FolkWorld Issue 33 05/2007

Highlights Folk & Trad 2006

The 100 Most Wanted Albums of 2006 were:
Triakel, photo by The Mollis
1 Lila Downs "La Cantina"
2 Deitsch "Königskinder"
3 Suden Aika "Unta"
..., Titi Robin "Ces vagues que l'amour soul", TFF Rudolstadt, Triakel, Bellowhead "E.p.onymous", Mary Black, Solas, Lúnasa, Naked Raven, Luke Kelly, Trio Mio, Kraja, Dick Gaughan, Flook, L'Ham de Foc, Malinky, Dervish, Härdelin Hallberg Hertzberg Ståby, Show of Hands, Lasairfhiona Ni Chonaola, Helmut Debus, Cara Dillon, Svanevit, Ronnie Drew & Eleanor Shanley, Karen Matheson, Michael McGoldrick, ULMAN, Haugaard & Hoirup, Great Big Sea, Planxty, Rüdiger Oppermann, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Hoven Droven, Sofia Sanden, Kate Rusby, Beoga, Willy Schwarz, Bilwesz, Tendachent, Eilis Kennedy, Battlefield Band, June Tabor, Hannes Wader & Reinhard Mey, Gjallarhorn, Salsa Celtica, Värttinä, The Men They Couldn't Hang, Talking Water, Richard Thompson, Comas, Sharon Shannon, Ougenweide, ...

Bellowhead, fRoots Best Albums 2006 were:

1 Bellowhead "Burlesque"
... Lila Downs "La Cantina",
Tim Van Eyken "Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves", ...

The Irish Echo's Best Traditional Irish Albums 2006 were:
Lunasa, Tønder Festival, photo by Tom Keller
1 Mick Moloney "McNally's Row of Flats"
2 Solas "Reunion: A Decade of Solas"
4 Lúnasa "Sé"
9 Téada "Inné Amárach"

The liveIreland Awards went to:

Vocal/Instrumental Album of the Year: McNally's Row of Flats (Moloney)
Male Vocalist of the Year: Mick Moloney
Instrumental Album of the Year: Humdinger (Brock & Scahill)
Male Newcomer of the Year: Kevin MacLeod
Instrumental Cut of the Year: Tripswitch (McSherry & O'Connor),

The Scots Trad Music Award 2006 winners were:
Tabache, photo by the Mollis
Album of the Year: Heart of America (Donnie Munro)
Composer of the Year: Donald Shaw
Instrumentalist of the Year: Aidan O'Rourke
Live Act of the Year: The McCalmans
Scots Singer of the year: Sylvia Barnes
Up & Coming Artist of the Year: Jenna Cumming
The Hall of Fame inductees are: Aly Bain, Kenna Campbell, Jock Duncan, Fergie MacDonald, Buddy McMaster, Donald MacPherson, Jeannie Robertson, Sir Jimmy Shand, Robbie Shepherd

The BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award 2006 finalists were:

James Chadwick - singer/songwriter aged 18 from Lincolnshire
Shona Donaldson - fiddler/singer aged 20 from Aberdeenshire
Bodega - sextet from Plockton, aged 16-18
Joe O'Connor - melodeon player aged 16 from Cumbria
Southwind - sextet from Newcastle, aged 15-17
Matheu Watson - multi-instrumentalist aged 15 from Scotland

Bodega, BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award 2006, photo by BBC

In the semi-finals also featured: Northern Ireland trio Sliabh Mis, harp duo Rachel Newton & Fiona Rutherford, singer/songwriter Lucy Kitt, Derbyshire quartet Dyná, Irish singer/flautist Alana Henderson, instrumental duo James Boyle & Kevin Lees, London duo Emily & Hazel Askew and Sheffield singer/songwriter Charlie Barker.

Rüdiger Oppermann & Karawane, photo by Tom Keller The German World Music Awards 2006 winners were:

Deutsche RUTH: Konstantin Wecker & Bagdad-Kabul-Projekt
Globale Roots: Rüdiger Oppermann & Karawane
Newcomer: Ohrbooten, Duo Bögeholz & Mosalini

The Austrian World Music Awards 2006 winners were:

Die Strottern

FolkWorld's Recommendations

Henk Scholte, photo by Jur Bosboom Eelco Schilder's Best Loved Albums 2006 are:

Mari Boine "Idjagiedas" Best cd of Mari Boine in years, straight from the heart.

Joanna Newsom "YS" At first it sounds like one of many harp-singer cds but than it gets weirder and weirder. Haunting, long songs, the top of the new folk wave in the USA.

Sofia Sanden "Courage" Very nice solo cd of the Ranarim vocalist.

Ilgi "Ne uz vienu dienu" Unbelievable that this group is so unknown outside the Baltic states. It’s the top of modern folk music.

Törf "Olipodrigo" For many years the best Dutch folk group, with this new cd, they have recorded some of their best work.

Bilwesz, photo by Tom Keller Walkin' T:-)M's Best Loved Albums 2006 are:

An Tor "Craic of Dawn" (Germany)
Bilwesz "Spring" (Germany)
Hoven Droven "Turbo" (Sweden)
Heike Kellermann & Wolfgang Rieck "Was solln wir noch beginnen" (Germany)
Konaboj "Omalovanky" (Slovakia)
Lúnasa "Sé" (Ireland)
Bruce Molsky "Soon Be Time" (USA)
Solas "Reunion: A Decade of Solas" (USA / Ireland)
Sourdine "Sourdine" (Belgium)
ULMAN "Vibes" (Germany)

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