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Afenginn "Klingra" (CD/Vinyl, Tutl, 2019). With the new album "Klingra," Afenginn's[61] composer Kim Rafael Nyberg has created a contemplative and melancholic, post-classical and post-rock musical examination, all the while the Faroese lyrics by pianist Dánjal á Neystabø[48] refer to the ups and downs in a man's lifetime. Check out Afenginn @ YouTube!

Jim Allchin ft. Bobby Rush "Two Bad Dreams" (2019). The International Songwriting Competition (ISC), one the most prestigious songwriting competitions in the world, has just announced its 2018 winners. Second place in the Blues category is blues-rock-singer-songwriter-guitarist Jim Allchin.[63] Check out "Two Bad Dreams" ft. Bobby Rush!

Matt Andersen "Quarter On The Ground (A Song For Uncle Joe)" (Video, 2019). Recorded live off the floor in Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter Matt Andersen's tenth album binds together folk, rhythm and blues and Americana. Watch "Quarter On The Ground (A Song For Uncle Joe)" from his upcoming album "Halfway Home By Morning" (courtesy of True North Records)!

Rachele Andrioli e Rocco Nigro "Lu cunigghiu" (Video, 2019). On their third album "Maletiempu",[67] Rachele Andrioli (vocals) and Rocco Nigro (accordion) from the Salento Peninsula in Apulia (Puglia) take a Sicilian song popularized by the great singer Rosa Balistreri. Watch "Lu cunigghiu" (The Rabbit), a poetic-erotic fable directed by Gianni De Blasi.

Flo Anito & Seth Kibel "Tiny Hands" (EP, Own label, 2019). "For those of my fans who DO NOT lean to the left side of the political equation, I strongly encourage you T O NOT buy or listen to this album. I still love you lots, and I don't want to make anyone angry. At least, I don't want to anger anyone who already likes me. But if you're REALLY angry with me, I encourage you to buy 100 copies and then stage a burning. That'll teach me a lesson." (Seth Kibel)[64] Watch an impromptu performance of "Tiny Hands" live before the White House!

Annamay "F*ck You" (CD, Own label, 2019). Stockholm's Annamay describes her pop/rock/folk/country album as a compilation of life's challenges and experiences: "My biggest music achievement is managing making my debut album and at the same time working as an engineer and bringing my lovely child to this earth. I'm proud of being a driven woman, in a man's world, with all that comes with it. Not saying it's been easy, but I'm never given up, nor should you." Watch "Torn Between Two Suns", "One Step Behind" & "Missing"!

Atlantic Union "Homeward" (CD, Own label, 2016). This acoustic trio based in Newfoundland presents traditional and own materials drawing on Celtic music from both sides of the Atlantic. The pure voice of English expat Sally Goddard is central to the music of the trio, backed by a wide range of instruments including harp, a full range of string instruments and more.

Atomic Road Kings "Clean Up The Blood" (CD, Bigtone Records, 2019). The Atomic Road Kings, featuring harmonica virtuoso Eric 'Jailhouse' Von Herzen (Walter Trout, Kid Ramos, The 44s, among others) and young lyricist, vocalist and guitarist Big Jon Atkinson, take 1950s gospel, blues and rock-n-roll and turn the bow to a contemporary, 21st century way of life. Check out the Clean Up The Blood Teaser!

Qristina & Quinn Bachand "Mountain Road/Flowing Bowl/Music for a Found Harmonium" (Video, 2019). After years of living abroad, Qristina settled back in Victoria with a full roster of fiddle students.[56] Quinn has completed his BA degree at the Berklee College of Music and is based in Montreal when not touring with gypsy jazz group Brishen or Grammy nominated band Kittel & Co. [67] Watch a medley of fiddle tunes, "Mountain Road/Flowing Bowl/Music for a Found Harmonium" off the "Family" album! [46]

Balaru "gravure" (CD, Felmay, 2018). An Italian quartet playing traditional music from the Piedmont, with the aim of bringing this regional music style into the European Bal Folk scene. The sound of the album, in both dance tunes and songs, is heavy on Italian bagpipes and flute, plus hurdy gurdy, accordion and Bouzouki/ tenor banjo, and may come across as shrill or not very melodic to some listeners…

Rim Banna "R.I.M.I.X" (Digital EP, Kirkelig Kulturverksted AS, 2019). In one of the last poems Rim Banna[66] recorded, she declared that her "songs will be sung in the public squares." One year after her death, "R.I.M.I.X" is commemorating the Palestinian singer and activist with 7 remixes by Checkpoint 303, Minstry of Dub-Key, Nour and Nasser Halahlih.

Article: Songs Of Our Native Daughters

Birds of Chicago "Real Midnight" (CD, Five Head Ent., 2016); "Love in Wartime" (CD, Signature Sounds Recordings, 2018). The historical background is political division and dread. "Any act of love is an act of bravery," says Birds of Chicago's Allison Russell (Songs Of Our Native Daughters). "These songs are fragments of covenants of trust and understanding. We want to give people some good news. And we want them to be able to dance when they hear it." Check out "Love in Wartime" @ BandCamp!

Tullie Brae "Revelation" (CD, Endless Blues Records, 2019). From blues rockers to haunting ballads, "Revelation" demonstrates Louisiana's gospel-influenced shouter Tullie Brae's vocal and songwriting skills. Above all, it celebrates women who have risen from adversity with songs about bad relationships, domestic violence, and, last but not least, about a battle between a country preacher and the Devil.

Brooks & Day "Mystic Messages" (CD, Daybrook Records, 2019). Take two longtime buddies, Ben Brooks (flute, keyboards) and Peter Day (acoustic guitar, keyboards), who had been both music critics and played both in rock bands, put them together in a studio ... and the result is sedative folk-jazz-turned-new-age music with jamming and improvisation as well as added orchestration and percussion. Watch "Hopeland"!

The Brothers Gillespie "The Fell" (CD, Own label, 2018). James and Sam Gillespie are two singers from North-East England. Their voices, both quite similar, interweave in harmonies throughout the album. The material, largely self-penned, is inspired by nature - by Northumberland and its fells, birds and plants – and is very lyrical. Accompanied by fiddle, guitar, mandolin and whistle all played by the two brothers.  Watch "Devilswater"!

Bunoscionn "Hot Sup" (CD, Own label, 2017). Rumour has it that Irish quintet Bunoscionn is a musical love-child, mothered by Irish folk music and fathered by dance/reggae/rock. They were performing Irish trad and 90's dance music, all the while recording their original compositions. Watch "Wayfaring Stranger"!

Calexico and Iron & Wine "Midnight Sun" (Video, 2019); Iron & Wine "Daytrotter Sessions" (Download, 2019). Calexico's[64] Joey Burns wrote “Midnight Sun” the day before the Years to Burn session with Iron & Wine:[64] »I arrived at our rental house the day before everyone else and was happy to find a piano, an old pump organ, and a guitar to do some writing. I was up late and came up with a tune that would bridge both bands’ worlds. It started with a drone in F# and a curiosity as to where it would take me.« Watch the "Midnight Sun" lyric video! Stream & download also Iron & Wine's "Daytrotter Sessions" @ NoiseTrade!

