD, Own label, 2016). Half recorded in front of a live audience in North Carolina and half recorded in Nashville with a full band, Andy Ferrell points to a long lineage of artists traveling from their homes in rural Appalachia to the neon lights of country music’s capital. "At Home and In Nashville" focuses on country songwriting with a bittersweet edge, much like Ferrell's heroes Hank Williams and Townes Van Zandt.

Folque "Folque" (CD, Round 2 Records (Jansen Plateproduksjon), 1974/2016). Svart Records (Finland) and Round 2 Records (Norway) are re-releasing long-out-of-print Scandinavian rarities from the 1960/70's as vinyl pressings. Folque’s 1974 debut, inspired by Steeleye Span, Pentangle, Fairport Convention and Malicorne, set off to create their own domestic take on electric folk rock, combining traditional Norwegian and translated English folk songs. The album was well received and spawned a radio hit with a dance tune, "Reinlender". Folque didn't really ever do many gigs, but released eight albums until disbanding in 1984. Folque has reportedly been reestablished in 2014 for playing live.

Dori Freeman "Go On Lovin'" (Video, 2016). Dori Freeman[59] has debuted a brand new video for the slow-burning country crooner "Go On Lovin'". Shot as a lingering close-up, the video beautifully uses with shadow, light, and color to emphasize the song's emotional candor. You can now watch the video @ YouTube. This May, Dori also recorded a Folk Alley session at Beehive Productions Studio in Saranac Lake, NY; watch the video @ FolkAlley!

Robbie Fulks "Alabama at Night" (EP/Download, 2016). This exclusive sampler contains two songs from Chicago troubadour Robbie Fulks's country/bluegrass/folk album 'Upland Stories' and a previously unreleased song from the studio sessions. Watch Robbie Fulks and his band play "Sometimes the Grass is Really Greener" @ YouTube, download "Alabama at Night" EP @ NoiseTrade, read an Interview with Robbie Fulks @ The Bluegrass Situation!

Josh Geffin "Rocks of Bawn" (EP, Own label, 2016). London-based singer/guitarist Josh Geffin's latest EP, "Rocks Of Bawn," is a collection of traditional English, Irish and American folk songs influenced by his work with Sam Lee's[58] The Song Collectors Collective: “I love the process of coming across a beautiful traditional melody sung unaccompanied and creating a new harmony and accompaniment and seeing where the song takes the music.” Stream "Rocks of Bawn" @ BandCamp!

The Gloaming "The Gloaming 2" (CD, Real World Records, 2016). The Gloaming's[54] second album is crossing a hard-fought frontier, carrying the melodies and rhythms of traditional Irish music into the realms of jazz, neo-classical and experimental music. Steeped in tradition, fiddlers Martin Hayes[35] and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh,[27] backed up by guitarist Dennis Cahill and pianist Thomas Bartlett (Doveman), are directing the jigs and reels, while sean-nós singer Iarla Ó Lionáird (ex Afro Celts)[60] is delivering dramatic chant. Watch "Fáinleog (Wanderer)" @ YouTube!

Goodbye Blue "Another One on the Way" (Video, 2016). Goodbye Blue[59] like to share their latest video release for "Another One on the Way" from the album "Worth the Wait", which they released for Father's Day. Check it out @ YouTube!

John Gorka "Before Beginning: The Unreleased I Know - Nashville, 1985" (CD, Red House Records, 1985/2016). John Gorka[43] has become one of the most respected, beloved songwriters on the contemporary folk circuit. He has decided now to share his very first studio sessions, a collection of songs recorded in Nashville, TN in 1985 with a stable of top studio musicians. Still finding his way, John decided to go a different direction and the sessions were never released. It features 9 of the 12 songs that would be on his 1987 debut album "I Know". Listen to the alternate "I Know" @ SoundCloud!

The Great Dictators "Holy Creatures" (Video, 2016). Lead singer Dragut Lugalzagosi of Danish folk rockers The Great Dictators growls: "Gods get mugged and virgins plucked ... I can hear apocalypse moaning". Freaks are lurking around in the shadows and a pig faced dancer shows off his moves right before the end of the world. Check out "Holy Creatures" @ YouTube!

Guo Gan - Emré Gültekin "Lune de Jade" (CD, Home Records, 2016). Two different worlds who, a priori, have nothing in common... "Humbug" say the instruments in the hands of musicians like erhu player Guo Gan[52] and saz/tanbur player Emré Gültekin, whose broadmindedness is more then obvious on this journey from Qin to Anadolu. Listen to the teaser @ YouTube!

