FolkWorld #52 11/2013

CD & DVD Reviews

Fabian Holland "Fabian Holland"
Rooksmere Records; 2013

There used to be a television show called “Name That Tune” where you would try to identify a song by bidding on it with the phrase: “I can name that tune in {seven, six, etc.} notes”. Well, I can name Fabian Holland’s style and skill level in fifteen notes. The last ten of those fifteen notes go by in about a tenth of a second as this finger style guitarist quickly lays out his speed and clarity for all to see. He had me hooked right there, but then when his fine vocals kicked in as he told his stories through song with great guitar work throughout. Like many of the greats such as Bert Jansch, Wizz Jones, etc., Fabian Holland switches between blues and folk styles quite comfortably. This is a fine record that folk fans, blues fan, and guitar aficionados should all look into.
© David Hintz

Steve Cradock "Travel Wild – Travel Free"
Proper, 2013

This is an excellent album, even if you know nothing of Steve Cradock. I did not think I had heard of him, but I have heard him. Son of a policeman (and not Billy “Crash” Craddock), he has long been on the musical scene in Great Britain. His band Ocean Colour Scene has done quite well, and he has been doubling up by working with Paul Weller for many years now. He somehow finds time to make solo albums and has not spared anything in the creation of this latest display of his talents. The production crackles with loads of great guitars and keyboards laying down pop and rock foundations for his dreamy vocals along with lovely female vocals weaving in and out of the songs. This has a classic well produced late 1960s pop feeling, but it has a fresh original strength to it, so there is no need for nostalgic listening. This squeezes in nicely between Dungen and Efterklang in my cranial filing system. And I am glad I know where it is filed, as I will enjoy this record for a long time.
© David Hintz

Broken Film "Disappear Fear"
Disappear; 2013

Baltimore is city to the north of me, here in Washington DC. It is south of Philadelphia and New York and does not quite have the cultural reputation of any of those cities… until recently. There are lots of great bands and musicians pouring out of Baltimore across the US and even Europe. I thought this may be one of those up and coming bands, but instead it is more solo project from Sonia Rutstein, who has been making music for a quarter of a century. And the experience shows as these songs all have gripping stories within the lyrics with plenty of ace Nashville musicians helping to bring them to life musically. This is more pop and rock than country, although there are traces in some of the songs. It is very balanced music than can find fans and appreciative listeners across a wide spectrum. This record should do well.
© David Hintz

Jon Zeeman "Down on My Luck"
Membrane; 2013

This began like a thousand other blues records with all the requisite patterns, even in original songs (along with one by Johnny Winter). Zeeman does play a mean guitar and has a decent voice, so eventually the groove works its way into me. I still do not see anything overly unique, but there is a sense of grace in the playing, which makes for a fine listen.
© David Hintz

Rod Picott "Hang Your Hopes on a Crooked Nail"
Welding Rod Records; 2013

Book Review

While I love his alternative title of “Rod Picott’s circus of Misery and Heartbreak”, I do agree with Mr. Picott’s assertion that the title didn’t quite capture this record. Sad songs and dark places are easier to conjure both acoustically and electrically for most songwriters, and there is plenty of that here in both the electric and acoustic songs. Yet this material is balanced sonically and thematically among a nice variety of styles and moods. It is all unified with a firm folk-rock-country hybrid approach that flexes well whether rocking or pulling back into folk and country stylings. He seems to have more creative moves than most coming up with songs—Mobile Home is the one that stands out to me. This one is well worth a listen for fans of high quality modern folk rock songs.
© David Hintz

Wolverton "Horse Head Dawn"
Own label; 2013

This is folk music that has that psychedelic sensibility not with flailing sitars or reverb, but more of a sense of space in the vocals and the staggered timing in the guitar notes. There is some distant violin and piano punctuation that creates intriguing atmospheres and tensions, but the lead male vocals and female harmonies lead the way in these six songs. They remind me a bit of the Mills/Raven albums, but this foursome has their own sound takes its cue from classic English, European and American folk from the late sixties to late seventies. There may be some traces of Hunter Muskett and Mac Murrough in here, too, although this is more American than that (although I don't hear a lot of San Antonio, Texas here). The band members all have some unique skills of timing and emotional resonance they bring to the arrangements, which set them apart from simpler players. This is memorable music and far better than for a lot of what has passed as nufolk or wyrdfolk in recent years. They can be the third band in to my dream billing of Espers and Faun Fables.
© David Hintz