Cara Being Blue "Grit" (CD, Own label, 2019). Nashville based Car Lippman, a.k.a. Cara Being Blue, has taken her debut album "Grit" on tour to Europe in March 2019, a strong and heart-stopping mélange of blues and rock music. Cara dedicates "Grit" to all women with courage and resolution, especially two close friends who lost their battle against cancer. Watch the title track, "Grit"!

Elisabeth Carlisle "Beyond These Walls" (Single, Own label, 2018). Elisabeth Carlisle's latest release is a song about the strength to break down walls that life can put up, inspired by her husband's personal battle with cancer. Her music combines folk and rock music that defined the San Francisco music scene, along with pop influences she discovered while living in Sweden in the 1990's. Watch "Beyond These Walls"!

The Celtic Social Club "Sunshine" (Video, 2019). On their third album, The Celtic Social Club from France has a new lead vocalist, Irishman Dan Donnelly. These ten tracks are further pursuing the objective to remodel traditional tunes from Brittany and Ireland. Watch "Sunshine"!

The Cerny Brothers "Common Sense" (EP/Download, 2019). Coming off recent accolades for their newly released record Looking For the Good Land ("Heartland rock in the vein of working-class heroes John Mellencamp and Tom Petty, but distinguished by a power-pop sheen" - Rolling Stone), The Cerny Brothers are giving away a personal project in honor of July 4, written as a letter to Americans at a time of great uncertainty and division, and diving back into their acoustic roots. Listen/download "Common Sense" @ NoiseTrade!

Che Apalache "Rearrange My Heart" (CD, Free Dirt Records, 2019). Being gay in Appalachia is a subject very close to Joe Troop's heart; see his thoughtful Bluegrass Pride essay! Joe came to rest in Argentina where he created a fusion of Latin American and North Carolina roots music. Listen to “The Dreamer” from the new album "Rearrange My Heart"!

Luca Kiella "Figure It Out" (EP, Own label, 2019). Italian-born longtime keyboard player for guitarist Toronzo Cannon, Luca Kiella Chellini eventually brings his own band into focus, finding a home in Chicago blues infused with soul, gospel and funk music. Watch "Figure It Out" live at Teatro Romano 2018!

Glen Clark "You Tell Me" (CD, GlenCoRecords, 2019). Many of the songs in the feature film “Songwriter” starring Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson have been written by Texas-born pianist Glen Clark. He also appeared in “The Last Days and Times of Frank and Jesse James” and “Stagecoach” alongside Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. This is his first solo album since 1994, pulling the sideman and collaborator from the shadows into the light. Watch the Stax-like funk number "When The Time Is Right", co-written with Steve Cropper for the 1998 Buddy Guy album “Heavy Love”!

Clementine "Letting Go, That's Freedom" (CD, Own label, 2018). When Clementine Volker's captain father came home after his long journeys, her mother's chansons were replaced for his Irish music. Nowadays she mixes Celtic music naturally with jazzy, bluesy and even chanson influences. For her latest album, the Dutch singer collaborated with Nashville singer-songwriter Wyatt Easterling, reinterpreting songs from Easterling, Mimi & Richard Farina, Daithi Rua, ... Watch "That's Freedom" @ ZuidWestTV!

John Clifton "In The Middle of Nowhere" (CD, Rip Cat Records, 2019). Somewhere in the middle between Lightnin Slim and Merle Haggard, California based singer/harmonica player John Clifton touches everything from soul, jazz to R&B, to rock'n'roll and even country, without letting his characteristic blend of West Coast and Chicago Blues slip out of sight. Check out "In the Middle of Nowhere" Video Promo One Sheet!

"RAI TRE - Corde Oblique a Mezzogiorno Italia" (Video, 2019). You can watch a short documentary about Italian neofolk band Corde Oblique,[61] broadcasted from the National Museum of Capodimonte in Latium on National TV RAI. Check it out @ YouTube!

Dàimh "Triangle Reels" (Video, 2019). At the time being, the un-challenged champions of straight in the eye Highland music Dàimh[66] are on the road in Scotland and Germany. During Celtic Connections the group took the opportunity of having both fiddlers Alasdair White and Gabe McVarish together and went into the studio to record a couple of Cape Breton reels ("The Triangle / Mary MacDonald's Delight") featured in the Gabe McVarish Collection (see Watch the "Triangle Reels"! Subscribe to Dàimh's YouTube channel!

Michael Darcy "Simple Drop of Rain" (CD, Own label, 2018). Michael Darcy is a singer-songwriter from the Irish Co. Clare who relocated to Toronto several years ago. His debut album "Simple Drop of Rain" has shaken off his traditional roots and settled along the lines of American folk and country music. Watch the title track, "Simple Drop of Rain" (Official Music Video), about leaving Ireland and moving to Canada and having bittersweet feelings of both excitement for something new but also nostalgia for home.

Dee Miller Band "Leopard Print Dress" (CD, Own label, 2018). Dee Miller was inducted into the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame as Performer of the Year in 2018, the Dee Miller Band was also selected to represent Minnesota at the 2019 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Her awards prior to that include a Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame award in 2017 for Best Song for “Leopard Print Dress”. Check out their variety of blues, rock and R&B @ Dee's YouTube channel!

Nancy K Dillon "A Game of Swans" (CD, Own label, 2018). The American singer/songwriter looks in her third full length album across the pond to her Scottish, Irish and English roots. With mostly original songs, the album blends Americana and Celtic styles, with guest musicians from Britain and the States. Watch "Annabelle"!

Aurélie Dorzée & Tom Theuns ft Michel Massot "Elixir" (CD, Home Records, 2019). These three alchemists brew sounds in quest of the Philomusical's Stone. They experiment with strange instruments such as the violon à clou, mandolauoto and euphonium. Listen to Elixir @ YouTube!

Ken Dunn "Live In L.A." (CD, Own label, 2019). Canadian troubadour Ken Dunn[64] merges the contemporary with the incidental folk and Celtic and a craving for social justice. An impromptu partnership with LA Family Housing resulted in a benefit concert for the homeless at Kulak's Woodshed in North Hollywood. Watch Precious Life - Ken Dunn Live in L.A.!

Justin Townes Earle "Frightened by the Sound" (Single/Video, 2019). Check out the official music video for the second single from Justin Townes Earle's[55] "The Saint Of Lost Causes": "Frightened by the Sound"!

Edgelarks "Feather" (CD, Dragonfly Roots, 2019). Devon's Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin have won the Best Duo category at the 2014 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. After re-naming their act into Edgelarks, their fourth studio album is composed of 10 “songs for tired hearts and troubled minds.” Please watch "Wander"!