Gyuto Monks of Tibet featuring Kim Cunio & Heather Lee "Beyond Karma" (CD, new earth records, 2016). The best-selling and Grammy winning monks of the Gyuto Tantric Monastery in Indian exile (famous since a series of concerts with the Grateful Dead in the mid 1990s and their appearance in the 1997 film Seven Years in Tibet) have teamed up with Australia's sacred music duo of musicologist/composer Kim Cunio and soprano singer Heather Lee, combining Eastern and Western instruments, traditional and newly composed sacred music from Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, sonourous Tibetan chant and a wide range of vocals.

Paul Handyside "Let Me Down Easy", "Fond Farewell", "Should I Leave Your Side" (Video, 2016). Newcastle's Paul Handyside had been singer and songwriter with 1980's indie group Hurrah!, and 2000's group Bronze. His solo album "Tide, Timber & Grain"[59] blends pop, folk and Americana. Please watch the new videos ‘Let Me Down Easy’, ‘Fond Farewell’ and ‘Should I Leave Your Side’!

John Wort Hannam "Love Lives On" (CD, Rebeltone, 2016). After hearing Loudon Wainwright III in 1997, Canadian songsmith John Wort Hannam[50] decided he wanted to pursue a career in music. It took him a decade from quitting his teaching post on a Alberta First Nation's reserve to receive a Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album of the Year. Listen to "Man Of God", Hannam's drama about "Indian Residential Schools", where a large number of children were harmed by their removal from their families, the loss of their ancestral culture, and the exposure to physical and mental abuse, @ YouTube!

Hazmat Modine "Moving Stones" (Video, 2016). Watch the "Moving Stones" video from Hazmat Modine's 3rd studio album “Extra-Deluxe-Supreme”[59] @ YouTube! The animation has been created by Swedish artist Mattias Gordon, who has also made videos for LAU, Kila and Fanfare Ciocarlia.[60] Hazmat Modine's Erik Della Penna explains: ”The song is about my father. He is a man possessed by angels and demons (like most of us). About twenty-five years ago, on his meadow, he began to construct a labyrinth of stonewalls and sculpture. Some of the structures are fifty feet tall. Some are covered with mosaics depicting the folly of humanity. Niches in the walls contain small demonic terra-cotta sculptures. He works like a spider spinning a web, as if programmed by his DNA. He does not rest and continues to this day.”

Coty Hogue "Flight" (CD, Own label, 2016). "Flight" is the progeny of Coty Hogue[49] cycling 4,000 miles between her home in Bellingham, Washington to Nashville, Tennessee. Check out Coty Hogue's premiere of "Lullaby" and "Poor Ellen Smith"!

Dana Immanuel & the Stolen Band "Come With Me" (CD, Own label, 2016). Dana Immanuel[58] and her all-girl Stolen Band are operating from London from which emerges a sound more usually associated with Kentucky and Louisiana. The new album, "Come With Me", reflects her eclectic influences from Hank Williams to Alice Cooper, including a coltish take on the classic ‘Viva Las Vegas’.

Robb Johnson "A Reasonable History of Impossible Demands: The Damage to Date 1986-2013" (CD, PM Press, 2016). "Lots of songs doing what folk song is supposed to do-provide an alternative ordinary person's perspective to the dominant culture's hegemonic discourse, its spin and propagandising on behalf of the interests of the ruling class..." (Robb Johnson)[59] This ultimate collection features 92 songs from nearly 30 years on 5 CDs with a 64-page booklet, including both the acoustic and the electric Robb Johnson, his hits and a whale of previously unreleased material.

Kaia Kater "Nine Pin" (CD, Kingswood Records, 2016). Born of African-Caribbean descent in Québec, Kaia Kater[57] grew up between her family’s deep ties to Canadian folk music and the years she spent studying Appalachian music in West Virginia. Her new album, "Nine Pin" delves even further, and casts an unflinching eye at the realities faced by colored people in North America. Watch "Rising Down" @ YouTube!

Jess Klein "My Own Beating Heart" (Video, 2016). Jess Klein[42] has moved to Hillsborough, NC, from Austin, Texas. Between unpacking boxes and moving around furniture, she's been working on new songs, and she thought shed share a draft of a new tune called "My Own Beating Heart" @ YouTube. In September 2016, Jess Klein and Mike June will hit the European road for shows in Germany and the Benelux.

Tomáš Kočko & Orchestr "Velesu" (CD, Indies Scope, 2016). After dedicating his last album to the goddess of earth and abundance, Živa, Czech singer and guitarist Tomáš Kočko[46] turns to Veles, the master of the afterlife, who guards order and time. Veles is also the patron of igrics, ancient singer-poets. The music is inspired by traditional Moravian music, though informed by a heavy dose of rock and metal music. Watch Tomáš Kočko's "Do Návu" @ YouTube!