Haymaker "Now Now Now"
Honey Bucket Records; 2013

Twelve songs of rootsy blues rock is the haymaker headed for your chin. This heads into the direction of the Old Crow Medicine Show at times, although it goes a more mainstream pop-rock approach as well. I prefer the songs that lean away from those that try for pop hooks and MOR vocal melodies. When they stick with their pace, grit, and musical skill, this works for me. They have plenty of skills that should warrant a listen to see where they fit on every listener’s musical plane.
© David Hintz

Parissa Bouas "The Full Force of the Wind"
Songs for Lungs; 2013

It is hard not to like a chanteuse. Parissa Bouas is Greek/Australian, so there is a rather diverse background to draw from as opposed to French jazz club style or whatnot. Thankfully, Ms. Bouas is creative enough to draw out exotic approaches from both her background and beyond. Her vocal work has a cute delicate style when required, but more often has a strength within, even in quieter moments. The arrangements are top notch, with excellent stand-up bass and superb use of the saw. This stays lounge based, but is so worldly that it could fit into a lot of formats. It is not quite as heavy psychedelic as some of Gal Costa’s work with Os Mutantes, but it makes a lighter companion piece. This is a six-song EP and it has activated my taste buds to where I want a full course as soon as possible, either on stage or on another disc.
© David Hintz

Achilles Wheel "XIII Hours"
Own label; 2011

The thirteen hours of the title was the thirteen hours it took them in the studio to nail down the thirteen songs on this record. It was recorded live in the studio and they were successful in capturing a straightforward live on stage approach with studio quality sound. The music is good, although it is the all too typical blues based rock music we have heard many times before, this time from California. Still, the guitars rock and the live approach does give someone reason to see them live based on this sound and quality.
© David Hintz

Pedaljets "What’s in Between"
Electric Moth; 2013

If you have not had enough indie rock from Brooklyn in your life yet, then I see by the liner notes that this may be yet another entry. But wait, this band is actually a veteran 1980s band from Lawrence, Kansas, who is back with their first album in 23 years. The name is familiar to me, although I did not catch them back in the day, even as I regularly saw the bands they played with such as Husker Du and the Meat Puppets. The good news is that they sound fresh as the better bands from that era with swirling guitars, a hard charging rhythm section, and melodic vocals all carrying out catchy songs that may be too hard for the pop crowd or too pop for the devils horns crowd. This is a fine album that rock fans from that era and the indie rock fans of today should easily grasp and enjoy. I am happy to discover them, even if it is a few decades late. They still have the goods.
© David Hintz

De Staat "Icon"
Mascot; 2013

I was glad to see their song “Witch Doctor” was not a cover of Alvin & the Chipmunks. But I was hardly expecting industrial hip hop. This is Folkworld, right? Folkies can skip to the next review, as this is as urban modern as it gets for 2013. There are electronic beats, beeps, and noise thrust among danceable rock songs that keep the intensity going throughout. This would be a hot and sweaty dancefloor late at night in the clubs. This is much poppier than Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, and closer to a whole lot of other bands I really don’t follow. They hail from Nijmegen, so I know little of the live show. Although I do have a friend, and fellow music writer, who lives near by. I would check with him, but again I doubt these guys set foot anywhere near a folk club. If I put on my heavy rock hat (and I do have one—figuratively), then I would say this is a creative and interesting band, whose sound does not quite go psychedelic enough or to as many strange places as I would like—but there are moments.
© David Hintz

Carrie Day "Life is Like This"
Own label; 2012

This is seemingly straightforward singer songwriter material when you start off on this album. But Carrie Day is able to create a more personal world than many are capable of, with some striking piano playing. The full band arrangements are fairly standard and I prefer the starker piano based cuts. There are some spooky near-psychedelic moves that also enhance the material in subtle, yet highly successful ways. She has a voice that operates in the middle range of extremes, and is quite expressive. This Canadian artist (from Edmonton) has made a fine record and should do well in the musical world.
© David Hintz