Espiral "Cantar de Emigração" (Video, 2019). On the anniversary of fado and protest singer Adriano Correia de Oliveira (April 9), Portuguese trio Espiral evokes his memory with a reinterpretation of the classic song "Cantar de Emigração" (Singing of Emigration). Espiral (flute, fiddle and harp) is preparing an album of original Celtic-inspired songs to be released later this year. All the while watch "Cantar de Emigração"!

The Feralings "The Feralings" (EP, Own label, 2018). It took several years to record and release The Feralings' debut EP. The trio's acoustic Americana is as gentle as the undulating landscape of the Iowa countryside. Check 'em out @ YouTube & BandCamp!

Katie Ferrara "Busking on Route 66 in Williams, Arizona" (Video, 2019). Katie Ferrara[64] just came back from a mini-tour to Arizona, included playing a restaurant called "Kicks on Route 66". Watch "Route 66" & "Circles"! The latter filmed at the Grand Canyon: "This song is about how change is constant--we think things are different but because they are constantly changing they remain the same. I thought the Grand Canyon would be a perfect location to film the song. This place used to be underwater, now it's a desert but maybe in the future it will be underwater again."

Flatt Lonesome "Game of Thrones (Main Theme)" (Video, 2019). As the combined armies of the living prepare for war against the army of the dead, bluegrass music goes along with the great battle with an acoustic rendition of the Game Of Thrones theme. The epic instrumental received a treatment from Flatt Lonesome that moves from the familiar 3/4 tempo into a rousing 4/4 romp. Watch "Game of Thrones (Main Theme)" Live @ SiriusXM's Bluegrass Junction!

The Forty Fours "Twist the Knife" (CD, Rip Cat Records, 2019). When you get right down to it, this album is about perseverance," guitarist Johnny Main says. "I was at a point where I had to decide whether or not to keep going. All those guys we look up to, like Muddy, Wolf, Albert Collins, Lightnin' Hopkins ... they kept going right up until they died. I want this record to serve as a tribute to them, their inspiration is why I started this band almost 20 years ago, and it's what keeps driving us today." He spent the past few years rebuilding the 44s with an all-new lineup, and the result is an album of blues-fi­red rocket fuel.

Charles Foskett "Bugles and Bagpipes" (CD, 2019). Veteran record producer Charles Foskett has been first and foremost occupied with another artists' careers - from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to folk singer Julie Felix.[68] At the age of 70 and after battling cancer, he prepares his debut folk and roots album 'Bugles and Bagpipes.' The official release and launch will be followed by a September tour with his folk groups, The Pitmatics and Foskett’s Friends.

Martin Furey "Ted" (CD, Own label, 2018). Martin Furey is the eldest son of Finbar Furey,[63] and a talented singer, guitarist and piper in his own right, lately touring with folk group The High Kings.[54] "Ted" is a selection of American and Irish folk songs, sonically often running against expectation!

Iona Fyfe "Dark Turn of Mind" (EP, Cairnie Records, 2019). This time ballad singer Iona Fyfe[67] employs no Scots dialect but standard English on 6 songs covering the ground between Aberdeenshire and Appalachia, Jeannie Robertson and Jean Ritchie. Watch Iona Fyfe performing "Dark turn of mind" by Gillian Welch live in Braemar Gallery, Scotland, 2018!

Steve Garrett "Discover and Endure" (CD, Own label, 2019). London-born Steve Garrett plays solo electric guitar on originals and the occasional Scots trad tune. Jazz, rock, freestyle, or just file it under: Guitar! Check out Garrett's YouTube channel!

Willard Gayheart & Friends "At Home in the Blue Ridge" (CD, Blue Hens Music, 2019). At 87 years old, Dori Freeman's[59] grandfather Willard Gayheart is a renowned pencil artist from Galax, Virginia. He also performed bluegrass, old-time and country swing with several outfits and still plays twice a week in the summer months at the Blue Ridge Music Center ( Willard's first solo album was recorded live in his frame shop and features original and favorite songs evoking the good and bad times of yesteryear. Watch "Robin B" & "The Sallet Song"! Check out his pencil art!

Jon Gindick "Love At The All Night Cafe" (CD, Own label, 2019). The opening number, ‘I Was Born To Wail,’ is a lesson on the history of the blues harp with Jon Gindick (author of “Country and Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless”) playing out his dream of joining the masters of the art and paying tribute to all who inspired him: Sonny Boy, Sonny Terry, Big Walter, Little Walter, Jimmy Reed and Howlin’ Wolf. He is backed by his trio of Ralph Carter (bass), Franck Goldwasser (guitar) and Pete Gallagher (drums) for a twelve-song selection of blues, R&B, calypso and soul.

Good Lovelies "Shapeshifters" (CD, Own label, 2018). Country/folk trio Kerri Ough, Sue Passmore and Caroline Brooks push into the mainstream with their most pop-influenced output to date: “Pop isn’t just pop anymore. There are so many different influences and styles and layers working their way into pop music, and I think that’s opened up doors for us, creatively speaking”. Watch "I See Gold"!

Jackie Greene "Live from Town Hall" (CD, Own label, 2019). Jackie Greene of Trigger Hippy (ft. Joan Osborne) has been hailed as "the Prince of Americana" by the New York Times. Recently, he presented a string of shows with a carefully chosen line-up to reflect the music of his Modern Lives DIY EPs, Vol. 1 (2017) and Vol. 2 (2018). Watch Jackie Greene & The Modern Lives Band performing "Sweet Somewhere Bound" (Live at Town Hall NYC)!

Article: Tønder Festival

Patty Griffin "Patty Griffin" (CD, Thirty Tigers, 2019). Attending this year's Tønder Festival, American singer-songwriter Patty Griffin has her 10th and self-titled studio recording in her bags. "It is very much a personal statement, one informed by both her successful battle with breast cancer and the cancerous state of the nation." (Folk Radio) Check out Patty Griffin's YouTube channel!

Jackson Grimm "The Bull Moose Party" (CD, Vault Records, 2018). Jackson is the son of actor and folk singer Tim Grimm,[64] and "The Bull Moose Party" features anything from Bluegrass to the Beatles. Watch "Paper Aeroplanes" (Live)!

Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves "Beaufort County Jail" (Video, 2019). Clawhammer banjo player Allison de Groot and fiddler Tatiana Hargreaves have been picked by Paste Magazine to be one of 10 Folk Artists You Need to Know in 2019. Watch Tatiana's haunting delivery of bluegrass veteran Alice Gerrard’s[67] "Beaufort County Jail" from the duo's self-titled debut record![68]

Hackensaw Boys "A Fireproof House of Sunshine" (EP, Free Dirt Records, 2019). Hackensaw Boys from Lynchburg, Virginia, celebrate their twenty year anniversary with a brand-new line-up. “I realized as a 50-year-old man,” lead singer David Sickmen says, “I’m too far gone to stop. I’ve waited too long to have another career. Whatever was the Hackensaw Boys? We weren’t really a punk or old-time or bluegrass or folk band, we were this thing that slammed all those styles into one.” Watch "Factory Blues" & "Late Night Kitchen"!