Happy Birthday Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson "Cedar Creek Sessions" (CD, KK Records, 2016). Now, at eighty years old, Kristofferson tours worldwide as a solo acoustic troubadour and a role model for authenticity and longevity.[52] The Cedar Creek Sessions, a three-day impromptu jam session in Austin, TX in June 2014, are a snapshot of the legendary songwriter's oeuvre. Kristofferson and a live band ran through twenty-five of his favourite songs, including a duet of “The Loving Gift” with Sheryl Crow, a song made famous by Johnny Cash that he had never recorded himself.

Langhorne Slim and The Law "Sea of Love" (Video, 2016). Langhorne Slim[54] is pleased and proud to present the video for "Sea of Love," written by Langhorne Slim and his dear friend Jill Andrews. The video was made by two of his favorite visual artists and puppetmakers in the city of New Orleans, Casey Jane Reece-Kaigler and Magda Boreysza. Watch "Sea of Love" @ YouTube!

Cyndi Lauper "Funnel of Love" (Video, 2016). The Wanda Jackson classic "Funnel of Love" is the first single from Cyndi Lauper's[43] upcoming album "Detour", featuring country classics from the '40s, '50s and '60s. Among the highlights will be duets with several special guests including Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson,[51] Vince Gill and Alison Krauss.[53] Check out the video for her rollicking take on "Funnel of Love" @ CMT!

Lenka Lichtenberg "Yiddish journey" (CD, ARC Music , 2016). A compilation of songs from this Czech-Canadian Yiddish singer. Her music is a contemporary interpretation of Yiddish poetry and song, presented in a fusion of world, contemporary and Yiddish music styles. Focus of the music is Lenka's expressive light voice. Check out the remarkable "Yiddish Journey" @ Lenka Lichtenberg’s YouTube channel!

Maati Baani "Jao Piya", "Moko Kahaan" (Video, 2016). World music band Maati Baani (literally the language of Earth) from Mumbai has been invited to perform at the Holland India Festival in October 2016 ( The brainchild of Kartik Shah (guitar) and Nirali Kartik (vocals) is rooted in traditions from the Indian sub-continent set in a contemporary sound of gypsy jazz, funk, disco, etc. Currently, they are releasing singles in their webseries The Music Yantra, which features 50 musicians from over 20 countries. For example, watch "Jao Piya" or "Moko Kahaan"!

Magicfolk "Saltarello" (CD, Own label, 2014). Michelle and Ben Glover[49] are playing an eclectic mix of Celtic and Eastern folk, rock and psychedelia on acoustic (flute, hurdy-gurdy, guitar) and electronic (ewi, theremin, omnichord) instruments. The faeries dance to the Italian "Saltarello", the Yiddish "Tants Yidelekh Tants", the English "Bedlam Boys" ... Watch the album's final track "Babylon" @ YouTube!

Bachar Mar-Khalifé "Lemon" (Single, InFiné, 2016). Bachar Mar-Khalifé’s lemons are full of poetry and eroticism. Driven by Egyptian poet Samir Saadi’s verses, “Lemon” is a kind nod to Middle-Eastern popular music. The second single from Bachar Mar-Khalifé's "Ya Balad"[58] features a version with his mother, Yolla Khalifé, and two remixes from rising stars of the Arab electronic music scene - Deena Abdelwahed (Tunisia) and Mahmoud Refat (Egypt). Listen to the Deena Abdelwahed remix @ SoundCloud!

Megson "Good Times Will Come Again" (CD, EDJ Records, 2016). This album is the first Megson[55] album in a 12-year career to contain all original songs, followed by their first ever Megson Band tour with folk musicians John Parker (Nizlopi) and Cliff Ward (The Willows).[56] In other respects, husband-and-wife duo Debs Hanna (piano accordion) and Stu Hanna (guitar, banjo, mandolin) delivers its trademark mix of exquisite vocals, exuberant harmonies and driving rhythms. Check out the album teaser video @ YouTube!

Rod Melancon "LA 14" (EP, Blue Élan Records, 2016). On his latest five song EP, "LA 14" (a preview of a full album to be released later this year), Rod Melancon has recorded a collection of songs that bring us to the feel of haunted and hunted swampy South Louisiana nights, perfect for fans of Johnny Cash and Townes Van Zandt. Watch his debut video for the first single, "Perry", @ YouTube, download "LA 14" @ NoiseTrade!

