FolkWorld Issue 40 11/2009; Photo Report

Songs from the Woods
Folkwoods Festival, 14-16 August 2009

Folkwoods Festival ground 2000

Folkwoods 2009: Travak (NL) & Jolie Folie (NL), Orfeo (NL), Ives Leblanc (F), The Saw Doctors (IRL), Sliotar (IRL), Cloggy Dew (NL), Fabianna Dammers (NL), Cármina (GB), La Talvera (F), The Bad Shepherds (GB), Follia! (B), Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies (US), DJ Tomasc (NL), The Ukrainians (GB), The Shiner Twins (NL), Hot Griselda (NL/B), Lou Dalfin (I), EmBRUN (B), Twalseree (B), Rapalje (NL), La Chavannee (F), Faust (S), Klakkebusse (B), Maalstroom (NL) & Jo Freya (GB), Bots (NL), ...

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What do you get if you put some veteran pop and festival experts together to organise a completely new festival? A good festival, just like the old days. The Folkwoods Festival takes place in a wonderful setting in the middle of the woods near the Dutch town of Eindhoven for almost a decade.

Embrun, Folkwoods 2009

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Klakkebuse, Folkwoods 2009

Ukrainians, Folkwoods 2009

The Ukrainians @ FolkWorld:
FW#19, #24, #31, #36, #39

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Sliotar, Folkwoods 2009

Sliotar @ FolkWorld:
FW#32, #37

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Photo Credits: (1) Folkwoods festival site (by The Mollis); (2) EmBRUN, (3) Klakkebusse, (4) The Ukrainians, (5) Sliotar (by Folkwoods (Patrick Spruytenberg, Peter Van Rijen)).

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