Sugarman "After the Blackout"
Diversity Records; 2013

Nothing to do with the Rodriguez documentary here—this guy’s name is Noah Sugarman and he also writes songs. What was a bluesy beginning gave way to some fairly intelligent well crafted rock music. I detected some early Elvis Costello influence and a touch of the softer side of Ted Leo. Although this is hardly soft, as there is plenty of electric guitar cranking out the chords and fills, along with edgy vocals that carry a decent melody. This is fairly even keel music that has a good broad based appeal with fine playing and solid songwriting. Still, there is room for more tricks and surprises like those that occur in the opening and closing numbers. Sugarman is well worth a listen.
© David Hintz

Helen Chaya "I am not Thinking of War Today"
Gorbie International; 2013

For those of you unaware of the vast geography of the USA, there are interesting musical centers in many cities scattered about. One of the best of the second tier of fame has long resided in Portland, Oregon (Alela Diane, Blitzen Trapper). The quality is always high and there is a diversity of styles, unlike many of the more famed cities that define a genre. Which makes it intriguing when Portlandian Helen Chaya keeps it simple with a classic folk style on this album. So rather than any audacious approach to music, this album presents great quality songs with delicate playing and singing full of thought and harmony. There are some strings and piano dotted throughout the album to give some subtle variety. The guitar work is the focus as the notes flow steadily and nimbly around the vocals. List to “Late Night Train” and you will think you are listening to a classic folk playlist. And she gets major bonus points for the fabric sleeve, reminding me of the excellent Greek record of old by Poll (Yeah, I know, no one has heard of this). I am not always able to find new high quality straightforward folk music as much as I would like, so I would advise going out of your way to see if this will make its way into your world, as it has mine.
© David Hintz

Dead Flowers "Midnight at the Wheel Club"
Hee Haw Records; 2013

DeadFlowers: The Beach
Video 'The Beach'

This album delivers heavy Americana by way of London. The music is crisp and effective, especially when it moves as in “Wonderwheel”. However, the husky deep-throated spoken vocals seem more distracting than contemplative. Mark Lanegan and Bill Callahan make this style work, but more often than not this type of ‘singing’ stands apart from the music. If you like this particular style of vocal, I would recommend investigating further as the songs are there and the playing is effective.
© David Hintz

Antun Opic & Band "No Offense"
Own label; 2012

This singer songwriter material has a gypsy snap to the crisp rhythms in many of the songs. This is odd and twisted progressive folk that has traces of Armand, Tea & Symphony, and other robust pub folkers boldly handling a noisy room. There should be something appealing here, even if you are simply looking for the fine guitar work that is evident in certain songs. Arrangements are fun and lively throughout. I plan on more listening to try to absorb further nuances from this German-Croatian artist.
© David Hintz

Tony Dekker "Prayer of the Woods"
Nettwerk, 2013

Sometimes an album reminds you that it is best not to think too hard and spend time with categories, genres and styles. Tony Dekker makes lovely folk-rock music that should appeal to anyone who likes the broadest of this style from any era. His voice is one of the warmer you will hear and the music covers all the emotions you can conjure up. This was recorded in a church in Ontario, Canada, and has a spiritual, contemplative feeling present in the final product. This will surprise none of the fans of Great Lake Swimmers, as Tony Dekker has long created many fine songs as frontman of that popular band. So fan or newcomer alike, dig in, you will be glad you did.
© David Hintz

Tony McLoughlin "The Contender"
Wild Eye Records; 2013

This is some accomplished folk-rock here. There are many songs with more emphasis on rock like a more rollicking barroom Dire Straits. And like Dire Straits he takes a European background (Germany here) and brings it comfortably into Americana. Some of the cuts turn a bit bluesier or into folk territory with plenty of electric guitar work on top of a rhythm section to keep it rock band oriented. Frankly, there are a lot of good records in this style. But this one is a little bit better than that and may be as good as the some of your favorites, so you may want to give this one a spin.
© David Hintz

Marceese "Young at Heart"
Timezone, 2013

German CD Review

This has that rock intensity embedded in a solo folk format—one man, one guitar and a microphone. There is some harmonica and although it is often one guitar per song, there are acoustic and electric guitars with a wide variety of sounds. The passion in the vocals and the strong picking gives this the rock intensity in the manner of a solo Langhorne Slim song. There is more creativity on display here than you would expect from this format. That and the intensity are reason enough to give this record many re-listens.
© David Hintz