Bella Hardy, Findlay Napier, Greg Russell "Thou Shalt Not Kill" (Video, 2019). Here's a video of the premiere of one of the songs of the War and Peace Project from Bella Hardy,[57] Findlay Napier and Greg Russell[66] recorded live at Cusworth Hall Doncaster, "Thou Shalt Not Kill" (... it's a wee bit low... we'll capo it up ;-) The trio is going into the studio later this year and is fairly sure the EP/Album will require another tour.

Head for the Hills "Say Your Mind" (EP, Own label, 2019). Formed in 2003, Head for the Hills is a progressive bluegrass quartet from Fort Collins, Colorado. Watch their story of unconditional love and reconciliation, "Say Your Mind" (Official Music Video)!

Article: The Child Ballads

Hickory Signals "Turn to fray" (CD, Own label, 2018). The debut album of Brighton based folk duo of Laura Ward and Adam Ronchetti. The majority is original song material in a trad style, plus two traditional songs, the James Joyce poem, „Noise of the waters“, and Frankie Kennedy‘s „Doors to my mind“. The duo play flute, guitar, shrugging box, banjo, drums and percussion, with Laura as the lead singer.

Robert Hill & The Muskogee Few "Robert Hill & The Muskogee Few" (CD, Muskogeemusic, 2018). Robert Hill formed The Muskogee Few back in 2014 in Stockholm, mixing traditional American folk styles with a melancholic-psychedelic vibe. Check out Robert Hill & The Muskogee Few @ YouTube!

Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer featuring Dan Sumner & David Dodson "History Rhymes" (CD, Out Of The Past Music, 2019). Recently East Texas guitarist Steve Howell[64] published a fifteen-song set of "Fingerpicking Early Jazz Standards," and the popular standard "I Got A Right To Sing The Blues" showcases the fingerpicking skills demonstrated in the book. Steve's 8th album, titled after Mark Twain's “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes,” plunges into country blues, ragtime and swing performed in an unpretentious acoustic setting. Check out Steve's YouTube Channel!

Kelly Hunt "Even The Sparrow" (CD, Rare Bird Records, 2019). After being introduced to the tenor banjo, Kelly Hunt began to develop her own style of playing, combining old-time picking with the percussive origins of the instrument. Her debut album showcases Hunt's proclivity for clever storytelling and a catchy musical delivery.

Ciro Hurtado "Altiplano" (CD, Inti Productions, 2019). Born and raised in Peru, guitarist Ciro Hurtado mixes ethnic rhythms and sounds with world fusion and new age, namely four solo guitar pieces, three Spanish-language songs, one worldless Indian vocalization, plus ensemle pieces featuring quena flutes, organ, cello and percussion. Watch "Altiplano", inspired from the Altiplano high-plateau in the Andes!

The Iveys "Colors of Honey" (CD, Mile 45 Records, 2019). The Iveys are a young indie folk group from El Paso, Texas, with blues and rock elements winding their way into the sibling harmonies. As part of their Tuesday Tunes series, The Iveys filmed their one-of-a-kind rendition of the classic Simon & Garfunkel song, THE BOXER!

"An Introduction To Nic Jones" (CD, Topic Records, 2019). The final chapter in Topic Records' ‘An Introduction To…’ series honours the legendary English folk singer, fingerstyle guitarist and fiddle player, Nic Jones.[62] Besides a mix of material from the classic Topic albums Penguin Eggs and Game Set Match, the compilation includes two previously unreleased 2013 studio recordings. "I think this selection of tracks represents very well my working repertoire during the years I was a professional performer," says Jones. "In music, I have always liked stories, encapsulated in a rhythmic way. I have enjoyed the visions, true or false, black or white, philosophical or emotional, played to the best on my old guitar." Check out BBC documentary: The Enigma of Nic Jones!

Kieran Kane & Rayna Gellert "When the Sun Goes Down" (CD, Dead Reckoning Records, 2019). Kieran Kane and Rayna Gellert hit the same musical spot travelling from rock'n'roll and old-time music, respectively,[41][62] and following the winding path of the slow-moving river. Watch "Stable", "One Foot in the Grave" & "Ain't Got Jesus"!

Kat Chapman Band "ep" (EP, SESAC Katmosphere Recordings, 2016). Boston singer-songwriter Kat Chapman has already toured the US and Europe both solo and with the Kat Chapman Band, but is barely able to continue her wholehearted act as it seems. Check out 2011's "I Ride Alone" (Acoustic)!

Ranzel X Kendrick "Texas Sagebrush" (CD, Own label, 2018). Part rambling man, part hill country gypsy, Ranzel X Kendrick sounds like nobody else. And we don't feel like adding another dubious description. Just check out the "Texas Sagebrush" Picture Album!

Claire Keville "Irish Music on the Harpsichord" (CD, Own label, 2018). The title speaks for itself - an album of solo harpsichord music, featuring O Carolan and John Dowland tunes from the 16th and 17th century as well as new tunes in a Celtic style. The unique harpsichord sound takes the listener into times far gone-by.

King of Foxes "Salt & Honey" (CD, Olivia Street, 2018). Edmonton/Alberta indie rock band playing emotive songs with evocative lyrics. Watch "Backsliders" & "Room With a View"!

Korjen "Hoy Nazan" (CD, PR Stage / Indies Scope, 2019). Three singers from Bosnia, Poland and Slovakia united in the Czech capital of Prague to sing traditional songs from their respective home countries: "It is the female part of the band which guards the original form. The male part sparkles it up, disturbs it, develops and moves it beyond the borders of styles and genres." Listen to "Hoy Nazan"!

Bob Livingston "Up The Flatland Stairs" (CD, Howlin' Dog Records, 2018). Bob Livingston has been everywhere and seen it all. Thus he may draw on wild and crazy stories for "Up The Flatland Stairs," including a wonderful vocal duet with Eliza Gilkyson.[67]

Dougie Mackenzie with Brian Miller "Along the Way" (CD, Greentrax, 2019). It was tremendous blow to Dougie Mackenzie when he lost his voice in his early twenties, just when he was establishing himself on the Scots ballad circuit. Dougie never lost his commitment and gradually his voice started to come back. The album includes soulful Scots and Irish songs such as "Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow" and "The Bonny Light Horseman" plus the Dave Goulder classic "The January Man" and Mike Waterson's "Jack Frost." Brian Miller is a well-known Scottish guitarist, his daughter Siobhan adds backing vocals.[57]

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Mànran "Thugainn" (Single/Video, 2019). Scots trad-rock band Mànran[62] launched their latest single Thugainn (Come Along With Me), coinciding with the much-anticipated Discover Scotland: North Coast 500 documentary, which takes audiences on the round-trip of Scotland’s north Highlands and explores its culture and history. Director Sean Grieve said: “I wanted to show an honest representation of the Highlands with an authentic soundtrack that all point towards a contemporary, thriving Scotland that cherishes its culture and heritage.” Watch ‘Thugainn’!

