FolkWorld #72 07/2020

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»Friends, I've been an independent artist my entire career...almost. In 2011, as a member of a band, we put out a record on a record label...the dream right? Well, not exactly. What I learned from the experience is that it's better to be in control of who is on the team and make sure that they are capable, tenacious, and really believe in the music. Kickstarter allows me to do just that. I get to be in control of the entire process, and make / release music on my terms. And it's fan-powered, which gives me a direct connection to you - and I love that so much. And the fact is, it's expensive to make and release an album. Even though streaming has largely replaced buying albums, the costs haven't really changed. Consider this: it would take 3,435 streams on Spotify to equal one $15 CD sale. Crazy, right? That makes it pretty difficult to bring in the money required to properly promote a record (let alone make a living off of recorded music). But consider this: if every single person on my mailing list backed my new record on Kickstarter at the entry level ($5), I'd exceed my goal...« (Nora Jane Struthers)

»Particularly - the music business thing - as popular music is so... unpopularised & devalued at the moment. That - of course - is the fault of the music bizz, who - after a period of gargantuan commodification & greed, have to face the consequences of their policy of pursuing profit over art, which is a raidly shrinking market (who wants to buy shit records you have no cultural ownership of anymore, where your only relationship is one of passive consumption?). The bizz responds by exerting even greater control over what is consumed, which in turn leads to terminal stasis. Luckily - there WILL always be those romantic fools who - whether forever or for a couple of nights only - will fall in love with what music does, & with what songs can do - but - the Great Days of the people's Popular Music are pretty much over. Streaming & downloading is of course the ultimate devaluation or your art - music becomes so disposable it no longer has any physical artefact to testify to its existence.« (Robb Johnson)

  English Reviews

Project SMOK "Bayview" Scotland
Siobhan Miller "All is not forgotten" Scotland
Sian "Sian" Scotland
Calum Martin "Imrich" Scotland
Calum Martin "Frayvn - Roots" Scotland
Various Artists "Sounds From The Great Garden - A Lismore Gathering" Scotland
Andrea Capezzuoli "Intrecci" Italy
Andrea Capezzuoli e Compagnia "Balquebec" Italy
Frigg "Frixx" Finland
Korriganed "Live" France
The Servant's Ball "The Servant's Ball" England
The Rowan Tree "Kolor's Gold" England
Ben Walker "Echo" England
Ida & Louise "Shtoltse Lider - Proud Poems" Sweden / Denmark
Brian O hEadhra & Fiona Mackenzie "Tuath - Songs of the Northlands" Scotland
Midwood "Out of the Narrows" USA
Hannah James And the JigDoll Ensemble "The Woman and her words" England
Finn Paul "Wind & Stone" Scotland
Bragr "Live at Engelsholm Castle" Denmark / Sweden
Benny McCarthy "Press and Draw" Ireland
NIEMI "Spiraalit / Spirals" Finland
Salt House "huam" Scotland
Kaja "Origo" Sweden
Jim & Susie Malcolm "The Berries" Scotland
Kalasfolket "Kalasfolket" Sweden
The Idumea Quartet "More than one" USA
Plantec "Hironaat" France
Robert Severin "Postcard from Budapest" Scotland / Hungary
Andreas Tophøj & Rune Barslund "Trails and Traces" Denmark
Andreas Tophøj & Rune Barslund "Trails & Traces" Denmark
Andy May Trio "Just a Second" England
Brown Boots "First Steps" England
Calan "Kistvaen" Wales
Sarah MacNeil "Northbay" Scotland
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll "Cold Light" England
David Grubb "Nano" Scotland
Kevin Meehan "Spanish Point" Ireland
Hidrae "Hydraulic" Belgium
Quintet Bumbac "Miroirs" France
Jake Blount "Spider Tales" USA
J-C Guichen "Braz Live" France
Nooli "Kesä Ei Lopu Koskaan" Finland
Ralsgård & Tullberg "Kvartett" Sweden
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer "Sleep Deprivation" England
Alex Kusturok "Phoenix" Canada
Hauler "Hauler" Canada
Jason Lepine "Métis Flair" Canada
Majorstuen "Jubel" Norway
Kristine Heebøll "Pernambuk" Denmark
Ambäck "Chreiselheuer" Switzerland
Dan Ar Braz "Dan Ar Dañs" France
Coastline "Blue Fiddle" Canada
Hawktail "Formations" USA
Kevin Henderson & Neil Pearlman "Burden Lake" Scotland / USA
Marie Fielding "The Spectrum Project" Scotland
Hailee LeFort "It's Happenin'" Canada
Skerryvore "Live Across Scotland" Scotland
Peter Kerlin, Ian Smith, Jens Kommnick "Triangle" Germany / Scotland
Poor Man's Gambit "Land of Sunshine" USA
Will Pound "A Day Will Come" England
Brian McNeill "No Silence" Scotland
Rant "The Portage" Scotland
Nuadán "Dén Díobháil" Ireland
Kern "The Left & The Leaving" Ireland
David Foley & Jack Smedley "Time to Fly" Scotland
Shaskeen "Live and Kicking" England
Mitchell and Vincent "The Preservation of Fire" England
Francis & Áine O'Connor "They Didn't Come Home Until Morning" Ireland
Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach "Live in Concert" Scotland
Aidan Connolly & John Daly "Away On Up The Road" Ireland
Paul Harrigan "Music From the White Stone" Ireland
Kirsten Allstaff "Four / 4" Scotland
Robert Harvey "Feochán - The Gentle Breeze" Ireland
Shane Meehan "'twill do" Ireland
Katie Grennan "The Second Story" Ireland
Fiana Ní Chonaill "Dathanna an Cheoil" Ireland
Steve Cooney "Ceol Ársa Cláirsí: Tunes of the Irish Harpers for Solo Guitar" Australia
John Doyle "The Path of Stones" Ireland
Paul Watchorn "Reflections" Ireland
Maggie MacInnes "Port Bàn" Scotland
Ronan Le Bars "Strink Mor" France
Appalachian Road Show "Tribulation" USA
Rachael Sage "Character" USA
Sean Taylor "Live in London" England