The Legendary Lightness "The Legendary Lightness"
Anker Platten; 2013

This band comes from Switzerland and plays thick modern pop-rock music. Even though I do not hear Swiss rock bands too frequently, this sound could come from anywhere, which could be a problem. I already hear dozens of bands like this come through my town already. So if this band is convenient for you to try, I would recommend them as they have a fine command of well produced indie-rock/pop music. But otherwise I see this as a tale of two albums. There are the quirky songs that sound like so many other bands. But then there are songs like “Army of Friends” that really nail an intense atmospheric droning song with pop hooks to keep you entranced. There is talent here and highly evident on half of the songs, so maybe this band can transcend toward a worldwide stage. It is within their reach.
© David Hintz

Lars Bygden "LB"
Westpark Music, 2013

Lars Bygden: The Hole
"The Hole"

Lars Bygden has a thick, rich, expressive voice with music to match. The songs are deep and strong, but the overall production is what really makes this record worth spending some time with. Everything sounds big as if recorded in a cathedral and it fits the material well. The album flows by and there is enough folk within to make it interesting for even the more acoustic oriented listener. But it offers more than that and has me entranced. This Swedish singer songwriter is one that I will be keeping an ear tuned in on.
© David Hintz

Nick & June "Flavor & Sin"
Initiative Musik; 2013

This is much more modern sounding than Ian & Sylvia, but they may be the roots on the tree that graces the cover of this album. There are classic male/female harmonies atop delicate acoustic folk music with the male singing taking the lead. There is a little electric instrumentation now and then, drums, and bass as well. The vocals are breathy and the tone is reflective and laid back with subtle intensity. There are some moments of light rock, which serve well to vary the tempo and style. This is a thoughtful album full of interesting material that a lot of people will enjoy. I only wish they would have had the album title typed out, as their cursive writing made me think this was called ‘Flavos & Sun’.
© David Hintz

The Baker Suite "Your Dreaming Self"
Own label; 2013

This Australian release features the songs of singer/guitarist John Baker, with Gayle Buckby on accordion and backing vocals. The ‘Suite’ in the name is not a case of exaggeration, for in addition to the double bass and drums, there are eight other musicians who add a lot of strings and mellotron giving this a full sound. In the opening cut, I thought the production was a little much, but the second cut had more space with some slashing strings that worked effectively with the lovely folk tune. This is not exactly the Kronos Quartet here, but there are some fascinating musical passages coloring these songs. The effect works well and builds into a jazzier style as the album progresses. A variety of music fans can find something interesting in this album—easy to listen to, but something you will be chewing on for a while.
© David Hintz

Declan O’Rourke "Mag Pai Zai"
Magnetic Music, 2013

There is a low-key breeziness to the song stylings of Dublin-born Declan O’Rourke.[51] He has lived in Australia, which may in part contribute to the more universal sound in his music. This is a fine record, although a few of the cuts seem a little overly elaborate with the strings and production. The simpler songs cut more to the heart, the way I hear this album. He is a strong talent and likely has and will further develop a strong fanbase of contemporary and classic music lovers. The bonus track “The Old Black Crow” had a great sense of humor to it and sent me away in a very good mood.
© David Hintz

The Roving Crows "Baccanalia"
Own label, 2012

German CD Review

The cover of the "Bacchanalia" CD shows The Roving Crows in a dynamic pose. Three of the musicians jump into the air and the violinist joyously bends her knees. If you compare the reviews about this band, all come to the same conclusion. The Roving Crows are brimming with energy. Opening for the Levellers they reputedly played cold sweat into the headliner's faces. "Baccanalia" is not a typical English folk recording, but a very successful attempt to conciliate folk, rock, pop and various other musical styles. Ska, klezmer and country play an equally important role as the Celtic traditions of their home country. In this case, however, not too much emphasis is placed on finding coherent links between the different genres. First of all, they cheerfully make music - forthright and straight on. The mix of genres is then given by itself. The trumpet is not necessarily trend-setting for British folk music, it blends perfectly though with the devilish fiddle played by the only female in the quartet, Caitlin Barrett. Between folk songs bursting with energy there is space for gentler sounds and longer ballads. This variety makes the album a diverting and arresting listening experience.
© Karsten Rube

Short & Sweet

News: European Nyckelharpa Cooperation

Ana Alcaide "En El Jardin de La Reina" (Video, 2013). Spanish nyckelharpist Ana Alcaide[42] released a new video for her beautiful song "En El Jardin de La Reina" from her "La Cantiga del Fuego" album.[48] Check it out @!