Marion McEvoy "Broadstone Belle" (CD, Own label, 2018). Marion McEvoy has worked with many theatre companies, written a number of plays, plays with a Leonard Cohen tribute band and Americana duo The Relics of St Valentine. She is also a resourceful songwriter influenced by both traditional Irish and American folk music. Check out Marion McEvoy @ Broadstone Belle, Wexford Arts Centre '18!

Mile Twelve "Jericho", "Liberty" (Video, 2019). Although rooted in bluegrass music, Mile Twelve is seeking a more contemporary sound on their latest album, "City on a Hill." [68] Watch "Jericho" & "Liberty"!

Miller MacDonald Cormier "Alasdair nan Stòp" (Video, 2019). Ben Miller (pipes), Anita MacDonald (fiddle) and Zakk Cormier (guitar) are excited about a new video for "Alasdair nan Stòp" off their latest album, "South Haven,"[67] filmed at the New Dawn Center for Social Innovation in Sydney, Cape Breton: "Ben discovered this song in the Eliza Ross Manuscript, while studying at the School of Scottish Studies in Edinburgh. This handwritten manuscript was originally compiled in 1812 on the small island of Raasay, just off the coast of the Isle of Skye. As far as we know, this song has never been recorded. The song was listed as a jig in the original manuscript, but it was peculiarly written in 3/4 time. Initially we thought it might have been mislabeled, and could have been a triple-hornpipe, which is a type of tune popular in the Lowlands of Scotland. With no notated tempo or recordings to reference, it was hard to know for sure what the original compiler might have meant for this peculiar little tune. We later realized that the words fit perfectly in a hop-jig rhythm, a type of tune more typical of the parallel Irish Gaelic song tradition, but not usually seen in the Scottish tradition as we know it today. This track has developed into an interesting exploration of the connection between the Gaelic cultures of Scotland and Ireland, looking back at a time when they might not have been so different from one another." Watch "Alasdair nan Stòp"!

Todd Warner Moore "Love & Change" (CD, Own label, 2019). Originally from Kansas City, singer-songwriter Todd Warner Moore has lived in Hong Kong for the past eight years. His latest album, "Love & Change," captures an exotic blend of pop, folk and jazz music. Check him out BandCamp & YouTube!

Vin Mott "Rogue Hunter" (CD, Own label, 2019). Back in 2017, New Jersey blues vocalist and harmonica player Vin Mott proclaimed he "Quit The Women For The Blues,"[63] his recent album kicks off with his personal mantra, "Car Troubles Made Me A Good Blues Singer." Watch Vin's take on a cute country blues, "Honey" (Behind the Scenes)!

Mumford and Sons and Friends "Daytrotter Session" (Download, 2019). In 2013, Marcus Mumford left the stage at Troy High School, Ohio, where folk rock group Mumford & Sons[45] had brought their Gentlemen of the Road[53] show and said, "It's shows like these that make me want to play music all night." He rounded up Justin Hayward-Young of indie rockers The Vaccines and recorded versions of Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" and Neil Young's "Like A Hurricane." Download the "Daytrotter Session"! Watch the "12 Years Strong" documentary and the “Forever” live performance, both featuring resonator and lap steel virtuoso Jerry Douglas.[60]

Article: Tønder Festival

Irish Mythen "Little Bones" (CD, MythRecords, 2019). “I had no idea what to expect when this five-foot nothing lady took the stage, all smiles and twinkling eyes and guitar. Then, she opened her mouth and out flew a voice that came straight from the Heavens with all the power and the glory and the truth of someone destined to be a singer. I’ve been blessed with seeing and hearing a lot of talented musicians in my life, but I have never experienced anyone quite like Irish Mythen. She is a force of nature and a gift from Almighty Herself.” (Lisa Schwartz, Philadelphia Folk Festival) Check out Irish Mythen at the 2019 Tønder Festival or just watch "Did You Ever" live at the Painted Lady, Toronto, Canada!

Oh Susanna "Johnstown 20th Anniversary Edition" (CD, Continental Song City, 1999/2019). Canadian singer-songwriter Oh Susanna[55] celebrates the 20th anniversary of her folk noir debut album Johnstown, with a re-mastered release available on cd, digitally and for the first time, on vinyl. Watch "Johnstown" (Lyric Video)!

Kenny Parker "Hellfire" (CD, Rock-a-while, 2018). You may hear the sweat and toil from the years Detroit blues rock guitarist and songwriter Kenny Parker worked at a Cadillac factory from 9 to 5 while playing the blues all night with Motor City's top acts. Since Parker doesn't consider himself a singer, he brought in the lusty vocalist and blues harpist Dan Devins.

Paride Peddio & Jonathan Della Marianna "Brinca" (CD, Felmay, 2016). Traditional music from Sardinia from this young duo playing melodeon and flutes and the Sardinian shrill instrument launeddas - a typical Sardinian woodwind instrument made of three pipes. They are joined by four folk singers from Sardinia including the internationally known Elena Leda,[66] as well as a guitarist. Ten tracks, well played, with a very traditional sound which may not always be accessible to international audiences.

Article: Solju

Ulla Pirttijärvi, Harald Skullerud, Olav Torget "Áššu" (CD, Bafe's Factory/Nordic Notes, 2019). Finnish Sámi vocalist Ulla Pirttijärvi (who formed the duo Solju with her daughter)[66] presents joiks of her native villages Angeli and Utsjoki. Norwegians Olav Torget and Harald Skullerud complement the ensemble with strings and percussion; and Áššu (Embers) draw further inspiration from West African grooves. Check out "What is Joik? ÁŠŠU Live (@Riksscenen)"!

Mehmet Polat & Embracing Colours "Quantum Leap" (CD, Aftab Records, 2019). After years of introducing the musical traditions of the Middle East, North Africa, India and the Balkans to a worldwide audience, ud player Mehmet Polat decided to pull out of his harmonic comfort zone and explore his compositions within the context of a jazz band, Embracing Colours.[67] Check out "Quantum Leap" @ BandCamp! Watch "Dancing Statues", evoking Balkan/Anatolian jazz with its subdivisions, shifted beats and syncopations from Latin music, an accordion solo reminiscent of a Bulgarian wedding song, and an ud bridging the spaces in between.

Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson "Blues In My Blood" (CD, Nola Blue Records, 2019). Being cousins from a musical Southern family, jazz singer Tiffany Pollack and guitarist Eric Johanson (Cyril Neville, Terrance Simien) have teamed up in celebration of the blues. The song selection culminates in a a gospel-fuelled interpretation of the topical "If I Had A Hammer," written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays in 1949. Watch "Blues In My Blood"!

Bill Price "Digging Deeper Toward the Sky" (EP, Grass Magoops Records, 2017). This is a 5 track companion to I Can't Stop Looking at the Sky,[60] thematically related, however, more acoustic-based and lyrically direct. Watch "Get Me Gone"!