"ProdiJIG: The Revolution feat. Moxie" (Video, 2016). Cork Opera House is presenting "ProdiJIG: The Revolution" – a spectacular new show, led by dancer and choreographer Alan Kenefick, that aims to redefine Irish Dance for the 21st century. Featuring the high octane, hybrid music of Moxie.[56] Check out the teaser @ YouTube!

Judy Nazemetz "Variety Park" (CD, Own label, 2014). American loud voiced comedy/variety singer-songwriter singing about everyday occurrences, from being tired via signs of getting old to being a PTA mom. The songs range stylistically from folk via jazz and blues to rap and hip hop.

Notify "InConcept" (Digital CD, Ropeadope Records, 2016). Irish folk/jazz band Notify's second release has gone straight into the iTunes charts at no. 9 and top of the Jazz iTunes charts at no. 1: contemporary concertina-led music (played by Pádraig Rynne)[32][51] on top of a modern jazz-rock approach, though less experimental, and more catchy and traditional than its predecessor.[53] Check it out @ BandCamp or @ iTunes! Watch video clips: "In Continuum", "Vividity"!

The Odd Gifts "Migrant Song" (Video/CD, Indies Scope, 2016). The Odd Gifts, the solo project of Czech pop-jazz-band Eggnoise's Ondřej Galuška, present the title track of the upcoming album, "Migrant Song", featuring Senegal percussionist Moustapha Faye and English vocalists James Harries and Alasdair Bouch: “I wanted to infuse this project with the energy of people who have a similar experience as I of staying in a foreign culture for a longer period of time, which may entail a certain identity crisis. I try to reflect the complex play of unfulfilled and oftentimes false expectations of those who arrive and always necessarily simplifying prejudices of the locals. I am sincerely convinced that whoever it is that is coming here or elsewhere they are mostly coming as a question mark, not as an exclamation mark.” Check out "Migrant Song" @ YouTube!

Aidan O'Rourke "Imprint (EP Series 2.0)" (EP, Reveal Records, 2015). In Part 2 of his EP series, Aidan O'Rourke[57] is fiddling with electronics and sonically exploring the magical environment of the Cabrach, Strathbogie and Strathdeveron valleys, commissioned by Deveron Arts.

David Philips "Folk Radio UK Session 2013" (Digital EP, Black and Tan Records, 2016). Four songs from a session that David Philips[46] did in 2013 for Folk Radio UK. These recordings will be released digital only, here are the links to iTunes, Deezer, Spotify!

Noam Pikelny "Kenny Baker/Bill Monroe Medley", "Folk Blood Bath", "June Apple" (Video, 2016). Noam Pikelny[52] of the Punch Brothers[49] debuted his one man show in February 2016 and since then, no person, state government, or divine power has compelled me to stop. If you're curious about his solo show, watch his "Kenny Baker/Bill Monroe Medley" or Josh Ritter's "Folk Blood Bath! Pikelny is also 1/3 of Michael Daves and Brittany Haas's new trio, here's a clip of them playing "June Apple"!

Les Poules à Colin "Ti Mé" (Video, 2015). Les Poules à Colin, a new take on a time-tested recipe of traditional Quebecoise music, has been on tour in Europe in June and is already working on their 2017 European Tour. Check out "Ti Mé" @ YouTube!

Deva Premal & Miten with Manose "Cosmic Connections Live" (CD, White Swan Records, 2016). German-born tanpura and keyboards player Deva Premal (Divine Loving in Sanskrit) is the singer-chanter who is generally credited in bringing 5,000 year old mantras from India and Tibet to the masses by creating contemporary East-West fusion soundscapes since 1999. Deva Premal, London guitarist Miten and Nepalese flutist Manose now provide the opportunity for audiences to experience the Ecstatic Silence of their live concerts during their 2014/15 world tour and find a space of inner peace, harmony and meditation.

John Prine "Live in Asheville '86" (Download, Oh Boy Records, 1986/2016; John Prine "For Better, Or Worse" (CD, Oh Boy Records, 2016). Since his first LP release in 1971, two time Grammy-award winner, singer-songwriter John Prine has become a well loved songwriter and bonafide American treasure. He is in fine form on "Live in Asheville '86", originally a WBCN-FM broadcast live in North Carolina from October 1986, a set of 20+ songs which includes several of his classics. Download "Live in Asheville '86" @ NoiseTrade; listen to John Prine talking about What ignites sparks of inspiration? @ YouTube! In September 2016, Oh Boy Records will release John Prine’s upcoming duet album "For Better, Or Worse", featuring country sweethearts Iris DeMent, Alison Krauss,[53] Kathy Mattea, Susan Tedeschi, ...