Amsterdam Klezmer Band "Vodka" (Single, 2013). Seven years after their successful "Remixed" project,[38] the Amsterdam Klezmer Band will hit again in spring 2014 with another electrified album, "Blitzmash." In anticipation they released the single "Vodka." Check it out @!

The Band of Heathens "Clams & Jams Vol 1" (Download, 2013). BoH[48][51] record most of their concerts and make them subsequently available on a USB stick and @ Download a Best Of from their last East Coast tour for free @!

The Bittersweets "The Life You Always Wanted" (CD/Download, Virt Records, 2006), "Live in Atlanta" (Download, 2009). Folk-pop trio The Bittersweets[37] quit three years ago. Now Hannah Prater and Chris Meyers started writing and recording again. While waiting for the goods, download their debut "The Life You Always Wanted" as well as "Live in Atlanta" for free!

FolkWorld Xmas

Branches "Songs for Christmas" (EP, Download, 2012). For L.A.'s fun-folk-force Branches, Yuletide is the most wonderful time of the year. One of their favorite things to do is to hang out with friends and sing old songs. So they made their collection of six Christmas carols[49] recorded over the past three years available again @ Bandcamp and NoiseTrade! Check out "Away In A Manger," filmed at a sing-a-long in San Francisco, @ YouTube!

David Bromberg "Only Slightly Mad" (CD, Appleseed Recordings, 2013). Recently featured with Bob Dylan and Al Kooper on "Another Self Portrait - The Bootleg Series Vol. 10", David Bromberg[33] is back on his own terms, combining his touring band with former members of the late Levon Helm’s band and special guests John Sebastian and John McEuen: folk, blues, country, bluegrass, Irish fiddle tunes and English drinking songs ...

Guy Buttery "Live in KwaZulu" (CD, Sheer Sound, 2013). South African fingerstyle virtuoso Guy Buttery, once described as one man guitar orchestra, presents live cuts recorded over two nights at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, featuring his energetic and emotional delivery of acoustic guitar pieces plus his notorious musical-saw tune "Smithfield" (aka "Martian Folk Song").

Carbon Leaf (Downloads, 2013). Celtic rockers Carbon Leaf[50] are back home from the Jump In Or Fall tour and pleased to announce that they have added most shows onto their bootleg page. Missed a show? Want to relive the touching moments? Dig in and check them out @!

Charlie and the Foxtrots "Evergreen" (EP, Own label, 2013). A young pop/folk six piece from Georgia on the move to Nashville, Tennessee, in the tracks of Mumford, Fleet Foxes and Old Crows. On board, their 6 track debut EP. Download it for free @!

Mary Coughlan "Live in Galway" (Download CD, 1995), "After the Fall" (Download CD, 1997), "Long Honeymoon" (Download CD, 1999), "Sings Billie Holiday" (Download CD, 2000), "Live At The Basement" (Download CD, 2003). Five of Irish chanteuse Mary Coughlan's[38][48] best albums are available for the first time as digital download on iTunes, showcasing her seductive bar-room chant.

Dan Coyle "Winter Folk" (Download, 2013). This winter season, NYC singer-songwriter Dan Coyle has made his 2012 album "Winter Folk"[50] available as a free download @!

Ani DiFranco "A Little Somethin'" (Download, 2013). Ani DiFranco[46][49] returns to the stage after a break from touring. If she's not coming to a town near you, download a new song, a live version of "Bliss Like This" from 2004, plus two studio tracks @!

Antje Duvekot "The Best Of (So Far)" (Download, 2013), "Noah's Titanic" (Video, 2013). German born, Boston Mass based singer-songwriter Antje Duvekot[44][49] draws a preliminary conclusion. Download "The Best Of (So Far)" for free @, or watch the official video to "Noah's Titanic" @! Her next studio album will be a duo project with fellow songwriter Ellis Paul, scheduled for release in 2014.

Marla Fibish & Bruce Victor "Noctambule: Travel in the Shadows" (CD, Own label, 2013). Down the darkened street market carts are creeping ... Canadian poet Robert Service's poem, "Noctambule" (night owl), written in post-WWI Paris, is the inspiration for San Francisco folk musicians Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor. Poetry by the likes of Neruda and Tennyson is set to original acoustic music. Listen to "Noctambule" and Theodore Roethke's "A Night Journey"!