Maddy Prior, Hannah James & Giles Lewin "Shortwinger" (CD, Park Records, 2018). English folk singer Maddy Prior,[64] best known as the lead vocalist of veteran folk rock group Steeleye Span (see below), has collaborated with some of the most exceptional musicians. She has added accordion player, singer and clog dancer Hannah James and multi-instrumentalist Giles Lewin,[38] forming a trio that explores music from the British Isles to Eastern Europe.[50] Their sophomore album "Shortwinger" is themed on birds, hares and their place in folk mythology; check out the @ Shortwinger Album Sampler!

Amy Ray "Dadgum Down", "Sure Feels Good Anyway" (Video, 2018/2019). Amy Ray's latest album, "Holler," was inspired by "traditional country, Southern rock, mountain music, gospel and bluegrass," says Ray. "The songs tell stories of late nights, love, addiction, immigration, despair, honky-tonks, growing up in the South, touring for decades, being born in the midst of the civil rights movement, and the constant struggle to find balance in the life of a left-wing Southerner who loves Jesus, her homeland and its peoples." Watch "DADGUM DOWN" & "SURE FEELS GOOD ANYWAY"!

The Resonant Rogues "Autumn of the World" (CD, Own label, 2019). From the mountains of Appalachia to the streets of New Orleans, from the Hot Club de Paris to the Balkans, North Carolina-based Americana quartet The Resonant Rogues prepares for a UK tour in July 2019. Watch ‘Autumn of the World’, ‘Strength of Water’ & ‘Following the Sun’!

Terry Robb "Confessin' My Dues" (CD, NiaSounds, 2019). Portland's Terry Robb is regarded to be one of the finest fingerstyle blues guitarists. Both solo and backed by an all-star band, he celebrates instrumental and vocal blues, ragtime and soul music on his 15th solo recording "Confessin’ My Dues." Watch Medley: "How a Free Man Feels" / "It Might Get Sweaty" / "Butch Holler Stomp" / "Heart Made of Steel"!

Benjamin Dakota Rogers "Better By Now" (CD, Own label, 2019). If you like Glen Hansard's The Swell Season and the Once movie,[38] you will love the emotionally charged folk-pop of singer-songwriter Benjamin Dakota Rogers from Scotland, Ontario. Watch the title track "Better By Now"!

Dave Rosewood "Gravel and Gold" (CD, Own label, 2018). Despite two decades of playing music all around the world, Dave Rosewood has never released anything until now. He eventually settled in Europe and nostalgia prompted him to write and sing about his native Ozark Mountains. Watch "Fields"! A full UK tour is planned for summer and fall 2019!

Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage "Hidden Things" (Single/Video, 2019). Acoustic duo Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage[66] is taking a break from touring the critically acclaimed album "Awake." "Hidden Things" is the first in a trilogy of singles reflecting their relationship to the spirit of place. It takes its inspiration from Francesco Dimitri's novel "Book of Hidden Things" envisioning the idea that stories (or songs, respectively) become an element of our connection with the landscape.

Bambi Lee Savage "Berlin-Nashville Express" (CD, Hoof & Antler Records, 2019). After on U2's Achtung Baby and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' The Good Son, Florida born Bambi Lee Savage realized that she had far more in common with the songwriter than the engineer. While living in Berlin, the punk rocker discovered her native country music: “I was a bit taken aback by the country roots surfacing in my songwriting, but once I saw the possibilities – especially of combining humor and pain lyrically – I really began to embrace it,” she states. Please watch "Honey"!

Seamus Egan Project "Everything Always Was" (CD, 2019). Trad flutist Seamus Egan's "Everything Always Was," featuring Moira Smiley (banjo, accordion), Kyle Sanna (guitar) and Owen Marshall (harmonium, bouzouki, guitar), will be his first solo album in 23 years. In the years since "When Juniper Sleeps" (1996), he had been busy touring and recording with Solas.[32] Recording, mixing, and mastering will be completed over the next couple of months; in the meantime check out the Seamus Egan Project – Live at Fraser!

H.C. Slim "The City Is Burning" (Single/Video, Svart Records, 2019). Evangelical preacher H.C Slim from Eastern Finland is caught up in religious zeal and grim prophecies. “Dark songs are cleansing, I go through the rocky roads for my listeners.” Watch "The City Is Burning"!

The Small Glories "Secondhand" (Video, 2019). Paste Magazine says, "Luft and Edwards sound right at home together, and they may soon join duos like Mandolin Orange and Shovels & Rope among the ranks of Americana prestige." The new album's title "Assiniboine & The Red" references the junction of two rivers, the Assiniboine and the Red, in the duo’s hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and celebrates the happenstance meeting of members Cara Luft (formerly of the Wailin’ Jennys) and multi-instrumentalist JD Edwards: "Many of the songs were written around the theme of home — where we call home, where others call home — and the various stories and histories and landscape of these specific locations. We focused on Canadian places; we are Canadian after all!" Check out the Small Glories live at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg featuring the song Secondhand!

Kenny 'Beedy Eyes' Smith & The House Bumpers "Drop the Hammer" (CD, Big Eye Records, 2019). The Chicagoan blues percussionist Kenny 'Beedy Eyes' Smith is the son of the late Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith who was Muddy Waters' drummer for almost 20 years. With an all-star cast of musicians who had a hell of a time in the studio, he pays homage to the musicians he's seen passing by. Check out Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith & The House Bumpers!

Jim Stanard "Bucket List" (CD, Manatee Records, 2017). Having started on a diet of Dylan, Watson & Springsteen and playing guitar as a teenager, Jim Stanard developed a successful career in the world of finance and insurance. He turned his attention back to music around the millennium and started writing the songs that went on to comprise the Bucket List. Watch "Dogs of War" (Official Video)!

Steeleye Span "All Things Are Quite Silent - Complete Recordings 1970-71" (3CD Boxset, Cherry Red Records, 2019). A folk rock institution for the last five decades, it is generally acknowledged that British folk rock act Steeleye Span's[62] most enduring legacy lies with the triptych of early 1970s albums that they recorded prior to founder member Ashley Hutchings[56] opting to leave the band. All Things Are Quite Silent brings together those three classic albums, several additional studio recordings from the same timeframe, and a 32-page booklet featuring rare photos, interview quotes and a lengthy essay on Steeleye's early days.

Surrender Hill "Tore Down Fences" (CD, Blue Betty Records, 2018). Robin Dean Salmon once was a rock frontman until drawn to the country songs he'd heard as a child on a longhorn ranch in Texas. He relaunched his musical career as an songwriter, eventually crossing paths with his future bandmate and wife, Afton Seekins. Their third collaboration, "Tore Down Fences", is a roots rock album about relationships from the perspective of partners who had their share of missteps before. Watch "I Ride Alone" (Acoustic)!

Sam Sweeney "Unfinished Violin" (CD, Island Records, 2018). Sam Sweeney (Bellowhead,[60] Leveret)[64] has released his debut solo album, based on his successful live show, Sam Sweeney’s Fiddle: Made In The Great War. The show centred on a fiddle made by a music hall performer named Richard Howard who lost his life in the Battle of Messines in 1917. Island Records invited Sweeney to create an album of the kind of music Howard would have played. “I said, give me a few days to think about it, because I really didn’t want to create a jingoistic, patriotic album,” Sweeney remembers, “but after some research, it was very clear that there would be loads of great tunes, and great stories.” Check out The Unfinished Violin Introduction!