Rebecca Pronsky "Known Objects" (CD, Acme Hall Recordings, 2016). After extensive touring behind 2013’s release “Only Daughter”, Rebecca Pronsky and guitarist Rich Bennett took some time off from the road to open a recording studio in their hometown of Brooklyn, New York. “Known Objects” was originally conceived as a duo album, but the environment with so many local musicians proved too tempting to stop at just voice and guitars. Check out “Known Objects” @ BandCamp!

Red Feather Woman "Keeper of the Dreams" (CD, Red Elk Enterprises, 2016). "Keeper of the Dreams" is Native American Music Award winner Red Feather Woman's third album. Her life work is to keep the oral tradition of storytelling alive, and her passion for music has produced unique albums combining stories and songs. Check out "Keeper of the Dreams" @ CD Baby!

Tina Refsnes "Alaska" (Video, 2016). Norwegian Tina Refsnes is a singer-songwriter preparing a stirring blend of nu-folk and Americana. Watch the animated video for "Alaska," longing for the familiar quietness of nature that she grew up with in the small seaside town of Floro, from the debut album "No One Knows That You're Lost"[58] @ YouTube!

Chris Renzema "NoiseTrade Sampler" (Download, 2016). In celebration of the release of his new project, Christian/Gospel folk rocker Chris Renzema from Grand Rapids, MI, is sharing two favorites off his debut EP, "Age to Age," and two favorites off his new record, "Chris Renzema & the New Nature Choir". Watch Chris Renzema & Moriah Hazeltine perform "Used to Be Mine" @ YouTube, download sampler @ NoiseTrade!

River Drivers "Cumann na mBan" (Single, Own label, 2016). The Irish-American River Drivers[58] have released the single “Cumann na mBan” (ir. Women's Union) to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising in general,[59] and the Irish women who helped fight for an Irish Nation and whose sacrifices were overshadowed by their male comrades in particular. Listen @ YouTube!

Monica Rizzio "Washashore Cowgirl" (CD, Own label, 2016). The locals call someone who moves to Cape Cod, Massachusetts but was not born there a Washashore. Texas-born Monica Rizzio (ex Tripping Lily)[50] became the Washashore Cowgirl, left behind the acoustic style, purchased a 1956 Martin O-18, and plugged it in. Please listen to "Washashore Cowgirl" @ Spotify and enjoy a live video of "A Little Time" @ YouTube!

Carrie Rodriguez "NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert" (Video, 2016). On her new album "Lola," Carrie Rodriguez's[55] bi-cultural Mexican-American life blossoms into a spectacular collection of stories and songs, several of which she included in her Tiny Desk Concert with guitarist Luke Jacobs. Check out "I Dreamed I Was Lola Beltrán", "Llano Estacado" and "Noche De Ronda" @ YouTube!

David Rovics "Letter to My Landlord" (CD, Own label, 2016). David Rovics[32] has a new live album out, "Letter to My Landlord", a live show recorded at the Community Church of Boston on March 11th, 2016. Stream it, download it, make a donation @ BandCamp; this would be very much appreciated by David, his landlord, and others. David will be touring around Scandinavia and elsewhere in continental Europe throughout September, and around England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in October 2016.

Simon Scardanelli "Make Us Happy" (CD, Resonator records, 2016). Brighton based singer/guitarist Simon Scardanelli had enjoyed chart success in 1989 with Anglo-Canadian duo Big Bam Boo, scoring a top 40 hit in the US with "Shooting From My Heart". 25 years after the break-up of Big Bam Boo, his 4th solo album "Make Us Happy" sees a ramshackle ensemble of accordions, fiddle, cajon, clarinet, sax, guitars, mandolin and turkish cumbus in eclectic arrangements suited to his quirky songwriting. Watch the amusing video to the single "Talk About Glory" @ YouTube!

Ivor S.K. "Delta Pines" (EP, Own label, 2016). Ivor Simpson-Kennedy is one of a new generation of young blues singers and guitarists to emerge from Australia. Please check out Ivor's original debut 5-track EP "Delta Pines," the product of a musical culmination leading back to where the blues began; an acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals @ BandCamp!

Byther Smith & miXendorp "Same Thing On My Mind" (Single, Black and Tan Records, 2016). Byther Smith (*1933) is a blues musician noted for his gritty style and uncompromising delivery, who still records and tours frequently. "Same Thing On My Mind" is a remix of an acoustic Byther Smith song, originally from 2001, released digital only and available on all download and streaming platforms, e.g. iTunes and Spotify!