Finnders & Youngberg "I Don't Want Love You Won't Give Until I Cry" (EP, Swingfingers Records, 2013). A special Colorado blend of lusty newgrass from Ft. Collins, featuring the fine songwriting of Mike Finders, and throwing a pedal steel into the mix. Check out Finnders & Youngberg performing live @!

GFVP "Tatoeage" (CD, Home Records, 2013). Another one of those fancy projects[51] of violinist Wouter Vandenabeele.[46] The Ghent Folk Violin Project, started in 2012, features violin player Lotte Remmen (classical music), Naomi Vercauteren (folk swing) and Anouk Sanczuk (jazz), and mixes traditional European tunes with original compositions in a soundscape from Bach to Zorn. Look out for young Flemish singer-songwriter Hanneke Oosterlijnck!!

FolkWorld Xmas

Andrew Greer "Angel Band: The Hymn Sessions" (CD/Download, 2012), "Acoustic Christmas" (EP/Download, 2013). Nashville singer-songwriter Andrew Greer released "Angel Band" last year, peaking at #2 on Amazon's Contemporary Folk chart. The vintage Americana hymns feature collaborations with fellow artists like Sandra McCracken, The McCrary Sisters and Ron Block. The "Acoustic Christmas" EP features four unreleased carols and a preview into his new holiday recording ( Download it @!

Kent Gustavson "Blind But Now I See: The Biography of Music Legend Doc Watson" (Book/Download, Sumach-Red, 2010/12). "Short Life of Trouble: A Tribute to Arthel Doc Watson" (CD/Download, 2013). The late Doc Watson (1923–2012) was a great folk, country and blues guitarist and singer.[52] Listen and download 11 weird jazzy and electronic Doc Watson songs from Kent Gustavson's new record, plus his award-winning biography of Watson for free @! "Upgrade" (CD, BangaTone Records, 2013)., founded in 2006, is a Czech Romano Hip Hop Fusion, combining Afro-American rap music (Radoslav Banga) with traditional Gypsy music (fiddler Vojta Lavička). The fourth album clearly displays why the bastard group has become one of the widest travelling Czech outfits.

The Henry Girls "December Moon" (CD, 2011/13); "Ol' Cook Pot" (Video, 2013). This trio of sisters from County Donegal, Ireland, brings an intriguing blend of vintage Americana and Irish traditional music. Their fourth album, "December Moon,"[47] was originally released in Europe two years ago but is just now being released in the US. Check out the official video to "Ol' Cook Pot" @!

The Howlin' Brothers "Howl" (CD, Readymade Records/Continental Song City, 2013), "The Sun Studio Session" (Download, 2013). Ben Plasse (upright bass, banjo), Ian Craft (fiddle, banjo), Jared Green (guitar, harmonica) are a country-blues and old-time band, whose recent studio album "Howl" has been released in Europe in October. Download the 6 track "Sun Studio Session" for free @!

Sarah Jarosz "Build Me Up From Bones" (CD, Sugar Hill Records, 2013). In her early twenties, Texan singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Jarosz (guitar, clawhammer banjo, octave mandolin) put her musical career on the fast lane. Her third album features nine original songs, plus Dylan's "Simple Twist of Fate" and Newsom's "Book of Right-On". Check out a teaser filmed on the Grand Ole Opry @!

Jenny & Tyler "For Freedom - A Covers EP" (EP, Sugar Hill Records, 2013). Benefit album with all of the proceeds going to fight human trafficking, ft. covers of the Smashing Pumpkins, Cranberries, Coldplay, Simon & Garfunkel, Louis Armstrong ... For a limited time, download Jenny & Tyler's[47][48] version of the U2 song "I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For" (ft. Sara Groves) for free @!

Jimi the Piper "The Battle of Glen Shiel" (Video, 2013). Another video with music from Jimi McRae's forthcoming album "Global Gathering," scheduled for late 2013,[51] an old caintaireachd (mouth music) / pibroch (classic bagpipe music) related to the battle of Glen Shiel during the Jacobite Rising of 1719:!

FolkWorld Xmas

Joshua & Heather "Merry Christmas" (Download EP, 2012). The traditional Christmas spiritual "Everywhere I Go" (Somebody Talkin' 'bout Jesus), the English carol "Away in a Manger" (with additional words) and Amy Grant's nativity story "Breath of Heaven" presented by Tuscaloosa folk duo Josh Hilliker and Heather Hester. Download it for free @!