Ann Sweeten "Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow" (CD, Orange Band Records, 2019). New age pianist Ann Sweeten[64] had been diagnosed with leukemia and thus treated herself with an effective dose of recreative rhythms, sounds and melodies.

Jen Sygit "It's About Time" (CD, Own label, 2018). Michigan singer-songwriter Jen Sygit returned to WDBM for a live set on The Progressive Torch & Twang, playing songs from her latest release "It's About Time." Watch "Sinking Ship", "Love Is Wild" & "Hurricane Rider"!

John Tams "The Reckoning" (CD, Topic Records, 2005/2019). Originally released in 2005, John Tams'[68] ‘The Reckoning’ won Best Album, Best Traditional Track and Folk Singer of the Year at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. The Topic Treasures re-release features 3 bonus tracks and a 28 page booklet. Listen to "Bitter Withy"!

Sean Taylor "A Cold Wind Blows" (Video, 2019). Sean Taylor[58] is excited to share a song and video from the new album ‘The Path Into Blue’ dedicated to homeless people all over the world: "Right around the world austerity is killing people and the growth of the far right is creating a society based on hatred and inequality. Brothers and sisters I hope we can choose love over hate and compassion over cruelty." Watch "A Cold Wind Blows"!

The Ted Vaughn Blues Band "It Takes A Man To Play The Blues" (CD, Harbinger Northwest Records, 2018). It Takes A Man To Play The Blues, and that tough guy is Texas-born bluesman Ted Vaughn, who fronts a group of veteran blues pros in Oregon these days. Their long awaited debut album features the outfit's fierceness and vigor that has electrified blues fans for quite some time.

Tor "Piruxalda de Budian/Muiñeira de Vilaquinte", "Mazurca do Cachoupiño" (Video, 2019). A new Galician Celtic trad band called TOR is formed by Cástor Castro (flute), Félix Castro (Anglo concertina, diatonic accordion, Galician bagpipes), Xosé Liz (bouzouki) and Alvaro Iglesias (double bass). Please watch the promotional videos "Piruxalda de Budian/Muiñeira de Vilaquinte" & Mazurca do Cachoupiño!

The Trevor B. Power Band "Everyday Angel" (CD, Own label, 2019). New Jersey guitarist and singer-songwriter Trevor B. Power simply lives according to Luther Allison's principle, "Lose the ego, play the music, love the people." It's the classic line-up of two guitars, bass and drums, and a straight dose of blues, soul and and rock'n'roll. Watch Trevor B. Power begging forgiveness on the moaning blues, "Saddest Thing"!

Trio Svin "Ornernes Magt" (CD, Gateway Music, 2015). Trio Svin is a Danish punk/metal/drum'n'bass band hellbent on destruction of traditional folk music! Nothing is sacred! Check out the Trio Svin Promotion Video!

Tui "Pretty Little Mister" (CD, Own label, 2019). Named after a particular bird from New Zealand, African-American banjo player and fiddler Jake Blount (who recently released an album and toured Scandinavia with old-time string band The Moose Whisperers)[69] joined forces with fiddler Libby Weitnauer to record some of their favourite Appalachian tunes and reclaim string band music from the conservative, white cliché. Watch "Sugarbabe" & "Cookhouse Joe"!

Article: Blues Been Mighty Good

Benny Turner and Cash McCall "Going Back Home" (CD, Nola Blue, 2019). Although work had started on his own solo record, Nola Blue president Sallie Bengtson put it on hold for the joint project of Benny Turner[64] and Cash McCall,[69] whose friendship began in Chicago over sixty years ago: "There is something incredibly endearing about working with the bluesmen of their generation. They feel a bit forgotten in today's music world and seeing their joy and enthusiasm in the studio together while recording some of the classics they've played for decades was a beautiful experience." Watch McCall spelling out the root of all evil on the album's only original tune, the blues sermon "Money"!

Tweed featuring Gervis Myles "Love Strong" (CD, Own label, 2018). Formed in late 2010, Tweed Funk[45] garnered attention throughout the United States. With the passing of frontman Joseph “Smokey” Holman in 2017, the band has brought in Gervis Myles as lead singer and now performs under the moniker of Tweed featuring Gervis Myles. Their next album will be released in the fall 2019, they will be back in Europe in September/October 2019. Check out The Tweed feat Gervis Miles @ Reigenlive 2018!

Tylor & The Train Robbers "Best of the Worst Kind" (CD, Own label, 2019). “I feel like the life of an 1800’s train robber can easily be compared to the life of a traveling musician,” states Tylor Ketchum. “Of course we’re not killing people or stealing money along the way, but life on the road definitely can feel like the Wild West at times.” Enter Black Jack Ketchum, a distant relative of Tylor and the inspiration for the band's name and their new record, a cowboy-turned-outlaw and member of the infamous Hole-In-The-Wall Gang, which operated out of the same hideout as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Watch Tylor's "Ballad of Black Jack Ketchum"!

Union Duke "Golden Days" (CD, Own label, 2019). According to their own account, Toronto's bluegrass-infused indie-folk-rock quintet Union Duke is two fifths city, two fifths country and one fifth whiskey. For their third album, Union Duke recorded live in the studio to capture the energy of their live shows. Watch ‘Heavy Wind’ & ‘Baby Don’t Break’!

Vandoliers "Meet the Vandoliers" (Download, 2019). Dallas-Fort Worth's self-anointed "Converse Cowboys": youthful and defiant punk, emblematic rock ‘n’ roll with Tex-Mex horns and violin, rugged Red Dirt country, raspy vocals, rousing sing-along choruses... Check out the Vanoliers @ BandCamp, download "Meet the Vandoliers" @ NoiseTrade!

Mike Vass "Save His Calm" (CD, Unroofed Records, 2019). Named Composer of the Year at the 2012 Scots Trad Music Awards and nominated for Instrumentalist of the Year in 2018, traditional tunesmith Mike Vass[42][56][67] (Malinky)[69] unveils his first album of original songs with the support of mainly jazz musicians, an autobiographical song cycle drawing from his last few years. Work out the anagram in the album's title! Watch the soul-searching "They Never Found Me" & The Making Of!

Vegas Strip Kings "Jackpot!" (CD, GutBukit Records, 2018). The Vegas Strip Kings are a blues-based Americana band that connects the distinct vibe of the Mojave Desert with borrowings from diverse musical styles such as Rockabilly and Zydeco. Watch "Jesus on the Dash"!

April Verch "Once A Day" (CD, Slabtown Records, 2019). Ottawa Valley fiddler April Verch's[63][64] latest album is a heartfelt homage to 1950s and 1960s country music. This crash course in one of country music's most influential time periods might be surprising to some fans, but is integral to her musicality: "It's a love letter and a thank you letter all in one to an era of music that has always been a huge part of my life."

