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  Stephan Said

Stephan Said

The Borderless Team

Dear friends – thank you for all your support these past few years as I have worked to bring a big vision to life. As chaos fills our front pages, #Aleppo falls, my own family in #Mosul are trapped under siege, and Appalachia where I grew up suffers increasing poverty – all because of inequality - I am asking for your help as I take off across the world to create a new global narrative so beautiful that it is unstoppable.

In early 2017, I will be releasing the just-finished pilot for #borderless, a new docu-series that is following me as I meet people at the front lines of change across the planet - people doing amazing things to make a more equal world by addressing the biggest issues of our times - conflict, climate change, the migrant crisis, racism, extremism, poverty and more. You can check out borderless work in refugee camps in Greece, Iraq and Pakistan at our website,, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

We are planning screenings and events from now into the spring, and then aiming to take off to film an entire season of episodes across the world beginning in April. In the first season, we are planning to go to South Africa, Mali, Turkey, China, Mexico, Iraq, Brazil, and the U.S. (West Virginia). Each episode will feature the voices covering the biggest issues facing their communities to tell a story that brings our world together, with a border-breaking soundtrack made with local artists in the streets and symphony halls everywhere I go.

We will also go to 3 additional, diverse hotspots in the global migrant crisis - Turkey, Honduras, and Ethiopia -working with UNHCR, Human Rights Watch, Refugees International and more, and local partners, to finish our special episode on refugees from the pilot episode begun in Greece this summer. While doing so, we will globalize the groundbreaking music video “No More Lines,” that we filmed live in camps with 1000s of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, and more this year.

You can help by making key introductions, by helping organize a screening or fundraiser, assisting or connecting us with distribution and implementation partners, or by bringing me to your venue, organization or school for a concert or workshop that educates and inspires your audience to deepen the impact and change mindsets. You can also help us by making a tax-deductible donation to borderless here,

The world we want is ours to make, and I am not waiting.

Love and courage, Stephan Said

"A Perfect Sky"

  New Celeste: A Perfect Sky

Hi. That's excellent. I corrected 1970 to 1975 in this copy, but otherwise the review was perfect. I don't want people to think we're older than we are! :-)

All the best ............ Iain Fergus

  Hearth PR: Best of 2016 Americana

Hey folks, it's been a rough time over here but we continue to push forward. I won't pontificate right now (email me if you want that) but we do strive to bring some of the best and most diverse voices in Americana to the fore here at Hearth and we will continue to hold on to our core value: to amplify voices that need to be heard. Thank you all for joining us in this mission and I hope you enjoy this round-up of our Americana artists from 2016.

Kaia Kater

"Nine Pin"

Adrian + Meredith

"More than a Little"


"All These Years"

Nordic Fiddlers Bloc


Katie McNally

"The Boston States"

Aside from the amazing American artists we work with, Hearth also works with music that has deep international ties. From Celtic to Cajun to Roma to Nordic music, HearthPR loves representing artists with unique and underrepresented voices, who are extremely talented to boot. On that note, here are a few of the Celtic and World artists we represented in 2016.

Here are twelve of HearthPR's favorite videos we worked with this year. From live to narrative-based, local to international videographers, each of these videos brought further life to the amazing music we had the pleasure of spreading around. 2017 will see more music and videos to celebrate, but for the time being we hope you'll remember us for your year-end lists!

Thanks so much for all your support throughout the year! We're looking forward to an exciting, music-filled 2017.

Daniel Cooper, Devon Leger, Alexa Peters (Hearth Music)

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