Article: Vier Tage Sommer

Johanna Juhola "Fantasiatango" (CD, Texicalli Records, 2010); "Fantasiatango 2" (CD, Own label, 2012). Whether performing solo, with her Reaktori band, duos with Milla Viljamaa[50] and Timo Alakotila[19][23] or Las Chicas del Tango,[50] Johanna Juhola is the undisputed star of Finland's tango and accordion scene. She doesn't pay too much attention to random boundaries and builds a bridge between tango and ambient (sometimes weird) soundscapes.

Ken & Brad Kolodner "Skipping Rocks" (CD, Fenchurch Music, 2013). Ken is one of the best known hammered dulcimer players in the US old-time scene. His gentle groove is the calm water over which his son's banjo skips. Guest artists: Robin Bullock,[9][27] Kagey Parrish.[48] Watch Brad & Ken Kolodner perform @!

Jasmine Kyle "What Will All The Neighbors Think?" (CD, Own label, 2013). As a survivor of childhood abuse, Milwaukee singer-songwriter-pianist Jasmine Kyle documents her struggle and uses the haunting, ethereal sounds of chamber pop music for the healing process.

"The King: The Untold Story of Héctor Lavoe" (Video Download, F&F Media, 2011). This is the anecdotal biopic of the Puerto Rican boy who became the Salsa King in 1970's New York,, starring Raúl Carbonell. The movie directed by Anthony Felton is available @ Vimeo On Demand in Spanish or English!

The Littlest Bird "Live Radio Tracks" (Download, 2013). Californians David Huebner and Sharon Martinson - cello and banjo, respectively - use their classical backgrounds for a fresh take on folk and old time music. Download "Live Radio Tracks" @!

FolkWorld Xmas

Nick Lowe "Quality Street" (CD, Proper Records, 2013). When Englisk new wave singer-songwriter Nick Lowe was approached about making a Christmas album, his reaction was disquiet and alarm, accompanied by feelings of 'Do they really think I would wish to sully my good name on this tawdry and vulgar commercialism?' They did, Nick agreed and created a sleigh bell-free zone to give vulgar, tawdry commercialism a good name.

FolkWorld Xmas

Sarah MacIntosh "Christmas: With One Breath He Came" (Download, 2013). It's with no great surprise that, when I started working on my Christmas record, I would be reminded that my God came in a very similar package. Mary delivered Jesus alone ... It all started with one breath. One tiny little gasping intake of air and our rescue had begun. Sarah MacIntosh from Tennessee, who usually caters for for fans of Björk and The Cure, has delivered 7 traditional carols. As David Crowder says, “Sarah’s voice lures you into thinking bits of heaven might be here already.” Download it @ NoiseTrade!

McDermott's 2 Hours "Anticlockwise" (Digital release, OTF Recordings, 2013). Nick Burbridge[48] of Brighton-based folk-punkers McDermott's 2 Hours[37] has announced partnership with the Levellers’ On The Fiddle Recordings: (1) their back catalogue will be released digitally for the first time; (2) the 14 track compilation album "Anticlockwise" following McDermott’s story from the classic "Enemy Within" (1989) to the forthcoming "Besieged," scheduled for early 2014.

Katie McNally "Flourish" (CD, Own label, 2013). Young Boston fiddler Katie McNally has played with fiddle supergroup Childsplay since 2009.[41][52] Supported by guests such as Hanneke Cassel,[43] "Flourish" brings both Scottish and Cape Breton music together. Watch Katie McNally perform live @!

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Me You & Her "A Lil' More Christmas" (EP/Download, 2012/13). This holiday EP marks the debut of indie folk trio Me You & Her, high school girls Hannah Rand, Alaina Stacey and Olivia Harris, With lush vocal harmonies and unique arrangements of holiday classics, along with an original Christmas song written by Hannah Rand. Have a Behind the Scenes look from the recording @! Download the EP @!

The Moor Rose "Hearsay" (EP, Own label, 2013). Australian multi-instrumentalist Stuart Rose, supported by Ronnie Taheny[44] and others, blends soundscapes of the bogs of the UK and Ireland where my family history and cultural heritage come from and the Moors from North Africa, Southern Spain, Eastern Aegean and beyond… with their rich musical tapestries to create passionate and punchy folk songs.