Soulmate "Am I Strong Enough / Connecting Souls" (Single, Eigenverlag, 2015); "I Remember You" (Video, 2011). Norwegian singer-songwriter Ken Allan Pettersen decided to call himself Soulmate: "I try to relate to everybody, I believe that all humans are connected in some way, just as the good and the evil is some kind connected. I dont believe there is only good or only bad inside a soul, I believe if you hurt someone then you're hurting yourself in the way Karma works. I hope that people who listen to music hopefully can relate to the songs. If one of my songs could help a person to become a better self the next day I would be happy". Exemplarily, have a look at the slightly older "I Remember You" @ YouTube!

Special Consensus "Long I Ride" (CD, Compass Records, 2016). Special Consensus was founded in 1975 by banjoist Greg Cahill and has since then become the breeding ground for some of the best new talent in bluegrass. "Long I Ride" celebrates Special Consensus’ 40th anniversary as a band with an engaging set of songs and guest collaborations. Watch a blistering version of the Josh Graves penned standard “Fireball” (featuring Rob Ickes, Trey Hensley and Alison Brown) @ YouTube!

Squirrel Butter "Chestnuts" (CD, Own label, 2015). American duo playing Americana and country songs, accompanied by banjo, guitar and steel guitar. The album features self penned songs, with a fair share of harmony singing, plus a few fiddle tunes.

Jarda Svoboda "Solo" (CD, Indies Scope, 2016). The solo album by Traband’s frontman Jarda Svoboda is dominated by the distinctive sound of the harmonium: “The harmonium is my very old love. It’s like an organ for the poor. It used to stand in those little protestant churches where we initially performed a lot. It’s sound can amiably fill in the space and it’s got human size. It’s lacking the pomposity of big organs which knocks you to the bench uncompromisingly. The harmonium breathes as a living creature. If it wants, it can sound like those organs but it can also play simply like an accordion in a pub.” (J.S.) Listen to samples @!

Sean Taylor "Blacklist Number 1" (Single/Video, 2016). Singer songwriter Sean Taylor[58] has written a campaign song for the Blacklist Support Group. The song is in support of the protest against blacklisting - where companies target trade unionists and stop them getting work. Dave Smith, secretary Blacklist Support Group gushed: "The song is about the blacklisting scandal in the UK construction industry but it will quickly become an anthem wherever workers are victimised for standing up for their rights. Expect to hear the instantly sing-along chorus on picketlines from the US and Australia to South Africa." Watch the video @ YouTube! Download the song @ Amazon! Read more about the campaign @ Facebook!

Three Cane Whale "Palimpsest" (CD, Own label, 2016). Multi-instrumental acoustic trio Three Cane Whale from Bristol,[50] featuring Alex Vann of Spiro,[40] Pete Judge of Get The Blessing and Paul Bradley of the Scottish Dance Theatre, inhabit a zone distinct from most folk and pop music, drifting along on muted brass, chimes and diverse strings, augmented by Estonian violinist Maarja Nuut[56] and cellist James Gow. Check out "Palimpsest" @ BandCamp!

Rachel Troublefield "Brooklyn Dark" (EP, Own label, 2016). Rachel Troublefield's second studio EP is full of intricate storytelling, raw emotion and hope for things to come, laced with themes of love and loss, new beginnings, and running from home while searching for it. Download the "Brooklyn Dark" EP @ NoiseTrade!

Trovadotres "Mundo Perdido" (CD, Home Records, 2016). Since a couple of years, Trovadotres is performing original compositions rooted in the flamenco tradition with a touch of jazz and world music. The release of "Mundo Perdido" is the fruit of the encounter between seven musicians based in Brussels: guitarist/composer Louis Henry, singer Tania Terron, flautist Sergio Haller, clarinetist Pierre Van Eerdewegh, bass player Marc Renders, percussionist Martin Chemin and Romain Duyckaerts. Check out the album teaser and the "Huracan" video!

Jake Thomas Turnbull "One More Day" (Single/Video, Own label, 2016). Jake Thomas Turnbull is a a singer-songwriter from Darlington in County Durham, influenced by Damian Rice, James Blunt and other acoustic singer/songwriters from the UK. Listen to the "One More Day" single/video @ YouTube, in which he pours his heart out over love that’s been lost. After recently moving to London, he’s busy preparing a debut album for release later this year.

Veretski Pass with Joel Rubin "Poyln: A Gilgul" (CD, Golden Horn Records, 2015). The Veretski Pass trio,[48] featuring violin, accordion, tsimbl and bass cello, have teamed up on this album with clarinetist Joel Rubin. They play Eastern European klezmer music, based on old village and urban music.