Short & Sweet:

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Various Artists: "Club Weltenklang" | "Continental Record Services" | "Missy Sippy All Stars" | "The Weight" | "Whiskey Sour Happy Hour"

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Laway & La Kejoca "Winternacht" Germany
Austin Epremian Weller "Written in the Night" England / Germany
Feuerbach Quartett "Born to be child" Germany
Peter Kerlin, Ian Smith, Jens Kommnick "Triangle" Germany / Scotland
Larún "When the City Sleeps" Germany
Reinig, Braun + Böhm "Neun Lieder" Germany
Symcha Keller "Chojze Widzący z Lublina" Poland
Sian "Sian" Scotland
Clàrsach "Serendipity" Germany
Trad.Attack! "Make Your Move" Estonia
The Danberrys "Shine" USA
Rachael Sage "Character" USA
Sam Russo "Back to the Party" England
Sister Lucille "Alive" USA
Celeigh Cardinal "Stories from a Downtown Apartment" USA
Philip Bradatsch "Jesus von Haidhausen" Germany
BLOUZouki "Uncle Joe" France / Turkey
Niki Jacobs, Pieter Jan Cramer van den Bogaart "Treyst" Netherlands
Niki Jacobs "Don't think twice, It's alright" Netherlands
Sean Taylor "Live in London" England
Joana "Tun wir was dazu" Germany
Kevin Henderson & Neil Pearlman "Burden Lake" Scotland / USA
Marie Fielding "The Spectrum Project" Scotland
Project SMOK "Bayview" Scotland
Brian McNeill "No Silence" Scotland
Will Pound "A Day Will Come" England
Andy Statman "Monroe Bus" USA
Carmen Souza "The Silver Messengers" Portugal
David Roth "Meet you where you are" USA
Dobranotch "Mercedes Kolo" Russia
Dom Duff "7vet Kelc`h" France
Duo Bottasso e Simone Sims Longo "Biserta e altre Storie" Italy
Eleonora Bordonaro "Cuttini e lamé" Italy
Franziska Günther "Besser wenn der Kopf nicht hängt" Germany
Louise Cappi "Mélange" USA
Piirpauke "Hali" Finland
Rosa Morena Russa "Caprixaba" Russia
Sleepwalker's Station "Lorca" Italy / Germany / Spain
Solfrid Molland "Hapets Kappe" Norway
The Hillbenders "The Hillbenders" USA
Tuuletar "Raatila/Borderline" Finland
Vedan Kolod "Wild Games" Russia
Ooldouz Pouri "Waiting for the Dawn" Iran
Monsieur Doumani "Angathin" Cyprus
Zulya "Six Days Loving" Australia
Petroloukas Halkias & Vasilis Kostas "The Soul of Epirus" Greece
Mísia "Pura Vida" Portugal
Ute Lemper "Rendevous with Marlene" Germany
Kai Degenhardt "Auf anderen Routen" Germany

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Various Artists: "AG Workout-@-home" | "Albaum" | "Missy Sippy All Stars" | "Outlander"

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