FolkWorld #55 11/2014
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Taking Up the Baton

Henry Girls

Parkfest Eindhoven

7 - 10 August 2014

Urban Trad, Folkwoods 2003

Folkwoods 2000-2012:
FW#15, #20, #24, #26, #29,
#34, #37, #40, #43, #46, #49

For 13 years the Folkwoods Festival brought folk, world and roots music to the Dutch city of Eindhoven, first in the Philips van Lenneppark near the city centre, since 2003 really in the woods east of Eindhoven. When Folkwoods decided to retire after the 2012 festival, a small team of enthusiasts immediately took up the baton.

The Stichting Bijzondere Folkprojecten (SBF) moved back to the city and set up a new festival with fresh ideas in the Philips de Jonghpark northwest of the city centre.

Parkfest 2014 was a four-day festival featuring around 30 acts with a focus on folk music in the broadest sense of the word, a space for singer/songwriters and a nice dance floor.

The entrance fee to the festival grounds around the Park Pavilion was only 2 € per person. You could taste the atmosphere and attend all the performances on the outdoor stage. Performances in the two tents were separately charged with an entrance fee from 3.45 to 8.05 €. It was also possible to purchase a weekend pass with free access to all performances.

Hoven Droven

Artist Video Hoven Droven @ FolkWorld:
FW#6, #13, #19, #19, #32, #47, #48


Artist Video Gonnagles @ FolkWorld:


Artist Video Cecilia @ FolkWorld:
FW#46, #55


Artist Video Naragonia @ FolkWorld:
FW#38, #46


Artist Video Dealan @ FolkWorld:


Shireen @ FolkWorld:

Henry Girls

Artist Video Henry Girls @ FolkWorld:
FW#38, #42, #47, #47
#48, #52, #54, #55

Photo Credits: (1) Parkfest, (2), (10) The Henry Girls, (4) Hoven Droven, (5) Gonnagles, (6) Cecilia, (7) Naragonia, (8) Dealan, (9) Shireen (by Kees Stravers/Parkfest); (3) Urban Trad @ Folkwoods 2003 (by by The Mollis).

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