Vigüela "Temperamanto" (CD, ARC Music, 2016). ‘Temperamento’ is an authentic collection of 18 traditional Spanish songs performed by the Vigüela group from the village of El Carpio de Tajo, Toledo, with great commitment to preserving the musical heritage of Castile-La Mancha. We find out what rural life is like for the majority of farm dwellers and the old music that has been part of their day, tasks and lives, e.g. "A la aceituna temprano" (Early to Harvest the Olive)!

Michael Ward with Dogs and Fishes "My Neighborhood" (Single/Video, Own label, 2015). Listen to Michael Ward with Dogs and Fishes' latest single "My Neighborhood" @ YouTube, a Frisco Bay area band with a groovy mix of rock, country, and occasional world music.[56]

Article: Banjo Night @ The Hamilton

We Banjo 3 "Happiness" (Single/Video, 2016). We Banjo 3 launched their new single "Happiness" on the Late Late Show, the longest running talk show on earth and the most viewed TV program in Ireland. They shot the video at their home town Galway with the participation from local groups Macnas, Comhaltas Salthill Knocknacarra, Eimhin Craddock and Cloughanover Music School Drummers, Louise Curran Dance School and a huge crowd of Galway people. Watch it @ YouTube, download the song @ iTunes!

West My Friend "Quiet Hum" (CD, Grammar Fight Records, 2016). Currently on tour in Europe to launch their 3rd album "Quiet Hum", Vancouver Island's West My Friend[55] deliver a delicate blend of indie roots and chamber folk, drawing on jazz, classical, folk and pop influences. Watch West My Friend performing "No Good Monster" @ YouTube!

Wild Ponies "Radiant" (CD, No Evil Records, 2016). The duo of Doug and Telisha Williams is touring Europe and the UK in June/July 2016 with their bucking and rumbling music. “I think we’ll always be a folk duo,” Doug insists. “I joke from stage sometimes that all my favorite folk musicians played a Telecaster - Joe Strummer, Merle Haggard, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan…”

The Young Folk "Home" (Single/Video, 2016). The Young Folk’s[56] indie pop single and video is the story of a man in a hospital bed whose heart stops. As we hear the heartmonitor flatline, the video begins and the duration of the song is what takes place in his mind during the flatline. Watch "Home" @ YouTube!

Yo-Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble "Sing Me Home" (CD, Sony Music, 2016). World renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma's latest album “Sing Me Home” is the musical companion to the documentary film “The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble” that tells the story of the ensemble. View the live studio performance of “Going Home,” which features a duet sung in Chinese and English by Silk Road Ensemble member, Wu Tong, and Grammy-winning folk singer Abigail Washburn @ CCTV America!

Zulya and the Children of the Underground "On Love and Science" (CD, Own label, 2015). Australia's Zulya Kamalova and The Children of the Underground [35] perform original music inspired by Zulya’s Tatar and Russian roots that has been described as “Kurt Weillish, Euro-Cabaret jazz colliding with lullabies constructed to tear your heart out.” "On Love and Science" is a science fiction fairy tale sung in 6 languages. Here's Zulya demonstrating what's on the inside of the limited edition CD packaged into a hardcover story book with illustrations by Dilka Bear @ YouTube! "On Love and Science" is only available @ BandCamp!

9Bach "Anian" (CD, Real World Records , 2016). The music of this 6 piece band from Wales is centred around the light and clear singing in Welsh language of Mirain Haf Roberts. Joined by bass, percussion, hammered dulcimer, piano and harp, the music is largely atmospheric, experimental and somewhat esoteric; the best songs are the few built around harp music. Watch 9Bach's single "Llyn Du"!

Various Artists

Various Artists "Africa – Finding Graceland" (CD, ARC Music, 2016). A collection of African music in the spirit of Paul Simon’s epic "Graceland" album. Groups and songs from Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, a cappella and with instruments, sung in Ndebele, isiZulu, Shona, Setswana and other languages. The album includes performances by Grammy Award winner Robin Hogarth and France Musique Word Music Award winners Insingizi.

Various Artists "Best of Yiddish Songs and Klezmer Music" (CD, ARC Music, 2016). An exhilarating and intoxicating cross section of klezmer music and Yiddish songs, from a cappella vocals and jazzy interpretations of old songs to lively instrumental pieces. Featuring Yale Strom[47] and Lenka Lichtenberg,[51] The Burning Bush,[56] She’Koyokh Klezmer Ensemble,[41] and Tummel,[55] amongst others.