Ben Wagner "When Things Try to Tear You Apart" (Video, 2019). Huddled inside a living room during a -40° polar vortex in Wisconsin, singer-songwriter Ben Wagner and a bunch of friends managed to have a good time amidst the craziness. Watch "When Things Try to Tear You Apart" (Live Acoustic)!

Stephen Wallack "Chapters - Solo Piano Reflections" (CD, Own label, 2019). Minnesota pianist Stephen Wallack performs emotive new age music that slows down in mid song once in a while but overall is spirited and resolute. Of his debut album he says, "If there was a movie about me, this album could serve as the soundtrack underscoring what I was going through and what I was feeling during various stages of my life."

Sunny War "Shell Of A Girl" (Single/Video, 2019). On the heels of her critically acclaimed 2018 album, "With the Sun,"[67] Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Sunny War jokes that the songs on her upcoming album, "Shell of a Girl," come from her attempts to write a radio-friendly single. The title track though states, "I feel like I’m just a shell of a girl at this point because I’ve been hurt so much by people who said they loved me; I am now too damaged and have a lot of healing to do before I can ever try to love or be loved again." Watch "Shell Of A Girl"!

We Banjo 3 "Haven" (Video, 2019). To celebrate an amazing winter/spring tour and to thank all for coming out, We Banjo 3[61] have released a new music video for their song, "Haven", created by cut-away artist Andrew Benincasa. Take a moment to check out Andrew's other work!

AG Weinberger "Reborn" (CD, BigFoot Records, 2018). Romanian blues guitarist Attila Weinberger[61] returns like a vampire who cannot be battered to death and reinvents himself on his tenth album, “Reborn,” with an exciting mixture of blues, jazz and rock. Weinberger himself believes his work is better described as related to blues; please check out his YouTube channel!

Billy White, Jr. "It's About Time" (CD, Ayemaydah Records, 2019). Billy White Jr simply titled his 2010 debut album, “Just Another Guitar Player From Texas”, but Vintage Guitar Magazine claimed he’s probably, “the best guitar player you’ve never heard”. While 2012’s “Just Another Sad Ol’ Song” was a foray into classic country music, his latest album, “It’s About Time”, features a great deal of “Rock’N’Roll Fever.”

Article: Blues Been Mighty Good

Meg Williams "Take Me As I Am: The Muscle Shoals Sessions" (CD, Nola Blue, 2019). "I was captivated from the first Meg Williams video I saw. Just as kind and genuine as she appears, Meg also takes the stage by storm with an intensity that can't be missed. That intensity extends to her work habits, ethics and professionalism and I couldn't be more pleased to welcome her to the label." (Sallie Bengtson, Nola Blue Records) Watch the title track of blues rock singer-songwriter-guitarist Meg Williams' debut full-length album, "Take Me As I Am"!

Susan Williams & The Wright Groove Band "It’s About Time" (CD, Own label, 2018). The Wright Groove Band is a bunch of veteran musicians from the Chicago area, who are funking up their blues with the peculiar use of two basses. For three years now, they are headed by the gravelly sexy voice of Susan Williams. Watch "Too Little, Too Late"!

Mike Woodlark "Mackland Ave" (CD, Own label, 2019). New age pianist Mike Woodlark named his latest album about the place in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he lived for more than a decade. He creates a full-bodied sound, surrounding his piano performances with percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, cello, fiddle, horns, and a string section. Check him out @ BandCamp & YouTube!

Lucas Choi Zimbel "Tempered Tantrum" (CD, Own label, 2019). "I wanted to make a record very much in the folk tradition, my words and my guitar, nothing else. I recorded these songs live off the floor without overdubs, edits or click track. I did not wear headphones to hear playback. As it was played, so it is heard." Through monthly residencies in Montreal's most respected venues, troubadour Lucas Choi Zimbel has built up a solid fanbase with his fingerpicking through colourful chords and pictorial lyrics.

Zoe & Cloyd "Singles Promo - Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down and Berditchever Sher" (Video, 2019). Husband and wife duo Natalya Zoe Weinstein and John Cloyd Miller are traversing new paths in Appalachian music, building on the rich heritage of their separate upbringings and joining them to create neo-traditional mountain songs. Check out Zoe & Cloyd talking about their latest singles: In “Berditchever Sher,” they combine the old world vibes of Eastern European Jewish Dance and early Southern American Folk; the haunting “Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down” is a traditional spiritual asserting that good must prevail over evil.

9Bach "Lliwiau (Acoustic)" (Video, 2019). Alternative Welsh folk group 9Bach[60] just released a third acoustic track from their four track "Noeth "EP. Watch Martin and Lisa performing "Lliwiau (Acoustic)" in their local chapel, Capel Jerusalem, Bethesda!

Various Artists

Various Artists "Jazz Fest: The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival" (CD, Smithsonian Folkways, 2019); Champion Jack Dupree feat. Allen Toussaint "Bring Me Flowers While I’m Living / Rub a Little Boogie" (Video, 1992/2019). Smithsonian Folkways has uncovered a gorgeous live duet video of R&B songwriter Allen Tossaint (1938-2015) and boogie-woogie pianist Champion Jack Dupree (1910-1992) from the 1990 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. It is part of a 5-Disc Box Set celebrating the 50th Jazz Fest anniversary with unreleased material from 1974 to 2016: the roots of Louisiana music from Jazz, Brass Bands to Zydeco and R&B.

Marian Friedl a Sólisté z Beskyd "Beskydská odysea" (CD, Indies Scope, 2019); Various Artists "Kosecké písně" (CD, Indies Scope, 2019). After the Anthology of Moravian Folk Music,[66] Czech label Indies Scope is releasing a new series of four projected albums under the moniker Malovaná truhla (i.e. Painted Chest). First of all, ethnomusicologist Marian Friedel (Jitka Šuranská Trio,[61] Beránci a vlci)[62] takes the listener across the Beskydy mountain range and its particular musical instruments (a variety of horns, flutes, bagpipes and fiddles). Secondly, The Reaper’s Songs feature folk songs from the Horňácko, Dolňácko and the Wallachian regions linked to the manual mowing of the meadows. The popular song "Kosí Jano" (Jano is mowing) is heard several times in various regional variations.

Various Artists "Vision & Revision: The First 80 Years Of Topic Records" (CD, Topic Records, 2019). 2019 marks the 80th birthday of Topic Records, the oldest independent record label in the world.[68] As part of its celebrations, the label has released a deluxe double CD and gatefold vinyl of the cream of British folk artists interpreting a song of their choice from Topic's vast back catalogue.
Featuring: Martin Simpson,[66] Peggy Seeger,[57] Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker,[63] Oysterband,[63] Nancy Kerr,[61] Sam Lee,[58] Kitty Macfarlane,[67] Chris Wood,[51] Rachael McShane & The Cartographers,[68] Richard Thompson,[64] Martin Carthy,[60] Lisa Knapp,[52] Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys,[64] Emily Portman & Rob Harbron,[59] Eliza Carthy & Olivia Chaney,[66] Lankum,[67] ...

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