Old Buck "Old Buck" (CD, Tin Halo Music, 2013). Debut album of an ass-kicking young stringband quartet, settling down on the edge of old-time and bluegrass music, and infused with a punkish attitude. Check out Old Buck jamming in the studio @!

The Paperboys "City of Chains" (Digital Single, 2013). Vancouver's folk rock group The Paperboys[41] are working on a new album, scheduled for 2014. In the meantime they have released a single, "City of Chains," a commentary on the real estate developments going on. Check it out @, or purchase it @!

"La Gran Familia Española - Música Original por Josh Rouse" (Download, 2013). Check out the movie trailer of Daniel Sanchez Arevalo's tragicomedy "La Gran Familia Española" @, or download the soundtrack which contains old and new songs of singer-songwriter Josh Rouse[42][51] from your favorite digital store!

David Rovics "Spies Are Reading My Blog" (Download Album, Own label, 2013). David Rovics[32][44] recorded another 14 songs and made an online album out of it, ft. songs he wrote over the past few months. You can stream it for free or download it for a donation @!

The Show Ponies "We're Not Lost" (CD, Own label, 2013). Hard-driven bluegrass and old-time sounds out of L.A. Check out The Show Ponies play "Whiskey and Wine" @! Download free music @!

FolkWorld Xmas

Sleeping At Last "Christmas Collection 2013" (Download, 2013). Ryan O'Neal, aka indie rock project Sleeping At Last: "Each year I record a Christmas cover song and give it away for free. It’s my version of a Christmas card. This has been tradition for many years now… for so many years in fact that it has accumulated (like snow) into this 13-song Christmas album…" Watch it @! Download it @!

The Tillers "Hand on the Plow" (CD, Muddy Roots Music Recordings, 2013). For health and sanity, the self-described recovering punk rockers from Cincinnati, Ohio, play joyous old-time music from the Appalachian coal country.

Will Varley "As the Crow Flies" (CD, Smugglers Records, 2013). "Where the Wild Wind Blows", "Weddings and Wars", "Down the Well" ... beautiful songs in the early Dylan mould from a young and very talented folk artist from Kent, England. Check out a free 3-track download @!

Melody Walker "Gold Rush Goddess" (CD, Own label, 2012); Front Country "This Is Front Country" (EP, Own label, 2012); Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman "We Made It Home" (CD, Own label, 2013). Their nu bluegrass outfit Front Country toured and recorded to critical acclaim; "We Made It Home" is Melody and Jacob's debut album as a duo. Check out the album’s title track, a song about finding home in yourself, nature and other people, @ We like to say our music is where the transcendent meets the traditional and this song reflects that well.

Daniel Willem Gypsy Jazz Band "Sinto Swing" (CD, Home Records, 2013). Gypsy swing, bossa nova, songs in Romanes and French: everything on offer from fiddler Daniel Willem, accordionist Tchavo Berger, solo guitarist Samson Schmitt ... Check it out @!

Various Artists "The Best of the Americana Music Festival 2013" (Download, Yep Roc Records, 2013). Back in September, the Americana Music Festival rocked Nashville, and the Redeye Residency hosted its acoustic sessions ft. Josh Rouse,[51] Tift Merritt, Aoife O'Donovan, My Darling Clementine, ... Download it @!

Various Artists "Classic Banjo from Smithsonian Folkways" (CD, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2013). "Banjoland", Bill Evans'[51] duet with Tony Trischka from Trishka's 2008 solo album, "Territory,"[38] is featured on the compilation album "Classic Banjo" besides further 29 banjo gems, including Pete Seeger,[39] Mike Seeger,[40] Mick Moloney,[43] Ken Perlman[30] Doc Watson,[52] Elizabeth Cotten,[31] and eventually Bill Keith[41] with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys. Please enjoy a free download of the Pete Seeger medley "Fly Around My Blue-Eyed Girl / Cripple Creek / Ida Red / Old Joe Clark" @!

Various Artists "High Cotton: A Tribute to Alabama" (CD, Lightning Rod Records, 2013). There's a reason Alabama is the biggest country band of all time: The songs they recorded are great reflections on what it's like to live and love in the South. (Jason Isbell) For the 40th anniversary, the band's blend of traditional country music and southern rock, spawning over 30 number one hits, is re-enacted by artists from the Old Crow Medicine Show[43] to the Blind Boys of Alabama.[45]

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