Various Artists "Discover Music from Brazil" (CD, ARC Music, 2016). Ahead of Brazil hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics, ARC Music decided to celebrate this nation’s amazing variety of music with lively dances and songs galore to help promote the spirit of festival and carnival. This collection of 20 tracks includes samba, bossa, forró, jazz, musica popluar brasileira, and even music to accompany Brazil’s own martial art, Capoeira, ft. singer Ceumar[58] amongst others. Let’s get this summer party started with some hot Brazilian music!

Various Artists "Discover Music from the Balkans" (CD, ARC Music, 2016). Owing to its rich mix of ethnicities and religions, its ancient and tempestuous history, the boundaries of Balkan music are constantly being pushed, renegotiated and updated - much like the physical boundaries of the Balkans states themselves. "Discover Music from the Balkans" explores many facets of Balkan music, from the polyphony of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, to the Turkish traditions that have had such an influence on the history of the Balkans, and the music of the gypsy lifestyle that stretches across the area.

Various Artists "Most Beautiful Songs of the World" (CD, ARC Music, 2016). A 2-CD selection of 28 beautiful world music songs, including Clannad[52] from Ireland, Capercaille[52] and Kate Rusby[50] from Britain, the Tango Orkesteri Unto[58] from Finland, Arinushka and Linas Rimsa[56] from Lithuania, Ana Alcaide[55] from Spain, Maria Ana Bobone[51] from Portugal, Klapa Cambi[45] from Dalmatia, the Perunika Trio[50] from Bulgaria, Yiddish singer Lenka Lichtenberg[51] from Canada, Ceumar[58] from Brazil, Khiyo[58] from India (via UK). An eclectic mix for all tastes!

Various Artists "The Polished Steel Sessions" (Digital CD, Eight 30 Records, 2016). Americana website Polished Steel announces its debut release, a digital collection of previously unreleased original songs by the finest Central Texas songwriters. “All songwriters have songs that haven't fit older albums or new songs that may or may not make it onto a future record,” say producers Brian T. Atkinson and Jenni Finlay. “This record gives them a home and showcases songs in their natural form, raw and acoustic and cut in just one or two takes.” "The Polished Steel Sessions" were recorded at Cheatham Street,[59] featuring a dozen artists including Adam Carroll,[23] BettySoo,[41] and Matt Harlan,[56] among others. Please order "The Polished Steel Sessions" @ BandCamp!

Various Artists "Reclaimed - Pipe Music & Song From The Scottish Borders" (CD, Greentrax Recordings, 2016). Like many aspects of Scots and Gaelic culture, Lowland and Border piping had been lost. In 1983, Mike Rowan and the Lowland & Border Pipers’ Society set out to revive the piping tradition, of which the "Reclaimed" collection is the latest project. Annie Grace,[49] Martyn Bennett,[30] Iain MacInnes,[41] Hamish Moore,[16] Gary West,[40] Mike Katz,[31] and others have been leading lights in the revival of the Border pipes, Scottish smallpipes and as members of well-known bands.

Various Artists "Scotia Nova - Songs For The Early Days Of A Better Nation" (CD, Greentrax Recordings, 2016). In 2014 Luath Press published a book of poems, Scotia Nova - Poems For The Early Days of a Better Nation. It seemed to make sense to release an album of new songs as well. The songwriters include Ian McCalman,[30] Brian McNeill,[57] Simon Kempston,[54] Fiona J Mackenzie,[49] Iain MacDonald,[24] Mairi Campbell[46] & Dave Francis,[60] and more.

Various Artists "Sguaban A Tìr An Eòrna - Traditions Of Tiree" (CD, Greentrax Recordings, 2016). The editors of the "Sguaban A Tìr An Eòrna" (Sheaves from the Land of Barley) CD hope that those listening to it will feel that they have dropped into a ceilidh in a Tiree home and experienced a sample of the wealth the island and its people have to offer. This is the 27th collection in the Scottish Tradition Series of recordings from The School of Scottish Studies Sound Archive, University of Edinburgh, featuring songs, rhymes, stories and piping from Tiree, a low lying island of some thirty-six square miles west of Ardnamurchan Point.

Various Artists "Spelemannsmøte" (CD, Etnisk Musikklubb, 2015). As his 70th birthday present, Norwegian accordion player Tore Viken wished for a CD recorded by his folk music friends. And so some 20 Norwegian folk musicians have come together to record traditional Norwegian tunes, played solo or in duos, mostly on fiddles yet a few also on accordion or hardanger fiddle. A lovely present of beautifully played tunes.

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